Friday, April 23, 2010


Wow, can’t believe it’s been a week since I blogged…seems like it was only a day or two ago…I’ve been feeling kinda puny (not feeling good) for the past few weeks..

Last week I was rambling around in a box in my utility room, looking for a cookbook for Josh, I knocked a full can of oven cleaner off and it hit right on 2 of my toes…cut one at the cuticle and broke both of about hurt…I stayed on the couch for almost a week with my foot propped up..I’m still hobbling and it hurts to put any weight on my foot…I guess my neighbors heard me yelling and crying…I’m on blood thinner so it bled like my toe was cut

This week I think my gall bladder has been acting up, I’ve had those terrible nausea spells this week..I called the doctor and got some medicine but it makes me I have slept a lot this week..

Have you been watching Dancing with the Stars? Well, Kate finally got voted off this week, she is NO dancer in my opinion..and a lot more people feel the same way so it seems…I can’t believe she made it this far…On Idol, my girl is still hanging in there..although she was in the bottom 3 this week, could hardly believe that..

I have lots of eye candy to show you today…

From Lainey


She used Swing Into Spring you can see other credits HERE


another by Lainey using Swing Into Spring Credits HERE


Lainey made you a beautiful QP from her layout you can get it HERE


Also by Lainey, using Sis and Me wordart  other credits HERE


Lainey used My Montage wordart Other credits HERE

This is one is from Jen at Chaos Lounge


She used my Dreams word art other credits HERE

From scoobie81


She used Southern Comfort word art  other credits HERE


She used My Montage word art Other credits HERE

From PKDoll

pjk-swingintospring copy

She used Swing Into Spring 9.html

Wow, what beautiful layouts girls, you can tell they weren’t taking any breaks!!

Some parting smiles for you


“It’s been a Tough Year but I made it!


I  hope you have a great weekend…stay safe.