Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disappointing Tuesday

Hi All. Hope you had a great day yesterday.

Tuesday night I rushed and got everything done and at 7:00 sharp I was parked in front of the TV with my Chex Mix Cheddar and my Diet Coke to watch American was I shocked when President Obama came walking out...I forgot AI got changed to Wednesday night. 

For the most part I have really enjoyed this season...even though there have been a lot of changes. Several that I liked have been voted seems like the ones that have made it to the final 10 are all really good and as of now I can't seem to pick a favorite. I believe that all these going on tour will end up with some kind of deal from somewhere, at least I hope so.

I loved Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis singing..I thought that song was soooo pretty..but I HATED what Adam did to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire..what about you? Maybe it's because I'm of the older generation..LOL

I haven't been keeping up with Dancing with the Stars this season..I lost interest in that one last year.

AS for the Presidents speech...I always like hearing him talk..his voice has a calming effect I think..however all I know is..the economy is in horrible shape, hurry as fast as you can and fix it..agree on something..I'm hanging on by my boot strap and I'm afraid it's going to break..I need help now..

Keylen is still gone and I'm really starting to miss that little lady..I think it's going to be really bad when they move into their own home..good for them but I dread it in a lot of ways..

I have some new word art out today..

Welcome Spring


Spring is here at last. Time for layouts of beutiful flowers, trees in all their wonder, beautiful lawns and lakes and children playing in the sunshine. Welcome Spring contains 20 individual word art phrases describing Spring in all her wonder. Each in ping format and made so they can easily be recolored and resized. All are done in 300 dpi for better printing. These will give you the perfect accent for your pages. All have been Quality Checked.

Here's a page I made using it.


This is my only niece Sarah Grace made a few years ago on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee.


Crops sent me this lovely page..its another for her wedding album she is making..wasn't she a pretty bride..she used my I Thee Wed set.


Purepixels made this one..I love the clustering and the vintage colors..she used my Family Joy overlays..

I have a little something for you today that I hope you will like..


I made you a quick page from my layout of Sarah Grace.

Hope you like can find it here

Hope you all have a great day..I will be back on Friday, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise...until then, wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy