Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Good Morning Everyone...gosh I can't believe it's Wednesday already...a week from today we will be into a new month...

I talked to the kids last night and Kaylen is still feeling bad from her teeth..poor baby...makes me want to cry when she's hurting..

I was in such a rush Monday trying to finish while the baby was asleep I forgot to tell you about my weekend...I went to Mothers on Saturday and we took flowers to my Dad's grave, then Cathy cooked this wonderful supper of Meatloaf, fried green tomatoes, new potatoes, fresh lima beans, and pineapple cake..I ate till I thought I was gonna pop...ohh it was so good...then we watched some TV when I got home there was a guy standing on my porch, the light wasn't on and I couldn't tell who it was..scared me really..then he stated walking toward the car and it was Chase...what a nice surprise..he still has his key so he had already been in the house, using the computer LOL..he was hungry as he started in the cabinets and moved to the fridge and freezer, he ate some enchiladas and then he ate cereal and then later he ate some more cereal and some frozen chicken fingers...we watched movies until late and just had a good time being morning he ate 2 more bowls of cereal then I had to take him back to his dads so he could get ready to go out of town this week for work...

On the way we stopped by Josh and Kendras, Kendra and the baby were sleeping so we didn't bother them..I had framed a picture of Kaylen that Josh said was his favorite and gave it to him...he was soooo would have thought I gave him a hundred dollars..on the way back from carrying Chase home I stopped back by and everyone was awake and I had a good time visiting for awhile..

I have lots to tell you and show you this morning...

First please Welcome our newest CT Member, Carolyn (crlin,) she has been married for 39 years, (WONDERFUL) she has 3 children, and 11 grandchildren,(WOW)
you can view her galleries here
Welcome Carolyn..we are so please to have you join us..

I have 2 new sets of word art in the store today


A Father Is Word Art

$3.99 $2.99
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This set of word art is a must have. The phrases are done with a touch of grunge and have something to suit every father. There are 20 individual word arts on their own png file. They can be re-colored and resized. All are done in 300 ppi for better print quality. Not all shown
This purchase contains:
20 png files


Fathers Day for Dad Word Art

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Fathers Day sentiments for Dad. Perfect for giving your Fathers Day layouts that extra pop. These are done with a touch of grunge and have something to suit every dad. There are 20 individual word arts each on their own png file.They can be recolored and resized and would be perfect for cards or other craft projects. They are all done in 300 ppi for better print quality.
This purchase contains:
20 png files

My CT has already been hard at work on layouts..Nancy_Fathers-Day-2000

nancy sent me this the colors and the clustering, the pictures are precious.


kimscrappin sent me this one..thats her dad in the clouds, and her in the this layout, she used Angel Tears Collab Kit by KimB and Chaos Lounge


Carolyn sent me this the bee and birds and butterfly in the grass...sure looks like he knows what he's doing with that grill!! She used Play and Play add-on by Andrea Dickenson

Rainbow DadRS  Here's one I made of my dad, this was in 1962 and right after he lost his leg..I found this page, I made, with no pics ,in my stuff, I have no idea who to give credit to..if you recognize anything please let me know so I can give the proper credit..

I have a few more pages but I'm going to save them for later..

Don't forget my Summer Theme Grab Bag is $3 for the rest of this week, then the price will go up to $3.99 for each set.


I have to go and get ready to go to the blood suckers...(The Lab) Lol they have a hard time with me and I usually get stuck several times... Im sorry I dont have anything made to give you today...will do better next time...have a great day..


Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning and a Teething Baby

Good Monday morning everyone...I'm really late this morning.  Got a call from the kids earlier saying they needed me to keep Kaylen today..she is cutting her stomach teeth, running a fever, ill, doesn't want to be held, doesn't  want to be put down, doesn't want to take her bottle or eat..I finally got her to sleep, for how long I don't know, so guess this blog will be for how she sleeps LOL..

[lr_SummerTheme_GrabBag_Wordart [5].jpg]

My Summer Theme Grab Bag is still on sale for $3 for another week, then it will be $3.99 per set. My CT have made some beautiful pages with it..Kim_Sandsational Time

kimscrapping did this everything about it..


nancy sent this the jounaling and the paper.


Jen at Chaos Lounge sent this beauty to me...


Another beautiful page by Jen love the pics in the bubbles..


Another from kimscrappin, love this picture shes so the colors..I remember when my niece had a float like this...

The first kit from KimB Grab Bag 4 went on sale this morn ing


Here's a page I made using it, and other things from Grab Bag 4 that will all be going on sale individually this week.

1st fathers day RS

I also made this one from Grab Bag 4

Mercy MeRS

Crops asked if she was blowing a kiss, or saying she's 4,LOL I don't think she was blowing a kiss, to me it looks like she's saying mercy me, more pictures Nana...LOL

I have a little something for you today,

The Won der of Being A Dad Preview

You can download it here

I think I've made it, she's still asleep..maybe I will have time for breakfast lol...Have a great day.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Goodies, Goodies and more Goodies

Good Friday Morning Everyone..

Wow this week has flown by..can't believe the weekend is here already. Oh boy do I have lots to tell you and show you today so lets get started.

First off don't forget my Summer Theme Grab Bag is still only $3 for 60 word art phrases..can't beat that


KimB has her Mini Grab Bag #4 in the store this morning.


4 FULL CU OK High Quality products in this bag- for ONLY $4!

Valid 3 days only.
19th- 21st June 2009

This purchase contains:
3 element packs
1 overlay pack

Don't miss this- they all go up full price on MONDAY .

