Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank You Is Not Enough

Love, Laughter and Friendship Always Welcome Here

Andrew 2007

This is my Andrew, he was sleeping here at home and now he is sleeping with his
Mom and the angels in Heaven.This was made in 2007 and is the most recent I have of him, he did not like the flash of the camera.

Thank you is just not enough to express my feelings of gratitude to all of you who left your love and comments and who prayed for us..I know that is how we got through Wednesday.  I am so touched by the outpouring of your feelings for someone you have never met..I would say to all of those who think and say the Internet is a bad place  You are  so WRONG.  There is something truly wonderful and special about the digi community, we share so much and will be friends forever. I know that Andrew has gone to a better place and he is with his mom, I can just see him running and playing all straight and free from all the pain..I can see my dad taking him fishing in one of those beautiful rivers. I know he is happy today. I still need your prayers...each day I seem to miss him more.

I will miss him more than words can say but never never would I call him back.

Folks, they say the Lord gives and the Lord takes away..I just got a phone call that I'm about to be a great grandmother, the baby will be born on my daughter Angie's birthday and she is going to be named after her Grandmother Lori, Kaylin Lori Faith long name for a little tiny baby..(Smile) Lori was counting the days she was sooo excited about being a grandmother and she wanted the baby to be a little girl.  We didn't find that out until after she passed. Angie is going to be so excited..her great niece will share the same birth date..

I will be going to the hospital to greet that precious little girl..I can't wait to get her home so I can rock her and spoil her..guess you know you are going to be bombarded with her pictures...I hope she favors her grandmother and her dad..

It seems like it was weeks ago that I gave you a trivia question, What are grits. Most all of you that replied gave the correct answer, just not the one I was looking for...I guess I should fess up that I didn't give it to you the proper way..well-what can I say..I just wanted you to join in and yak with me..hehehe

You can go here and here to find out about G.R.I.T.S

Ok now- seeing as how everyone got the right answer,I have a little something for all of you and I hope you enjoy it, its in png and also psd formats so you can use it anyway you like. Get it right here


I used papers from Kb'S Designs Loveable Kit . It can be found at DSO  I made the frame and used an Action by Atomic Cupcake Cherry wood, I then re-colored parts of it. Kim has some beautiful things in her store..check it out and I'm sure you are going to find lots you like. Atomic Cupcake's actions are wonderful, they work well every time and she has just about everything and anything you would need and want for your layouts..

I've got to get up and get off this computer..and go to the hospital to wait for my great grand until we meet again..keep smiling and I hope everyone has a great day, big hugs to all...Jazzy