Friday, July 18, 2008

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Hello Friends..
Guess what!!! I got my first ever award from my friend Andrea, its the Brillante Weblog Premio-2008..Thank you so much girl..I will get it all posted on the blog soon as I find my blog designer thing I forgot to tell you yesterday..Isn't my blog beautiful..I owe it to my dear "super woman Kimmy" I know she figured it was easier to just do it rather than try to tell me how..LOL..(She knows me too well) she did tell me she would show me later..she also make my adorable blinkes..take one if you like..Thanks are the bested

Let me tell you folk..yesterday was indescribable for me. NEVER EVER, in my wildest dreams did I think my blog would be so well liked and that I would get so many wonderful comments from all of you..I can never explain to you what joy you put in my heart. Some of you already know about my oldest daughter Lori but for those of you who don't I would like to share.

On February 15, 2008 Lori turned 39, she told her sister Angie, this is the last birthday I'm having, I'm staying 39 forever like Phyllis Dilard ".On Sunday the 17th her oldest son Josh went to wake her up up and she was gone, she died of congestive heart failure. I was in the hospital at the time in the unit on a Bipap machine and couldn't talk to her, I wrote her a note and told her happy birthday and I love you, she said I love you to mama. I am so thankful that those were the last words we said to each other.

I know many many of you have lost a child and know the feelings you have..Its like someone put their hand inside of me and ripped out my heart and you get so cold inside. My whole life changed after then..some were good changes and some not so good..some days I could make it thru the day without crying..some days I think I can not make it thru one more day. I miss her so much..she did everything for me. When things settled down I went back to scrap one link with sanity..and then some days even that didn't help.

Lori LOVED fairies and she had a saying "Sometimes all it takes is a Fairy"..I guess that and Lori gave me the inspiration to try this idea of mine..When I saw my first sets of word art in the store and when Bunny told me I had made some sales...I was overjoyed..I could feel some of the ice melting in my heart...but friends yesterday really did it ..I am happy in my heart again and its all because of the love I felt from you and all the nice things you said both about the blog and about my word art..and some people telling me I made them smile and how good I made them feel...well-lets just say then I really felt good know like that warm and snuggly feeling when you curl up in your favorite chair with a good book, a soft warm blanket and a cup of hot tea!

Ok enough of the sad stuff..lets get on with happier thoughts and just "Yak" some LOL

Ok..lets play a little trivia here..if you can tell me what Grits are you will win a surprise ..its also a sneaky way to get some comments from you LOL..after all that's my way of getting to know have to "Yak" back and tell me some about tomorrow we will find out who is trivia queen (or king can't leave out the guys) I'm excited to hear the answers.

I told you yesterday how I got started in scrap booking and eventually designing and selling my word I want to share my family with you-my daughter .Angie is a wonderful, loving and caring daughter, wife and mother..she makes me so very happy, she is a wonderful mom, She is so funny and can say and do some of the funniest things and she Loves to make you laugh..when she was young she used to do things and Lori and I would laugh till we cried..the only problem was..She would NOT stop!! After awhile it wasn't funny anymore..Like the time she took purple eye shadow and painted her face..and made herself  a horn..she came out dancing around singing "The one eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater"..I know some of you have no idea what the one eyed one horned purple people eater looked like well-he was Purple with a big horn in the middle of his forehead how the song went..but take it from us children of the 60's he was funny and so was she!!! Mercy me I could fill up several blogs on just some of her performances HEHEHE..

I would hold my breath in children's church I was so afraid of what she would say.I ran into a lady from church in the fabric store, she told me that on some Sundays she was going to go home before preaching and she would think about Angie and she had to stay to see what she had to say that day...She went into a sermon one time about the end of time and the devil was coming back and Jesus was coming back and they were going to have a big ole fight and Jesus was going to win because he was Jesus and everyone knew it was in the Bible..the preacher had to jump in and stop her or she would have gone on and on more remark she made..I will never ever forget this one..we were watching the PTL Club, she was about 3 sitting in my life listening to every word..the preacher said Jesus was coming soon..she jumped out of my lap and ran in her room..I heard knocking around and went to check on her..she was packing her suitcase..I said what are you doing baby, she looked at me with those big eyes of hers and said..Jesus is coming soon and I'm packing my clothes..and mommy are we going in our car or in Jesus's car..out of the mouth of babes!!

Angie's husband Dave is such a nice guy..together they have 2 sons. Zane and Gage are both 8,Zane is a month older they have been together since they were barely 3 so they are brothers...never try to tell either of them they all live happily together .They lived in Beaverton Oregon until a few weeks ago when they moved to Alabama..after Lori died they wanted to be close to me and Angie's big family they resigned their jobs packed up and moved to Huntsville about an hr away from here..better job selections there..they spent the weekend with us last weekend and it was so great...and so wonderful to know they are so close...the boys haven't gotten here yet..they spend the summer with their other can just about imagine how much I am wanting to see my boys..It's been almost 2 years I am so waiting for the 1st weekend I can get them to myself and spoil them rotten..and well-then send em home..ok that's mean isn't it..but isn't that what Nanas do!!


Next time I will tell you more about my family..but right now I want to share some beautiful layouts done by Paula, pkdoll..



and here's one I did, after all I'm still on Kim's creative team :)

Sweetbaby RS

I wanted to show you a preview of another new set of word arts that went in the store yesterday...Let me tell you if you have fishermen or women in your family you will love this set!


You can find these here

I have a little something different for you today I think you will like it

LR_Frame_ &_Wordart 

You can download it here

until I see you again..Keep smiling and I hope everyone has a great day..don't forget to check out DSO and some of the terrific goodies by my fellow designers..You will love it..Big hugs to all Jazzy.