Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Good Morning Everyone.

Did you watch the Inauguration Ceremonies of President Obama?  I sat glued to the TV all day and into the night..I didn't want to miss a minute of all that history. I am a patriotic person. My dad instilled in us to love our country and our Flag. I get tears in my eyes when I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag or hear God Bless America.

As I watched I thought about growing up in a segregated United States. I can remember white only signs on senior class was the first integrated one in our cities history.  I remember well the freedom marches, and the horrors endured by a race of people who just wanted to be free.

I thought about all the lives that have been lost fighting for  freedom and equality for everyone.  It made me very proud  to know that I am a citizen of a country that gives you the freedom to dream and to know that if you want something bad enough you can make your dream a reality.

That's what we saw yesterday as the first African American was sworn in as President of the United States of America.  I know there are some who are still prejudiced and can't accept a black man as our President, to them I would say look past the color and only see the MAN, who I believe, can bring about the changes we so need in our country.  

I hope we will all join together in our prayers for our President and for our Country, for our congressmen and women and our senators and law makers...May they all work together for one common good for all Americans, and that God will truly Bless America.


Just a page I made to celebrate new beginnings.

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I better go now I hear my sweet Kaylen talking to herself..I love to watch her when she is waking up and when she finally sees me ,that big beautiful smile I get from her.  Hope you all have a great day, don't forget to smile at someone today, you don't know how it may change their life..keep looking up and big much love Jazzy