Monday, December 13, 2010



I had a big blog planned for today but nothing is cooperating!!!

Iwill try and do better tomorrow..hope no hospital..

love to all

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello everyone…hope you are fit as a fiddle on this fine Saturday Morning..are any of you snowed in??? Wish we could have a white Christmas….we had one here in 1989..started about 3 in the morning but by noon it was all melted but it was pretty.

Last time we talked, I told you about the Auburn Alabama game, or the Iron Bowl..Auburn won yeeeeehaaaaaa…we beat them by only 1 point but that is all it takes…they had us in the first half, we were down by 3 touchdowns but right before the half we scored…and then came back in the 3rd and caught up with them and went on to win…it was a great game to watch..we also won the Southeastern Conference Bowl and we are going to play in the National Championship game in January…we play the Oregon Ducks, are any of you a fan? Let me know.

Since today is my birthday, I decided to celebrate by having a Sale..


My entire store is on sale for 30% off thru December 15th…now is the time to treat yourself to some presents..what could be better than new Christmas word art to decorate your Christmas layouts…You can reach my store HERE

I also have some new word art in the store today…


This cute little set is just perfect for adding some wow to your new winter layouts…you can get it HERE

There are a lot of beautiful new layouts in my gallery…far to many to show today…so please visit HERE to see them all. Also be sure you come back for the next few days for some surprises, some freebies and some RAKS so be sure to post your comments..Have a great day…