Monday, August 3, 2009

OLD NANA WORN OUT....need hep !!!

Hello Everyone...good Monday Morning.

I've been missing in action for a few days but man on man have they been happy days.  I went to see the kids on Wednesday night, (yes, I stopped playing Astro Pop, as I could not move my hand anymore..NOT really but I was sure tired when I stopped) Kendra looks like she is about to pop and she wasnt feeling good, so I offered to keep Kaylen for a few days....I called Chase to see if he could come stay a few days to help me with her..because of my health, I didn't want to be alone with her.

I had her until Sunday night and oh what fun we had..she is learning to walk and is all over where she can find things to hold on too..the rest of the time she was crawling everywhere..she is such a good baby, she wanted me to hold her a lot of the time and she snuggled up to me in the chair and just sat there watching TV and jabbering..she loved to watch Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, and anything with music and dancing.

I tried sneaking out of the room and leaving her with Uncle Chase but when she saw I was she came down the hall 90 to nothing jabbering all the way with a few understandable NANAS in the wash...that was a disaster, too many things to get into in here..I was going to work on the computer when she was asleep but I usually ended up talking a nap when she did..LOL

She completely and totally won over her Uncle Chase...oh yes,  all she had to do was say his name, and she did, over and she has him right where she wants him...around her little finger..ROFL..I told him wait till she is older.

The baby is now 3 days anytime now we are going to be on our way to the hospital...I feel so honored Kendra and Josh want her mother and I in the delivery room..I was there when all my grandsons were born, but Lori had 3 C sections and thats not exactly the same, Gage was born naturally and I was there...if you never experienced it, you just can't imagine the feeling when you see the baby the first takes your breath away.  It makes me feel so blessed to have been present at all my grandsons births and now my great grandson..

Lots going on to tell you know we are into a new month and new Challenges at DSO..I'm doing the Altered Photo Challenge and this is what you get for participating.

You should check out all the challenges in the DSO Forum, the gifts are just beautiful!  Charlene, one of our new designers is doing a new Challenge this month, called Desktop Challenge and this is her posting gift if you participate.

I tried all night Sunday night trying to do the mask but this ignorant dummy never got it right..if anyone has any easy peasy way to do them can you let me know!!!!

I am Designer of the Month at DSO and I have a Free set of word art for you and also MY ENTIRE STORE will be on sale for the whole month...soOOOooo if you have been wanting something now is the time to do it!!!


This is free in my store


LooCee Creations has a new kit in the store today

Very much a girlie kit in it's pinks and blues with a cute name and a genie to match!, this kit has pretty denim elements and girlie jewels to create cheerful funky pages for fun loving girls of all ages.  I have seen all the kit and its one of those you just have to have ones...I have had the pleasure to make a word art set to accompany it, and well, I think its great..(tooting my own horn here LOL) I'm hoping it will be in the store by Tuesday...going thru QA now.. Here's a page I made with it

LooCee also has an add on to the kit on her blog if you woud like to have sure you leave her some love

Angel in my pocket RS

I love the way this one turned out...there are so many goodies to choose from its hard to figure out what to use !

While I was playing hookie, my CT has been hard at work...just look at some of their eye candy....

From purepixels



Oh wow, this one just takes my breath...its so beautiful..

crlin made these adorable ones


This is so how she has her in the bed..

From kimscrappin


Sneak preview LOL..made with LooCees's Jean Genie kit and my word art (not yet in the store) isn't this adorable..

and from moonlightpearl

wordart at the beach

I love this the color and the frame..the orange is perfect..

When you believeRS

Here's a page I finally got done using KimB Collab Kit Toof Fairy

When you Believe Preview

I made this for you if you would like to have it just pop on over and grab it..

Gotta got lots to do's Payday lol hope you enjoyed the post today..leave me some love if you did, I do love hearing your comments...