Friday, November 13, 2009


I hope the day has not started out unlucky for you!

I have been trying to start this blog since 5 am..but I start to do one thing to get ready and before I know it I’m off on some new thing leads to another..and so on and so on..ever have that kind of day?

I am feeling much better today..the Dr.gave me 2 shots and 2 prescriptions and told me if I wasn’t better by the following Monday I was going to the I didn’t get to close to the computer and just layed on the couch and watched TV..I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes, a laundry basket running over and dust bunnies everywhere..the dishes are my project for today, and some laundry if I want clean clothes and towels to take a shower LOL..

Did any of you see the remake of The Secret Garden?  I haven’t seen it either but I was on a blog several weeks ago and they were playing the music from it..I fell in love with it and had to get it…I listen to it all the time when I am working at the computer..some of you might like can sample it at

I have some new word art in the store today..its called Blessings Overlays


BLESSINGS is a set of overlays.
There are 12 colorful sets and a white vellum shadowed set for each one (24 overlays).
In the preview you will see one complete overlay and also the shadow view...the rest of the preview shows you the different phrases and the artwork.
These are made to fit a 12x12 paper but they can be resized.
Overlays give you a quick and easy way to make a beautiful layout in minutes..just use your favorite paper, slide your overlay on to it and add your picture.Your wordart is on the overlay.
This will add that special wow factor to your Thanksgiving and Fall layouts.

You can get them here

Here are some layouts I did with them

Thanksgiving dinner

and this one using one of the shadowed vellum’s

Thanksgiving 2

I really like the way this one turned out.

KimB has some new CU things out also..


You can find these at both of her stores




You only have the weekend to make this sale..It ends the 15th..

My sale is going on all month..

november saleRS

I think that is all I am supposed to talk about LOL I have some eye candy to show you too..


Chaos Lounge Girl Power Wordart


kimscrappin Christmas Words Wordart


Benita October Posting Bonus at DSO


O2BNGdHope Spooktacular word art


O2BNGdHope Autumn Daze Wordart and Frames


O2BNGdHope Autumn Daze Wordart and Frames


Chaos Lounge Chocoholic Word Art


Bunny Cates Christmas Candy Wordart


Bunny Cates Christmas Candy Wordart


Chaos Lounge Forever and a Day wordart.

Thanks girls for all these gorgeous layouts.

Well gang that’s about it for today..will have a freebie for you next I hear my dishes calling “Wash Me” “Wash Me”..take care and have a wonderful weekend.