Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday and A Little Snow

Good Friday morning everyone..burrr its cold here, wind chill is 12 degrees..Gemma(my fur baby)usually wants out first thing in the morning, she turns circles in front of the door and dances around, well she was going full blast this morning until I opened the door, she turned around and ran to the was funny..

If you keep up with college football, you know that the University of Alabama won the national Championship game last night..we beat the Texas got really interesting in the 3rd and 4th quarters but Alabama pulled it out..I am a die hard Auburn fan but I am proud for the state that they won.

Did any of you see the news yesterday about the Iguanas in Florida falling out of the trees because of the cold..they were just falling off like apples..and then they just laid there like they were dead..they said when it warmed up they would wake up..Here’s a url where you can see the video of the news and read the article..

We did get some snow yesterday, in the day time too! I enjoyed watching it fall..for a few hours it snowed really hard at times, big snowflakes but not much stuck.. I have a few pictures to show you of our “Big” Snow Storm LOL

Snow 2010 001

It really did snow yesterday, date on camera is wrong LOL This was made from my front porch of my neighbors yard..

Snow 2010 003

From my front porch looking at my  yard, not much there at all..but you can see it piled up in the tree across the street.

Snow 2010 007

My garbage can and my neighbors yard

Snow 2010 008

My yard

Now, I realize that to some of  you, that’s not even a snowfall but it’s the first accumulation I’ve seen here in years..we used to get at least one good snowfall a year, sometimes 2 but not any warming I imagine!

Kendra said Kaylen loved it and got to play out in it for a bit with Kendra’s sister and brother..wish she could have gotten pictures, but I had the camera…I let them keep it most of the time so they can catch the cute shots of the kids, I had it for our Christmas and forgot to let them take it home with them.  We are supposed to have a really cold weekend and maybe some more flurries today and tomorrow..

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Here’s another Lainey made

Love it Lainey, colors are so pretty..and the blending is great..I have a picture of my mother in this almost identical pose in her yard and her hair is fixed almost like  your mothers!

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I sure hope all of you have a great weekend..I plan to spend mine inside where it’s nice and warm..Kaylen may come over, not sure yet, it’s been awhile since she has stayed the weekend..They have to call me on the phone for her so she can talk to me..of course that just melts my heart…she gets the phone and says Nana, Nana, then when she hears me, she says NANA NANA, then she jabbers and says Nana again, and so it goes. I asked her the other day if she was being a good girl and she said no, no…I guess someone had told her she was acting bad..LOL Every time their phone rings she runs to it and says Nana, Nana…If there is one thing I know, its that,that little girl loves her Nana! When I start talking to Jaxon he starts smiling and cooing, he is such a precious little boy..I am so blessed to have all of my GC and GGC.