Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Sister "The Lurker"

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

Good Morning Friends

Strange name for a title right but it comes with story!

Yesterday I was relaxing for a minute and reading the comments on my blog...shocker..the very 1st one was from my sister.  I had no idea she even knew the URL for it.  I talked to her on the phone and she said I gave it to her..surprise..I don't remember doing that! They say the 1st thing that goes when you get old is your memory...hey believe me that's the truth if I ever heard it!

Cathy is my baby sister, she and her family live in North Carolina so I don't get to them often..all though she did stay here for 3 months when Lori died, she kept me going. I would have never made it thru the rest of my hospital stay, re-hab, moving me into my apartment, without her.  Cathy is a wonderful decorator and she went wild shopping for new things for my house. Poor Sis, she almost got disowned by her teenage daughter for being gone so long

I took my mom to see Kaylin  and here's a picture I made of Great, Great Grandmother.  I like it so I decided to make you can  use it like this or arrange it anyway you like.

LR_SAMPLE LR_Preview_Freebie


You can grab it here ..hope you like it...

Here's another shocker for you...I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so I'm not going to write a story book LOL..Hope you all have a great day..keep smiling and I will chat with you tomorrow..hugs and love to all Jazzy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Love, Laughter and Friendship Always Welcome Here

Good Morning Folks, sorry I didn't make it here yesterday.  I had good intentions yep, I sure did but so many wonderful things have happened to me this week I just never got here..First, Monday afternoon I was laying on the couch taking a little break and there was a knock at my door...when I opened the door there was a man and a woman standing there, the woman said "are you Linda Rogers", I said "yes I am", she said "I have a special delivery letter for you", now my mind was going a mile a minute, I thought I didn't know there was such a thing as special delivery here, and I thought "Oh no what's happened now". This woman had a notebook type thing and a pen in her hand,she looked very professional..and she just kept standing there,I was thinking "why is she still standing there, is she waiting on a tip"..I looked at her again, and I thought "she looks kinda familiar", and then it hit me, and I yelled GRANNY, she laughed and said yes...for those of you who don't know Granny, she is a dear friend at Scrapbook Max. She lives in California and she and her husband are on a trip to Tennessee to visit his family. They will be celebrating their 35th anniversary on August 11th..On the way across country they have been stopping to meet friends from SBM..and she also brought me a check that my friends at SBM had made up for me when Andrew passed..they stayed over night in Gadsden and we went for breakfast on Tuesday morning.  I enjoyed the visit so much and I am so happy I got to meet Granny and her husband Dan. They left here headed for North Carolina to make another surprise visit..oh what fun that must be..I would love to meet all of my on line friends..wouldn't that be wonderful..

I didn't get much sleep Monday night so when Granny left I thought I would take a little nap, I was almost asleep when my mother called me..she said you got some mail here I had to sign for. I said open it...she started saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh, and started telling me what was in the was the money from the sale the wonderful designers at DSO had for heart was beating so fast I thought I might pass out..I tell you folks I knew I had a lot of friends on line but never dreamed the response to the sale would be what it here I am feeling in one hand like the most blessed person in the world and in the other feeling so unworthy of all that has happened..

I went to the Thesaurus to see what other words there were to try and express my feelings, it said thanks, appreciation, appreciativeness, gratefulness, gratitude, thankfulness so people I feel all those toward all of you out there who made all the wonderful things happen for me. I know you must have the biggest hearts of anyone.

I got to go and see my precious little Kaylin mother was so thrilled at seeing her..she held her and gooed to her....LOL and I got to feed her and change her diaper and she just stared at me when I talked to her..She has a big sister who is 20 months old and Ashley has her hands full..I'm hoping in a week or so she will need a break and let me get them..LOL

I have another picture of her today, this time with her daddy...I just love it..


My friend Silva at BooLandDesigns made this wonderful Kit called Ambient Moment.

I Just love it, it has such beautiful papers and elements and quick pages..I asked her if I could use some of them to make a freebie..I am so proud of the way it turned out..Although I don't know why it showed up on a black background, it was just the frame and picture..

