Monday, November 10, 2008


  WooHoo..its been a  long time since October 14, when I last posted to my blog...I have missed all of you and was almost ready for the nut house, thank goodness they got my computer fixed, but then the Internet was down for a few days.

I was so upset but I used the time to finish some Word Art sets I had already started and did some new ones also.  I don't think we realize how addicted we are to our computers or how often we need them for something until we don't have one.  I was really upset that I missed Kims birthday sale and her Birthday Surprise us CT members had for her..thank goodness we figured she would have another big birthday bash sale this year so we made her kit in October..and managed to keep it a secret too...she was really surprised..and I'm so glad my part was done and posted for download...I really want to thank Paula for posting my blog for me..she called me to get my blog info..

BIG BIG Happy Belated Birthday to you, my dear friend, hope you had a wonderful day and that this year will be your happiest one yet..I love ya

Thanks to all of you who left comments about missing me..really made me feel good..

I have three new kits in my store's a preview of  them


These were made to match KimB's Design Glam Tidings Kit..they are all gold and glittery and look really great on the papers from the kit..also work great with the BB Pages that were in Kims birthday bash freebies..


Family Joy word art phrases are perfect for any family layout. There are 12 individual png files at 300dpi.


If you have teenagers in your life then this Teenagers set is a must for you..there are 20 individual png files each at 300dpi.

All are on sale for a week from today. Be sure you pop on over to my store

I have a new CT member..her name is Sue and her nick is SACannon.  She has been working on a lot of layouts since I have been are  few of those.


Sue used my Fall Splendor kit on this one..this is a beautiful picture and awesome layout


Another awesome layout from Sue using the Fall Splendor set


This beautiful page was also made by Sue..she used Word Art from my Heritage Set


Heritage layouts are my very favorite to make and to look at..Sue made this beauty and used my Heritage Cards.


PK Doll made this one from Kims GlamTidings kit and my Christmas Glam word art

pjk-Alexia birth

This is PKDolls 1st Great Grandchild isn't she a little doll...she used one of the bb pages from KimB's Ct Brag Book  and my Sweet Baby Word art

Hanna Montana-Brooke2008RS

This Halloween fun page was made by Crops2dawn..this is her niece and she used my Halloween Haunts word art set


This precious fur baby belongs to Maggie Mae and she also used the Christmas Glam Set.

I have more but I will save them for another day..

I thought since I last saw you in the fall and now its winter I would make some winter word art for you..I hope you like them..


You can download  here if you would like to have them.

Until we meet again wear that smile on your face, pray for your friends, you never know how badly they may need it today, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzie