Friday, September 19, 2008

WOO HOO Fridays Here..Football Saturday

Hi Everyone..

Guess everyone is glad its Friday..I sure am..that means Auburn has a game on TV tomorrow..Auburn is Auburn University in Auburn Alabama, there's another university here University of if you live in Alabama you know that's a rivalry that has been on going since I don't even know when, longer than I have been alive..and you are for one or the other..can't be for both...some nice folk in the state are for both teams, until they place each other and then everyone has their brother-in-law is for Bama, he graduated from there, I found out the first year he was in the family we could NEVER discuss football..he told my sister I was the most obnoxious Auburn fan he had ever met..wonder if that's because I sent him a cross stitched little saying about Auburn and Alabama which of course put Auburn in the good

Auburn used to never win a game until Pat Dye came to town..that changed the whole football program, we started winning and we haven't stopped..I think we have a 5 or 6 year winning streak going on..but I've learned not to run my mouth and brag because its anyones guess who will win that game..Auburn football team is called the Tigers, but their team Mascot is a beautiful the chant is go War Eagles..whose name by the way is Tiger..LOL but thats a story for another day...we play LSU tomorrow and it could go either way..but I'm rooting for my war eagles..

My new Word Art Bundle is in the store now..Here's a page I  made using it. Remember I sell exclusively at



forever friends copy

I made this page and its a combination of my word art and some goodies from Kims new grab bag I'm going to show you today.. Josh bought this rat whose name was Tiny, when she was a tiny little white mouse..the Lady at the pet store told him you could train them...and he did..he knew his name, would come when Josh called him, and he followed him around everywhere when he was out of his cage...we had a Cat named Floyd at the time. Josh was scared to death one day when Floyd was in the house and he couldn't find Tiny...everyone thought Floyd had made a meal out of Tiny, Josh had a flashlight and he looked under the bed and this is what he found...we all were floored but they remained friends until Tiny caught a cold and passed away...there's another story there I will tell you later.

I have a few pictures to show you from my CT


Isn't this beautiful..would love to be there now to see this..O2BNGdHope made this page and she used WA from my Fall Splendor kit..


This cutie is Jon Paul, Maggie Maes grandson..he is so funny but adorable..she used my little boys wa  set.

My friend Kim B celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary this month..and man did she go all out on a SUPER DUPER grab bag..5 bags with 19 items in each bag...and an an awesome price only $19 for the entire bag..I have some previews to show you of them all..


Get this one here


Doodly Bag



Overlay Bag


Realistic Bag



Stringy Bag



Element Bag

I have seen the contents of each one of the bags and $19 is a steal of a deal for all that you get..and you all know the beauty of Kims work so you know they will be just better fly on over to the store and grab this while its on sale..

Here's a beautiful page that Jenni at Chaos Lounge did using Items from these bags of Kims and also some of my Vacations are Fun word art..thanks Jenn for sending this..


And here's another one I did using parts from the kit..


You know how I love heritage layouts and I really liked how this one turned out so I thought I would give it to you..

Hope all of you have a great weekend, hope all your TEAMS win this. Smile and keep looking up and until I see you again..big much love..Jazzy