Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday At Last

Hello Everyone..hope you had a great weekend..I had a good weekend, just glad it's over LOL

I had Kaylen for the weekend again..I have all her toys in a basket in the lr..first thing when she gets in the door she pulls them All matter how many times you pick them up and put them back, she has to have them ALL out..LOL so they are scattered all over the house..Chase is still here and still more messy than Kaylen..and still playing than darn Xbox...sometimes I would like to hurl it out the window and him behind it...He said his dad was coming to get him this morning to help him mow grass..I thought one day alone..but wouldn't you know it...It's RAINING...

Angie and Gage came down yesterday afternoon..her other grandmother had a stroke so she came to visit her...Gage stayed here with us while she was gone..He brought this huge Nerf Machine Gun..the one that has bullets that are in that long belt and feed thru the gun...oh boy that was fun..NOT..Kaylen hated it and pitched a fit when she saw it..he thought that was funny so her kept shooting them at her..then he decided to attack Chase and hit him square in the eye..that didn't go over good at all..finally I got a big pillow and played dodge the bullet with him..that lasted only a few minutes after he didn't have anyone to aggravate.

Angie carried Kaylen home on her way out of town, I came home from my mom's and went right to my bedroom and hit the bed..I was asleep in half a minute I think..I slept until after 12 am..

Oh.....a add on the critter story, They caught one more mouse in the trap.. the black one is all that's left..I think he figured out something was up when his buddies disappeared, so he hasn't been seen in a few days!!!

The items in my PU Bag are now in the store for sale individually for $3 each.




You can find all of these sets in my store

I have some beautiful word art to show you today these first 2 layouts were made by O2BNGdHope and she used my new One Liners WA



From  Junebugmom68


From OTBNGdHope using Lullabuy Set

These are from kimscrappin and she used a mix of different sets..


Little Boys (3)




from  Lets Party Set


From Rainbow Words


From Prom Night Set


Using At The Beach set


From abhall76 using Words About Life

Wow..don't I have some talented CT members..thanks to all of you..

I had good feedback from the border cluster frames that were in my PU bag so I'm thinking of adding some in my store now and then, with word art to match the theme..

Here is one I made for your freebie today..This was made from a kit called Yellow Brick Road by KnC Scrapz..she has so graciously allowed me to use her kits in my frame..I'm so be looking out for more coming soon.

The Magic of the WizardRS

The Magic of the WizardPREVIEW

This includes the border cluster frame and 4 word art can find it here

I think I'm going to take a nap, the rain sounds so good falling and it's making me sleepy..have a great day...