Thursday, April 16, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Hello Everyone...

My kids have moved out....they have been working on their house for the past few months..I knew they were leaving at some point in time.  I just wasn't prepared for it to be NOW...they started moving their things on Tuesday and Wednesday...Angie came got the baby on Tuesday so they could get everything situated.  Gemma and I have been alone for 2 days now and it sure is strange.  One thing for sure it is going to take me a month to get things cleaned up good and back to order..They cleaned but not the way I do!

Angie is coming down for a few days when she brings the baby home to help me..she's the best daughter you could ever hope to have.I just love her to pieces..

How many of you have baseball players in your life?  I have a new Word Art set in the store...BoYS OF SUMMER . Its all you need for those baseball pages.  Take a look!

The set contains 20 individual phrases on individual png files.  Not all are shown here..but they will be on sale for a few days longer..

Graduation Day is still on sale

He is Risen is still on sale

Just Baseball is still on sale

Now on to

the good stuff...and I have a mistake to clear up..(What else is new Huh) I showed you this beautiful page on Monday but gave you the wrong name.. Marilyn made this lovely page..not Melanie.

My Gemmlp

So sorry about that Marilyn..I just love the colors and the beautiful flower frame in this one..


purepixels made this awesome layout...isn't it beautiful..she used my He Is Risen Word art..


kimscrappin made this cute the colors and I love how she split the word art to use as a border..she used  my All About Kids Word Art


Another Cute page by kimscrappin..LOVE that border and the blending journeying is so perfect..she used Girl Power word art set.

Just look at this cutie my friend Nany sent me..Hospital-Stay-05

Nancy used a phrase from Humor Fest ..Thanks so much for sending this Nancy..its great and I love seeing the layouts using my word art...Please send me you layouts so I can show them off to

Guess thats about all for today...saving the rest for another day.

I have you a little something today..hope you enjoy it..

Baby Alphas

Hope you have a great Thursday...