Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey Look-It's Tuesday

Before I got sick I was blogging about 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday..thought since I had been away I would try to do more this week...I'm not promising tomorrow though LOL..

I think I told you before that we have Kaylen now..have since the day after Christmas..Josh called the Dept of Human Resources and they told him that since her Mother gave her to him he doesn't have to give her back to her if she decides she ever wants her back.

  She is such a joy to us all..she is growing so much and is learning so much, she can roll over and is almost crawling, she can sit a little, she has her favorite toys and she laughs out loud almost all the time. She has also begun to say a few words, she says dada all the time, when he goes out of the room she will call him, and sometimes cries after him, when she sees him she says dada..when she sees Kendra she calls her keykey, and when she gets upset, mad, hungry, or distressed she calls her Nana...and she says NANA too LOL..we all try to get her to say it other times but she just smiles big ole smiles and jumps toward me but she won't say nana.

Kendra and Josh have found a house and will be moving this week or next..I don't how I will make it without seeing Kaylen everyday..but they need to be on their own and my little apartment is bursting at the seams.

I hope all of you ,who are able, have contributed to the Spirit of Summer charity and have received your awesome kit.  Now on to some eye candy.


By Chaso Lounge..this is so beautiful Jen..I love the cascading cluster and the little bee and flowers in the corner..she used Funky Love Lines


Love this one by Sue..its her sister and her husband she used Love Day Tags


This beautiful heritage layout was done by Sue..love the colors in this one, she used Love Day Tags and re-colored it..looks great Sue..


LiviaY did this awesome layout using Kims Hearty Tardy Kit and word art from my Funky Love Lines set.


KimB made this awesome layout using The Romantic Grab Bag Collaboration by Chaos Lounge and MickeyB Design and word art from my Girl Power set


Look at this precious little face..done by O2BNGdHope she used word art from my Girl Power set.


This was done by purepixels..its her better half..and she made this beautiful kit herself..she used word art from the Funky Love Line set and re-colored it to match her page...that worked out really well also.pjk-Mothers Joy copy

PK Doll made this beautiful page for my color op challenge  I love how she altered her photo and the word art from Girl Power all over this page. Awesome Paula.


The is one of those less is more pages by charlen49 and she used my word art re-colored.

Well gang I've still got lots of eye candy to show you next time so I think I will close this post out. I need to go and get ready for my Dr appointment.

I made you a little something today

luck of irish

I thought since St Patricks' day is next month I would give you some word art to use with those  pages.  I hope you can use it..you can get it here...oh and by the way, I'm trying out a new file housing site..let me know what you think of it..http://www.filedropper.com/lrtheluckoftheirish

Hope you all have a great day, remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.