Thursday, August 7, 2008

Furbabies and More

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

Good Morning Everyone

Hope your day is starting out to be a good one.  Schools started in a lot of places this they start next week. I know some of you are overjoyed summer vacation is over and the children are back in school..some of you are sad! For me I always hated it, especially when my girls got older.  Then I could get up ,get ready,go to work and leave them sleeping, but when school started I had to get them up, which was next to impossible the first few days (and it didn't really didn't get much better as the year went on) urge them to get ready, get myself ready, and usually out the door in time.  I'm glad I was my own boss then or I would have been fired for being late!! Any of you have that problem?

Well I told you yesterday I had to go to the bank with my mom, she does that,then decides to go shopping !  It felt like it was 120 outside and I don't do well at all in the heat, and my portable Oxygen tank ran out too..Mr Murphy was here Kim, LOL..why didn't you keep him in SA..when I got home my apartment was so HOT, I'm thinking oh no, the air went out again, then I remember I had turned it down to 80 when I got up..I was cold. Wouldn't you know it I forgot to change it back.  I was drained, turned it to 65, went in my room, turned on the fan, and I was asleep in 5 minutes.  While I was gone my "furbaby" Gemma was an unhappy girl. Gemma is  part long haired dachshund and I don't know what else is in the mix..she's really not a pretty puppy but she grows on you..she's supposed to be 2 but she acts like a puppy. I got her from the Humane Society after I moved to my apartment.  She keeps me company and I talk to her like she is human..I have grown to love her beyond even my belief!!! I wanted to change her name but when I called her different things she ignored me but when I called Gemma she was there in a that's the name I kept!!

In my living room floor I found all her toys, one was torn and she had all the stuffing pulled out and all over everywhere, my throw pillows and throw were in the floor, the remotes, tissue she found somewhere, and the topper was all the clean clothes.  I left the laundry room door open and she had gotten them out of the clothes basket. Guess that's what I get for not putting them up!! Most of all I guess she mad because I left her in a hot house, I really felt bad about that.

I have some pictures of her I will show you later.

I have a new CT member, her name is Marion and I am really happy to have her on the team.  She does such beautiful layouts..I will show you the first one she did for me using my Sweet Baby word art set.


This is Baby James, her youngest GS, he was a preemie and has really fought hard, isn't he beautiful.


This beauty was done by O2BNGdHope and she used WA from my Fishing Tales set.  The pics are her husband and GS when he was a baby the bottom is her GS fishing on his own. Her selection of the word art is just perfect for this one.

Now for my Gemma.


See, I told she not much to look at but I sure love her, my mother says she's so ugly she's cute!!

For your little pressy today I have the frame and word art from my layout.  Hope you like it, the set of DoggieTreats Word art will be in my store next Thursday.

Well my friends, its that time again, must say goodbye for today, remember to smile, keep looking up and much big love from me...Jazzy