Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello Everyone...

I hope all you mothers out there had a nice Mothers Day. My day was WONDERFUL...I just have to tell you all about it!

We were supposed to leave at 10 am to go to Angies, I was ready at 9:45.  Cathy left for Walmart to get camera batteries at 9:15 and got home at 10:20...then she had to eat a bite and curl mothers hair and load the car...and so on, so we got on the road about 11:30.  We had a nice ride, it rained some but it was overcast and not to hot..Cathy and I listened to an oldies station and tried to guess the name of the songs and who sang them...I lost that big mind remembered the words but not who sang the song or its name.

We made good time and got to Huntsville with no problems..but kabam...all of a sudden we were completely in another county and way lost! After we drove around for an hour, Cathy decided to call Angie. We got directions and made it there without any more problems...

When we got there Gage and Zane gave me, mother and Cathy little Orchid corsages which were just beautiful..Angie had fixed dips and chips for us to nipple on while Dave grilled steaks..Me, Cathy, Gage and Zane bowled with the Wii and had a ball..I want one of those games!!

Angie fixed a garden salad with fresh tomatoes cucumbers, red yellow and green peppers 2 kinds of lettuce, cheese and croutons, she made a broccoli salad which was also delicious, and my favorite, Spinach salad with bacon and blue cheese vinaigrette, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream and the biggest rib eye steaks that were so tender you could almost cut them with a fork..I ate so much I was ashamed of  myself LOL.

After lunch we looked at scrapbooks I had made for Gage and for Zane, a few years ago and at picture books they had.  We decided we would leave in time to get home before it got really dark..and so we could watch cold case..Dave gave Cathy some directions and we were on our way..

We made it from their house to Huntsville with no problems at all..but that's where things went kabam again...this time we went over a big bridge and into another county again(IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION THIS TIME)...I had tried to tell Cathy how we had to go and she insisted that was not right..sooooo we turn around and head back the way we came..she listened to me that time and we got on the straight and narrow and on our way...we made good time but we were an hour later getting home and missed cold case!!

The day was so much fun, it was the first mothers day in 12 years that I had spent with Angie..and she went so out of her way to make the day a great one for us...I have the sweetest and bestest daughter in the world. We made some pictures, not very good ones, but pictures all the same...



Cathy and Angie


My mother, she doesn't look 84 does she!



Gage in the rocker I rocked his mom in.



Angie in the rocker


Zane and Gage...haven't they

Me Angie Cathy2

Looking at pictures Cathy is looking at the SB I made Angie for Christmas I looked like I was fixing to explode...felt that way too...LOL


Mother opening her gift from me...

I will show you some more later...but for now I need to get my rear in gear and get ready for more lab work and errands...hope you all have a great day..