Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Granny's Tired

Well folks I've found out this old Granny gets tired now a days being I slept all day and on and a lot of Monday..I slept so much Monday I missed seeing the snow didn't stick but they said it was beautiful falling..

I don't guess I realized how tired I got over the weekend..I talked to my mother today and she was tired too..but it was such a great weekend it was worth it..we had Kaylen until tonight..I miss her already...I really believe she knows who her Nana is..she cried today when I was holding her and gave her to her that didn't make him feel too good..LOL I told him he used to do the same thing when I would give him back to his mom!  He said you are just a good  Nana and everybody loves you..well-I don't know about that but it sure made me feel good.

Want to see some awesome layouts my CT did!


This is from Maggie Mae and she used Doggie Treats word art .


Sue SACannon sent me this one..I love the cluster work and she used my Thanksgiving Stamps word art..


This awesome layout is from PKDoll and she used my Sweet Baby word art..


This is also from PKDoll..she used my All About Kids word art..and I love how she took one phrase and made it as part of the background paper..great job GF...really pretty.

I have a little freebie for you today


These were made from KimB's beautiful new kit..From Santa with Love  and my Christmas Words word can find them here

Visit my store at for these and many other word art sets.

Gosh its still dark outside so I think I'm going back to sleep for is check day so I will have a busy one..You all keep smiling and remember to keep looking up and big much love..Jazzy