I liked it so much I thought you might like to have it also


I used paper from the kit to make this preview.

if you would like to have it you can find it


Ok my friends, I think I'm going to take a nap..I hope you all have a wonderful day, keep looking up and wear a smile on your face today, you never know what a big smile might do for someone..take care, love and hugs Jazzy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Love, Laughter and Friendship Always Welcome Here

Well folks can any of you tell its Monday..I can-all day long..Everything I have attempted to do today has taken 3 times as long..I have lost files, deleted some stuff and had to redo it..I lost some things and heaven only knows where they might be...somewhere lurking in the dark recesses of this computer..I think- sometimes it is possessed...Maybe its time for another exorcism..hehehe

When I left you good folks Friday I went to the hospital to await the arrival of my Great grandson got there in time to be in the delivery room with her and see the baby be born...he came out of there grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary! He was just in awe at the miracle and was walking around in a trance like state..It made me cry when I saw them together for the 1st much love in his eyes..I think he will be a good daddy, and if he isn't I will have to get a 2x4 after him..I tell you when I do something I don't mess around a 2x4 will do nicely..LOL It was such a happy time but also a sad one, I missed my daughter being there for the arrival of her 1st grandchild..she was so excited..but she is where she is meant to be and God is here with us..

well just let me brag some more and show you some pictures of my little darlin

You are so precious

I love this picture of Kaylin and I, she is looking at me with such a sweet expression on her little face like she already knows who I am.. Don't you just love the BB was made by Beth Long, she used  Kim B's Designs kit Softly Sweet...You can find this set of 12 pages in Beth's store at DSO

Shes HereRS

Here's my little doll..again. She doesn't even look like a newborn. I used Kim B's Designs/Bunny Cates I Believe Kit..they made it for my daughter Lori because she loved fairies and I wanted something special to scrap Loris pictures in it..I thought the kit would be perfect for these pictures..Tuesday, I am going to take my mother, a great great grandmother now, to see her..and I guess we will argue about who gets her first, Now I know the right would be for mother to get her first since she hasn't seen her yet but I don' know if I'm feeling that obliging yet..I guess I should feel really old having a GREAT Grandchild.but I don't in fact I may even be feeling younger!

I just dozed off and flattend my face on the keyboard...kikes that will wake you up in a hurry Lol..I think I need a nap on the couch not in this chair...I been feeling like my rear end is grown to it the past few days.

Ok I guessed I have bragged enough..I have a little something for you..

Jazzy-preview butterfly copy

It's all in png format so everyone can use it..You can use them together or alone or what ever you want to do with them...I used more of Kim's goodies on the frames..her rustic overlays..I liked them so I hope you do..

Well kiddies, I'mgoing to sign off for the day and get a little nap..I will be looking forward to seeing you the meantme keep smiling ,keep looking up and be happy, love and hugs Jazzy..

oops almost forgot this little bit of informaion..the 4shared link LOL



Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank You Is Not Enough

Love, Laughter and Friendship Always Welcome Here

Andrew 2007

This is my Andrew, he was sleeping here at home and now he is sleeping with his
Mom and the angels in Heaven.This was made in 2007 and is the most recent I have of him, he did not like the flash of the camera.

Thank you is just not enough to express my feelings of gratitude to all of you who left your love and comments and who prayed for us..I know that is how we got through Wednesday.  I am so touched by the outpouring of your feelings for someone you have never met..I would say to all of those who think and say the Internet is a bad place  You are  so WRONG.  There is something truly wonderful and special about the digi community, we share so much and will be friends forever. I know that Andrew has gone to a better place and he is with his mom, I can just see him running and playing all straight and free from all the pain..I can see my dad taking him fishing in one of those beautiful rivers. I know he is happy today. I still need your prayers...each day I seem to miss him more.

I will miss him more than words can say but never never would I call him back.

Folks, they say the Lord gives and the Lord takes away..I just got a phone call that I'm about to be a great grandmother, the baby will be born on my daughter Angie's birthday and she is going to be named after her Grandmother Lori, Kaylin Lori Faith long name for a little tiny baby..(Smile) Lori was counting the days she was sooo excited about being a grandmother and she wanted the baby to be a little girl.  We didn't find that out until after she passed. Angie is going to be so excited..her great niece will share the same birth date..

