Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello folks, hope you all are doing great this morning..and that you had a wonderful Easter Weekend.  Mine was very quiet and restful. I watched Bible story movies all day Sunday.  I was flipping thru channels and found one on and I started watching, come to find out they were on all day and night.  I really enjoyed them..and it was a good way to spend the day, after all Jesus is the real meaning of Easter. I did get out and visit Mother and Cathy..Cathy was playing games on the computer and mother was just laying around. Josh and his family were eating with Kendra’s family, Chase was at his dad’s, Angie and her family were moving so we didn’t cook..neither me, Mother or Cathy wanted a big meal.  I was going to take chocolate bunnies to Kaylen and Jaxon and watch them eat them and make pics,  but Josh got sick with a stomach virus and I didn’t want to be around that…I will carry them another day and make pictures, no one will ever know they weren’t made on Easter LOL…I did buy myself one little white chocolate bunny…it was good and I made it last all night lol..Kendra said Kaylen got play jewelry in her Easter basket and had it all on at one time, even the rings, and she also got some wings and she had those on too..I hope she made pictures for me as I know she was so cute in all that. 

Chase spent the night with me Thursday and Friday and swept and mopped my apartment.  Josh and Kendra got Church’s Fried Chicken and we ate with them Friday night…It was sure good..Jaxon is growing so much and is sitting up now.  Seems like he grows more everyday and is so different from one visit to the next.  He and Kaylen really love each other…he just stares at her and laughs and jabbers and she looks at him and jabbers they know what each is saying..she calls him Jaxy.. I sure hope it doesn’t stick on him!

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I have some beautiful layouts to show you today…all were made by PKDoll (Paula)

pjk-new cousin3x3

pjk-wonderful fun3x3

She used my Words About Life for these 2 she also used a new kit by Bonnie Van Esch called Wonderful


She used You and Me Sis for this layout…

Thanks Paula these are wonderful..

Ok my friends, I am going to eat some breakfast, wash up some dishes and put some clothes in the washer..Have a great day.