Thursday, September 25, 2008


Good Morning Everyone...don't faint because I'm actually here today!! Let me tell you its been one thing after the other these past few days, power went out for awhile, cable also went out, Arthur and Bertie really acted up for a couple of days, I think its the rain and cooler days we have been having..I'm going to see if my Doctor..(I sometimes have my doubts if he really is one LOL) will refer me to a rhrumatoligist. Rheumatoid arthritis runs in both sides of my family so I've been thinking this may be something I am going to have to live with. Now don't laugh but I also have gout in my big toe...I had it before in my foot..but just my toe...but let me tell you one toe hurts as much as 5 of the buggers..I shed a few tears because of that pain...My baby Gemma just didn't understand her mommy crying..she was so sweet...and stuck to me like glue..even me hobbling around made her just walk a little slower and not dance around like she usually does..isn't it funny that pets seem to have a 6th sense when you are not yourself..OK I promise no more gripping and complaining!!!

First let me tell you I have 2 new Word Art sets coming out I hope before the week is over..they are Halloween Haunts, and Halloween Titles...I know its a bit early but Halloween will be here before we know it...I love them and I hope you will also..I well let you know when they are in the store.

For all you kitty lovers Kim B has a wonderful mini kit (FREEBIE TOO) on her Blog today...Its a birthday present for Sylvia a CT member and good friend..stop by her Blog today and wish her Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Sylvia...a true cat lover!

Remember KimB's Huge Grab Bag is still on sale for one more day for $19 then all items go to regular price so if you haven't gotten it yet pop over to Kims Store and grab it up!!


I may have been playing hooky but my wonderful CT keeps on sending me such beautiful layouts..I have to show some of them today.


This is from Maggie Mae..she and her husband make the most beautiful pictures..and she makes the most awesome pages to show them off...she used my Autumn Splendor word art set..


Marion and her husband made a trip to Alaska a few months ago..this is one of the pictures she made..its so beautiful..and Marion has made a beautiful layout to show it off..she used Nature Word Art..thanks Marion..


My friend Jenni from over at Chaos Lounge sent me this great layout..its her husband who hates fishing but had to go with some business associates and ending up catching this! she used my fishing tales word art..Thanks for sending Jen


PK Doll send this beauty in..this is her sisters dog..she used a freebie frame by Jenni and things from Kims new grab bag..its so it..

I have more but I am saving them for tomorrow...

I have one more thing to show you

A new CU kit from Jenni at Chaos Lounge..isn't this the cutest thing...she does such wonderful things I LOVE everything she designs..

I have a little freebie for you today...its not word art but Journal Cards you can use them to journal on or to put your word art's an example of one of them..there are 5 cards.


I wish I could take credit for the beautiful flowers but I can't that goes to my wonderful friend Kim B..and this is from one of her sets called Rusty Garden papers..(used with permission)..hope you like them.

Well friends, its time to say goodbye again..till we meet, keep looking up and big much love..Jazzy