I will be going to the hospital to greet that precious little girl..I can't wait to get her home so I can rock her and spoil her..guess you know you are going to be bombarded with her pictures...I hope she favors her grandmother and her dad..

It seems like it was weeks ago that I gave you a trivia question, What are grits. Most all of you that replied gave the correct answer, just not the one I was looking for...I guess I should fess up that I didn't give it to you the proper way..well-what can I say..I just wanted you to join in and yak with me..hehehe

You can go here and here to find out about G.R.I.T.S

Ok now- seeing as how everyone got the right answer,I have a little something for all of you and I hope you enjoy it, its in png and also psd formats so you can use it anyway you like. Get it right here


I used papers from Kb'S Designs Loveable Kit . It can be found at DSO  I made the frame and used an Action by Atomic Cupcake Cherry wood, I then re-colored parts of it. Kim has some beautiful things in her store..check it out and I'm sure you are going to find lots you like. Atomic Cupcake's actions are wonderful, they work well every time and she has just about everything and anything you would need and want for your layouts..

I've got to get up and get off this computer..and go to the hospital to wait for my great grand until we meet again..keep smiling and I hope everyone has a great day, big hugs to all...Jazzy


Monday, July 21, 2008

on a VERY SAD note

Hi everyone, this is Kim.
Please bear with me and just read about a wonderful lady who could use some LOVE and support from her friends right now.

Some of you might not know Jazzy that well, and have only just met her through her blog-

If you read the last post by Jazzy- you will understand some of what I am trying to say here today.
Jazzy's Daughter Lori passed away a few months ago ( while Jazz was in hospital recovering from her own health problems at the time)-

and now on Saturday night her dearest grandson- ANDREW passed away in her arms at home. He was 16.
Andrew was a VERY special boy indeed and after nearly drowning as a toddler , has lived with Jazz , she has cared for him and made sure he received the best care and love he deserved! She fought courts and child services to keep him at home! Even a few months ago again!
After his mom Lori died, he had been going downhill with his health- almost as if he knew his mom was waiting for him. He let go on Saturday night in Jazzy's arms at home- with her reassurance that everything would be fine and he could go, and that he was loved.

I just wanted to let everyone know and thought these two LO's that Jazz did would help some of you understand why and just how very special Jazzy is to all of us that know her well-

Heavens VERY Special Child
Jazzy, my heart and prayers are with you during this time and I know just how much you loved Andrew and just how much he meant to you. I don't have the words to say here.

I am hoping that your words will touch this special Lady over the miles that seperate us all and that it will help her through this very sad time.

(ps- please pop on to my blog today- there is a special message and mini-freebie there that I would like everyone to see too)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yakety yak Please Talk Back

Love Laughter & Friendship Always Welcome Here

Hello Friends..
Guess what!!! I got my first ever award from my friend Andrea, its the Brillante Weblog Premio-2008..Thank you so much girl..I will get it all posted on the blog soon as I find my blog designer thing I forgot to tell you yesterday..Isn't my blog beautiful..I owe it to my dear "super woman Kimmy" I know she figured it was easier to just do it rather than try to tell me how..LOL..(She knows me too well) she did tell me she would show me later..she also make my adorable blinkes..take one if you like..Thanks are the bested

Let me tell you folk..yesterday was indescribable for me. NEVER EVER, in my wildest dreams did I think my blog would be so well liked and that I would get so many wonderful comments from all of you..I can never explain to you what joy you put in my heart. Some of you already know about my oldest daughter Lori but for those of you who don't I would like to share.

On February 15, 2008 Lori turned 39, she told her sister Angie, this is the last birthday I'm having, I'm staying 39 forever like Phyllis Dilard ".On Sunday the 17th her oldest son Josh went to wake her up up and she was gone, she died of congestive heart failure. I was in the hospital at the time in the unit on a Bipap machine and couldn't talk to her, I wrote her a note and told her happy birthday and I love you, she said I love you to mama. I am so thankful that those were the last words we said to each other.

