Friday, December 12, 2008

Where Has The Week Gone ????

I feel like Rip Van know the little guy who fell asleep and woke up 20 years later..LOL I've not felt too good this week and I think I have slept thru it!!!!

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.  I had a good birthday..I'm just so thankful to have had another one..61 and counting LOL..Kaylen got to come over Wednesday night and that was the best present of all. She and I just spent my birthday laying around playing and watching TV. My mom cooked me a birthday supper last night of some of my favorites..roast beef, creamed corn, green beans, cornbread and ice was soooo good..I made a pig out of myself.  I had hoped for one of her lemon pies but she said I didn't need it and she didn't know to make a diabetic one..!

I want to share some of the wonderful cards and well wishes I got..first from Wolvsie (Michelle) and all you ladies that want are welcome to visit..LOL


From Paula


From Sue


From Crops


From our dear Rosana

From Scrap Aggie

and thanks to for all the emails, and forum well wishes..they all mean so much to me and I feel so good that you remembered me..I am the worlds worst at remembering birthdays.  You all made it an even better day.

You remember I asked for pictures of your decorations..well Sue (SACannon) sent me hers and its so beautiful..just out of this world..take a look

Oh wow Sue how many lights are on there..and the shape is perfect..

A close up of her Christmas Star and just look on those ornaments..awesome

A beautiful little dollie

Isn't this beautiful..

This peacock is very special to Sue..her husband give it to her on their first Christmas together.

I know that tree must be huge..and its all so beautiful..thank you Sue for sharing..I hope more will send me their pictures..

I still haven't gotten a tree up..the boys and I just can't seem to get it together to put one up. I know we need to for Kaylen..Lori would want her to have one at our house for her 1st Christmas.  Andrew loved his tree in his room..he watched the lights and at times seem to smile...Oh I miss them both so but I know they are together and in a much better place.


Maggie Mae sent me another of her furbaby...I swear this is the most photogenic I have seen..she loves to get her picture taken..Maggie Mae used Christmas Glam words. and by the way its on sale right now for 20% off..You will find all of my Christmas word art on sale as well.

I figured everyone might be a little tired of all the Christmas freebies so I made a little something different for you today...HAPPY NEW YEAR !

HappyNewYear Preview

You know styles in designs and in word art as well change...this is one of the most popular today.  I hope  you will enjoy using it on your New Years layouts. You can snag it here

and leave me a comment on what you think of this style of wordart..

Gotta go for today..have a great weekend..wear that big smile...don't get upset waiting in lines...LOL remember to keep looking up..big much love Jazzy