Friday, September 12, 2008


The kids spent the night last night and I conked out on them...and I also overslept..They woke me up at 10:00 when their Dad came to get them...they are going to their other grandmothers out of town today...Chase was 19 on Friday and Josh will be 21 in October.  I'm thinking it's to give them their birthday money. I still I haven't had my big inspection.  I told Chase this morn. if they didn't come today, we had to mop and wax again over the weekend..Did you know I couldn't find any Floor Wax..they have mop and glow and Pledge floor finish,and other such things, but I could not find any plain ole fashioned floor wax.  I looked at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Big Lots, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Grocery Stores, only places I haven't looked is Lowe's .  I am going to look their tomorrow..Floors just don't hold a shine with those other floor mop and wax products.

They must have been hungry too..LOL..Chase hasn't hasn't been working this week..they have a new job starting next week.. so I imagine they ate all of their groceries.  I had some canned ravioli and beefaroni, ramen noodles, and tuna fish I got for them to eat when they pop in hungry...and man did they eat LOL..cleaned out my stash. They also brought a huge basket of clothes to wash but they got disappointed about that..I am out of washing detergent..LOL Got to get me some they left them in the laundry room..guess they will come back tomorrow and wash them..

Hey, I need for you all to pop over to DSO and check out my photo op challenge... You just have to alter your picture in some way and tell us how you did it and you will receive a posting bonus..this is it..

Jazzy-preview 2 blank1

I designed these with all those DIVAS in mind..I thought they turned out pretty cute..So far the techniques have been great and we call all learn something new!  Tell all your friends about it too...I need ya'll to make me look good this month..HEHEHE

I have a new kit coming out this week called Fall's a preview of it



house in autumnRS

I made this layout using KimB's Heart Felt Kit and one of the new Word Art phrases from Fall Splendor..Its going to on Sale when it goes in the store...Keep checking my store and I will be sure and let you know when its there..the sets from my PU Grab Bag will also be in the store individually.  Be sure to check out the other designers sales while you are at DSO.

Now for some beautiful pages done my awesome CT


Isn't this beautiful..Crops did this one..she used Kimb's/Bunny Cates I Believe Kit and word art from my Fairies set.


This little cutie is Cameron O2BNGdHopes grandson..she says he can sure get into mischief and I think I believe here..LOL  I love this page and the OOB is wonderful.. she used word art from my Little Boys set..


This precious layout is from our beautiful and talented Marion with one of her grandsons..she looks much to young to have so many grandchildren..she also used word art from my Little Boys set.


Maggie Mae made this beauty of her grandchildren's cat Rascal this is so pretty..its plain and simple but I love it and the frame shape she used..its one of what I call a "less is more" layouts..she used word art from my Cat the way all of you CAT LOVERS a new word art set coming next week all about kittys...I think you are really going to like it..

LR_Heart Felt_Wordart_Freebie

I made this Quick page for you..hope you enjoy it..

Gotta go gotta go, gotta work gotta all have a wonderful day, remember to Smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy..