Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello Everyone..hope your day has started off with a bang..

I'm so behind this morning..seems to be my normal thing lately. I hope this is really Monday..after my Friday Post I'm not sure of anything LOL..

I  know some read the blog because you left some comments..I don't know how many read and didn't leave a comment..I was so proud of myself for getting my Easter Blog done...I posted it pretty early..then my sugar went up and I was in bed most of the day..

Friday night I was talking to my Mom and told her I wanted to dye some eggs for Kaylen Sat night...she said why would want to do that, they will be rotten by next Sunday..I said what...Easter is Sunday...said said NO its not, Easter is next weekend..I said I looked it up on the Internet and it said it was the 4th..well she said need to look on your calendar this time I'm starting to feel this strange sense of  WHAT HAVE I DONE.. sure enough Mother was right again...I ran in the computer room and immediately deleted the blog...and I was so EMBARASSED .

SOOO..Crops you aren't nuts there was really a blog at one time..then poof..I got rid of it..LOL

I have lots to share with you today..1st did you notice that we have some new members on the CT..kimscrappin, Marilyng ,Moonlight Pearl and Renee...Welcome aboard girls.we are happy you joined us.

There is also a new collab kit  out at DSO..its called April Showers and here is a preview



The elements


This kit is the first 2009 Collab by our DSO Designers. Contributing designers include: Beth Long, Andrea Dickinson, Jazzy, Kim Broedelet, Livia Yamada, Lynn Powell, Melanie Chynoweth, and Shannon Neparko. 
This spring kit is all about the water. Both watery skies and water-colors! Gorgeous watercolored Elements will make this one a fun one to work with for SURE! You should be sure to check this one out..its beautiful and will be perfect for you spring and summer layouts.  There are some beautiful hand painted items .

I have some new eye candy today...


This beauty is by Crops..she Dream Word art by Words to Delite


kimscrappin made this one..this is a photo of her oldest sons how she used this color to match the pink in the dress she used the I thee Wed and changed the color..


Moonlight Pearl made this awesome the colors..  they so suit this little guy..she used word art from my Little Boy set

I have more to show you but will wait for a later day.. I made you a little something today..Its called Jumbled Up so I guess you can figure that one out LOL


You can find it here

Bye Bye for now..have a great day!