I know many many of you have lost a child and know the feelings you have..Its like someone put their hand inside of me and ripped out my heart and you get so cold inside. My whole life changed after then..some were good changes and some not so good..some days I could make it thru the day without crying..some days I think I can not make it thru one more day. I miss her so much..she did everything for me. When things settled down I went back to scrap one link with sanity..and then some days even that didn't help.

Lori LOVED fairies and she had a saying "Sometimes all it takes is a Fairy"..I guess that and Lori gave me the inspiration to try this idea of mine..When I saw my first sets of word art in the store and when Bunny told me I had made some sales...I was overjoyed..I could feel some of the ice melting in my heart...but friends yesterday really did it ..I am happy in my heart again and its all because of the love I felt from you and all the nice things you said both about the blog and about my word art..and some people telling me I made them smile and how good I made them feel...well-lets just say then I really felt good know like that warm and snuggly feeling when you curl up in your favorite chair with a good book, a soft warm blanket and a cup of hot tea!

Ok enough of the sad stuff..lets get on with happier thoughts and just "Yak" some LOL

Ok..lets play a little trivia here..if you can tell me what Grits are you will win a surprise ..its also a sneaky way to get some comments from you LOL..after all that's my way of getting to know have to "Yak" back and tell me some about tomorrow we will find out who is trivia queen (or king can't leave out the guys) I'm excited to hear the answers.

I told you yesterday how I got started in scrap booking and eventually designing and selling my word I want to share my family with you-my daughter .Angie is a wonderful, loving and caring daughter, wife and mother..she makes me so very happy, she is a wonderful mom, She is so funny and can say and do some of the funniest things and she Loves to make you laugh..when she was young she used to do things and Lori and I would laugh till we cried..the only problem was..She would NOT stop!! After awhile it wasn't funny anymore..Like the time she took purple eye shadow and painted her face..and made herself  a horn..she came out dancing around singing "The one eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater"..I know some of you have no idea what the one eyed one horned purple people eater looked like well-he was Purple with a big horn in the middle of his forehead how the song went..but take it from us children of the 60's he was funny and so was she!!! Mercy me I could fill up several blogs on just some of her performances HEHEHE..

I would hold my breath in children's church I was so afraid of what she would say.I ran into a lady from church in the fabric store, she told me that on some Sundays she was going to go home before preaching and she would think about Angie and she had to stay to see what she had to say that day...She went into a sermon one time about the end of time and the devil was coming back and Jesus was coming back and they were going to have a big ole fight and Jesus was going to win because he was Jesus and everyone knew it was in the Bible..the preacher had to jump in and stop her or she would have gone on and on more remark she made..I will never ever forget this one..we were watching the PTL Club, she was about 3 sitting in my life listening to every word..the preacher said Jesus was coming soon..she jumped out of my lap and ran in her room..I heard knocking around and went to check on her..she was packing her suitcase..I said what are you doing baby, she looked at me with those big eyes of hers and said..Jesus is coming soon and I'm packing my clothes..and mommy are we going in our car or in Jesus's car..out of the mouth of babes!!

Angie's husband Dave is such a nice guy..together they have 2 sons. Zane and Gage are both 8,Zane is a month older they have been together since they were barely 3 so they are brothers...never try to tell either of them they all live happily together .They lived in Beaverton Oregon until a few weeks ago when they moved to Alabama..after Lori died they wanted to be close to me and Angie's big family they resigned their jobs packed up and moved to Huntsville about an hr away from here..better job selections there..they spent the weekend with us last weekend and it was so great...and so wonderful to know they are so close...the boys haven't gotten here yet..they spend the summer with their other can just about imagine how much I am wanting to see my boys..It's been almost 2 years I am so waiting for the 1st weekend I can get them to myself and spoil them rotten..and well-then send em home..ok that's mean isn't it..but isn't that what Nanas do!!


Next time I will tell you more about my family..but right now I want to share some beautiful layouts done by Paula, pkdoll..



and here's one I did, after all I'm still on Kim's creative team :)

Sweetbaby RS

I wanted to show you a preview of another new set of word arts that went in the store yesterday...Let me tell you if you have fishermen or women in your family you will love this set!


