Monday, September 15, 2008


Good Morning Everyone..I'm going to show you something to bring you a good laugh..ready...LOL

jemma2 copy

Remember I told you Gemma looked so funny with her Mohawk HAHAHA  What do you think.?

A little birdie named Kim told me it was Ms Miles birthday...and I have to tell you a bit about this lady..I have know Ms Miles from reading Kim's blog and grew to think very highly of her from what I read and what Kim told me..when my Andrew died she wrote me the most wonderful email..she's funny, she's gives some of the bestest recipes on her blog..and she is just an around great lady..Happy Birthday Ms. Miles..I hope you have a great day and a year filled with awesome things..You sure deserve them..

oh and wow just look what I found in my email..


Thanks Susie for sending me this wonderful layout..she used one of the Cat freebies...and by the way more kitty word art is on the way..hope to have it in the store sometime this week..

and my CT has been on a scrapping jag this going to show you just some of what they have made..


From O2BNGdHope this is lovely she used one wa from my Fall Splendor kit now is the store

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Crops did this one..its just gorgeous  she used  the Nature set in the PU Bag for this WA


And this one is from Maggie Mae..this is her husband Ron..and she used wa from the Dreams set..

I have more but I'm saving them for tomorrow..

Now form some birthday presents for Ms Miles..

Kim made this awesome Kit for her


Visit Kim at her blog ..she wants you all to have this kit and to please Visit Ms.Miles and wish her a Happy Birthday..

Happ BirthdayMsMiles

Here is my part of the can find it here please go and leave Ms Miles some Birthday Wishes

Gotta go now..please everyone have a great day, keep smiling and keep looking up, much big love Jazzy