Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello Everyone..hope you are having a great Wednesday...

Here it is a happy one for sure...Jaxon is coming home from the hospital..we are all so excited..guess you know where I will be all day...will probably end up brining Kaylen home with me and let them get used to the baby being home..they are going to be apprehensive I know after him being so sick.

Josh brought Miss Kaylen over for to me to keep yesterday..he brought her in and stood her up by the coffee table..she walks as fast as she can to me, says Nana, holds her arms up to me..I picked her up and she hugs me and gives me a kiss...ohhhh talk about feeling good...that made me feel so good I was walking on a know they love you or you hope they understand love, but when they show you without being asked, well all you nanas and grandmothers out there know exactly what I mean!!! I have been trying to teach her to blow a kiss..last night when they were leaving a blew her one and she did it right back without me telling her..sweet baby...

Angie and her family came Sat and spent the night, we had a great time..Angie had to see her new nephew..on Sunday we cooked a big dinner and mother and Cathy came over..we had a good time being together.  The boys play their first baseball game Thursday night..They said they would call me when they got home to tell me how it went and who won.

Today I have some new word art in the store..Wise Words

These famous quotes by van Gogh were taken from his writings done while he was in a mental institution..
His painting Starry Night is one of his most popular...
Charlie's Digiscraps has a new kit in her store at DSO based on the lyrics of the famous song "Starry Starry Night", which is about van Goghs painting and his mental illness.
WISE WORDS is a collection of quotes by van Gogh..
made into Word Art phrases to accompany her kit..
there are 15 individual png files...
they can be re-colored, and resized and are done in 300 ppi.
Any one of them will add a special sentiment to your layouts or other craft projects.

Hers a layout I made using one of the word art phrases.

Mother and Child

I have tons of eye candy to show you today so lets get on with the show!!

From kimscrappin


beautiful layout she used my Heritage Word Art


this one just blows my mind..its so magical and beautiful..great extraction word kim. she used the Jean Genie Word Art Set


beautiful layout of kims DH she used Tiny Love Notes Word Art Set


for this adorable layout of her GD she used KimB Designs Friends Series Antoinette and my Girl Power Set

From Junebugmom68


her daughter Nancy when she lost her first tooth, love the expression on her face when she is looking at her tooth..she used the Toof Fairy Kit

I have a little gift for you today the frame I used in my layout

Baby Boy CLuster Frame PREVIEW

If you would like to have it you can snag it here

Better got get dressed and go see my babies..hope you have a great day...I know I'm going to (Big Smile Here)