You can find these here

I have a little something different for you today I think you will like it

LR_Frame_ &_Wordart 

You can download it here

until I see you again..Keep smiling and I hope everyone has a great day..don't forget to check out DSO and some of the terrific goodies by my fellow designers..You will love it..Big hugs to all Jazzy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is This Really My Blog....HELP!!!

Love, Laughter, & Friendship always welcome here.

I have had so many people tell me how pretty my blog is and I'm thinking how do they know, I haven't even posted anything if you came by and I wasn't home I'm sorry I missed you!!

Hi everyone so glad you stopped by. My name is Linda but my friends call me Jazzy.This is the first time I've ever posted to a Blog..heck I didn't even know what a Blog was until I got into digital scrap Blog is a household word..I told my friend Kim that I was scared to do this, my life is kinda dull and boring..she said "Gee's girl just yak"...LOL Well I'm still a little nervous and I'm still trying to see how this thing works, so please have patience with me..and join me in this exciting, but sometimes scary,venture..the world of digital designing!!

Ok...what NOW.. LOL..I guess just start at the beginning!!

I wanted to do something special for my sisters 50th birthday. One night I was surfing the net and I came across a program for making digital scrap books,I thought "Wow that would be something even a dummy like me could do..just put in a picture and make a pretty page"..To make a long story short, I got the program, made her a scrapbook that began when our parents were born until she graduated high school. She LOVED it..and by that time I was TOTALLY addicted. I had gotten past just adding pictures and started with PS and the rest is history..

Today I'm loving everything about it..I've made 6 scrapbooks for other members of my family but the one I'm most proud of is the one I did for my only nephews graduation..It starts with the day he was born and goes thru graduation day..the book was huge and he loved it..

I met my dear dear friend Kim on SBM..we hit it off right away..we scrap a lot alike... When she got her store at DSO I stared making pages for her..I was her CT for a there are 10 of us and we have a great time.

When I discovered there were stores on line that sold digital scrap booking supplies I was amazed!! I began to think about designing and said to myself "when I learn more I am going to open a store and sell my things".Well let me tell you folk I've learned enough to know that is Never going to happen..LOL..while I was in my thinking phase, I discovered Word Art and I loved it from the get go..I started adding it to all my pages..and before long, making my me it just adds something special to a layout and makes it pop..

One day I had an idea to sell it..I went around to a lot of stores and found there were designers there that just made word art..I talked to Kim and Bunny about it..and well-you know the rest of that story..I'm just so thrilled to be a part of DSO There are so many talented designers there..and they are all so friendly and have made me feel so welcome..Bunny is a great boss. She goes above and beyond what most store owners do..she is always there to answer your questions and help in every way possible.

I have several sets of word art in my store now. Today there will be a new one called Sweet Baby..

Sweet Baby Preview

it has 12 phrases and I think anyone that loves word art will like it..

Oh my gosh, I've gone and got carried away "Yakking",I probably lost some friends a few paragraphs back..but I do have a little something for you for stopping by ..

Preview 1 copy

I thought something about friends would be good for my first blog..I hope that we can all become great friends..I'm really looking forward to can get it here

the PASSWORD is love..

I sure hope you will drop by DSO and browse thru my store and while you are there there , take a look at what my friends have to offer in their stores...

If you are wondering why it has taken me so long to get this blog up..well-Kim told me all I had to was"yak" ok ,sure Kim, I started yakking and yakking heck I yakked so much I bored you can blame her WAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I've started over 4 times keeping the delete button hot..but I added more that I deleted and well-I hope this is my finished product..LOL I've just never learned to keep my mouth shut..LOL heck how many people do you know that take 2 1/2 days to write a blog...ROFL

If you are brave enough please stop by tomorrow and I will have some beautiful layouts to show you, give you a little quiz...with a prize..and who knows what else..we'll just "Yak" LOL, so until I see you again, keep smiling and I hope everyone has a great day..Big Hugs to All...Jazzy