Saturday, December 26, 2009

It’s All Over

Hello everyone, I hope you all had wonderful Christmas’s and got everything you wanted…All the hustle and bustle and planning you do for so many months and then POOF it’s all over and done in just a few short hours. 

I had a very quiet Christmas.  My family celebrates on Christmas Eve night at mothers house..this year both Mother and Cathy have been really sick, so Angie and I decided that we would wait to have Christmas when they were better..but last night they were some better and we ordered pizza and that was our Christmas Eve supper..sure was good too..

I spent most of the day and the rest of the night on Facebook making a Vintage Album..I scanned a lot of all pictures back in my computer and had a good time making the album..A lot of my family is on Facebook and I knew they would enjoy looking at it..some of them had never seen a lot of the pictures.  I got a lot of good comments from them and that made feel good..It was like I got to give them a gift.

Angie called bright and early and I was fast asleep and missed that call..Gage left me a sweet message and I called them back..the boys had a good Christmas..wish I could have made my trip there but things just didn’t work out for me to go this year. I called my sister this morn to wish her and mother a Merry Christmas..Cathy was feeling better and she said she had decided to pretend that she got a new computer for Christmas and was going to spend the day playing I decided that was a good idea and that’s what I did all day, I finally made it to over a 100,000..a first for me..between doing that and watching some TV and napping I had a good day.I felt good and that was the best present I could have.

Josh and Chase went to their other grandmothers today and they enjoyed being with family there.  I talked to Kaylen on the phone tonight and she was so precious..she says Nana and then jabbers and then another Nana and more jabber..Thank the Good Lord her and Jaxon were both better..

To celebrate the holiday with you and to give you a little present I am having a sale today,


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I told you I would show you some of the reunion pics, I finally got them on the computer..


Out of seven children these are the only left, My Uncle Johnny, Mother, Aunt Joyce. Mother is the oldest of them. The funniest thing, mother had very black hair when she was young, she has been gray for as long as I can remember but she and my Aunt Joyce both are getting black again..see that spot in mothers hair? Wonder if it could be the Indian in them…their mothers grandmother was full bloodied Choctaw Indian. Her name was Tennie because she was born in Tennessee.




My Aunts Peggy bottom corner and Ruth and her husband Tommy..Ruth was married to my mothers brother George, he died many years ago and this is her 2nd Husband….I thought it was very nice of him to share his home with us to have the reunion.

Reunion 005

My cousin Stan and his son Jason

Reunion 006

Dave and I


My cousin Kayla and her niece Jaxon, she is 4.


Can you guess how old she is?  I was surprised when I found out!

I only got a few pictures, when the rest of my family that made them, gets their posted on Facebook I will show you some more.

If any of you would like to see my album on Facebook you can find them here

Don’t forget my ONE day only Sale today and the other sales going on at DSO.  Have a great day more later.