My friend Jen at Chaos Lounge has a new kit called Forever Young

ForeverYoungPrev-ChaosLounge This kit is just beautiful..the papers and elements are sooo's what I made with Memory of Lori.

Gone but Never Forgottenrs

I found this picture the other day and had to scrap it..I don't remember what year it was but it's one of the best I have of she and I together.

Jen sent me this beautiful page she made using my Summer Theme Grab Bag


Oh wow..isn't this out of this the picture..she also used KimB Mezzaluna kit, Mini Grab Bag 4 and Pie Clips 2 by Bunny

Just look what else Jen made for us


This beautiful QP will be on her Blog today for download...if it's not there now check back later.

Now for some eye candy my CT made using the new word art..


Nancy send me this it..makes me want to run jump in the ocean..


nancy also sent me this the colors here..first she makes me want to dip in the ocean, now she makes me


kimscrappin sent me this the pictures of you Kim..the layout is gorgeous she used my Humor Fest  word art and KimB Mezzaluna Kit.

Kim_Pink Attitude

Look at this adorable it..and the page is pretty also..kimscrapping also sent me this one...

one more from nancy using the new Summer Theme Grab Bag


Love the colors in this what big fish!

I went to visit the kids last night and made about 60 pictures of Kaylen just watching her play LOL I wanted to show you a know I have to brag..will show you more next week!


She will be one year old July 25th..looks like she needs her bangs cut lol..

gone but not forgotten

I have a little something for you today....


You can find it here

Thanks for looking today guess your back side is worn Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..don't forget to visit Jens blog for her QP and don't forget to leave her some love..a little left here too would be nice too!..hugs


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Good morning everyone..

Well, I'm sure in a slump..About all I have done is sleep since Sunday...went out yesterday afternoon to the produce store for some veggies, got so sick I had to pull over to the side of the road, got home and more of the same..I finally took some medicine and was knocked out the rest of the night..can't imagine what it was except for the heat...I  have to stay inside for the most part in the summer but those veggies will sure be good!


Dont forget my Summer Theme bag will be on sale for $3 a while longer then the prices change and each set will be $3.99.

Here's a layout by kim scrappinKim_beach

I just love the colors in this one and the touch of orange on the frame makes it pop..great job..

From my friendship set


Nancy did this one and I think its so the colors and the blending.

Kim_Babies Forever

kimscrapping did this one love the arrangement of the photos she used Sweet Baby word art.


I just love this layout..kimscrappin did this one also..its so mystical..walking in the clouds..she used Girl Power on this one.


This one was also done by the yellows and oranges and the pictures are awesome...she used Fish Tales on this one.


and another one by the pictures of this adorable puppy.. she used Doggie Treats word art.

You can find all these word art sets in my store

you make my heart singrs

Here's one I did for Kims June color challenge..

If you haven't done one yet be sure you do...the posting bonus is awesome...

I made you a little something today since Fathers Day is around the corner it's a little something I hope you can use..

king of the house

Hope you have a great Wednesday...until next time


Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello Everyone

It sure seems strange getting up this morning alone in my apartment..Angie and Gage left yesterday afternoon..before they could get away from the apartment I was already on the couch..went to sleep and slept until about 10:00, missed my show on HGTV, so I just went back to sleep..woke up about 3 am wide awake...It was so wonderful having Gage for 2 weeks..I missed so much of his life when they lived in Oregon..

I also had Kaylen for 2 days and a night..Josh went to work earlier than they thought and the baby sitter they had lined up had things she was committed to so she couldn't start right away. Believe me I know why God didn't intend for old people to have kids LOL. I enjoyed every minute of it and I keep thinking about when the new baby gets here how's it's going to be with 2 in diapers...He's due August 1st so not long now.

I have some new word art in the store this first ever PU Grab Bag called Summer Themed

My first private use Grab Bag is chocked full of summer theme word arts. What do you like to do, swim, fish, camp, go to the beach or other summer fun things? Then you definitely have to get this bag.I know there is something for EVERYONE here. Make all of your summer layouts sizzle and pop! All are on their own individual png files and can be recolored or re sized. Done in 300 ppi for better print quality.

There is a total of 60 individual word art phrases in this bag and for 2 weeks you can purchase it for only $3 after then it will be broken down and sold for $3.99 each.

Here' a layout I made using it..


KimB's Mezzaluna kit is still on sale for 25% off this is such a beautiful kit and can be used for any type of layout. Here's what I made with it..

In My HeartRS2

Now for some real eye candy..My wonderful CT just keeps on creating when I'm playing..


My friend Vanessa sent me this awesome layout..I love it and she used my Doggie Treats word art thanks for sending this to me...any of you who do layouts and use my word art please send me yours...I love seeing them.


PKDoll is back with this Beautiful everything about it..girl you didn't lose you mojo that's for sure. She used word art from Funky Love Lines.


Nancy did this awesome black and white page and I love it..she used Just Music word art


nancy also made this darling layout..don't you just love that picture..she's sure having fun..word art is from dancing star


kimscrappin sent me this one...its so the clustering down the side and the way she did the pics..she used Kims Mezzaluna kit and word art from I Thee Wed.


Another cutie from kimscrappin..look at those sweet expressions on her beautiful granddaughters face..she used word art from Sweet Baby.


This is from Crops isn't it rich and elegant..she used KimB's Mezzaluna kit and my I Thee Wed word art.


This beauty is from Jen at Chaos Lounge and she used my new Friendship word art.

You can find all of these word art sets and many many more in my store at

I have more eye candy to show you on Wednesday..

I have a little something for you today...

In My Heart Preview

A QP made with Kims Mezzaluna kit..hope you like it word art is on its own png file.