Friday, August 29, 2008


Hi Folks..did you miss me...think I jumped ship..hehehe..I missed being here..Had an appointment with the Dr. Wednesday and got so mad grrrrrr..I had an appointment at 9am and got back to a room about 11am..saw the Dr. at 11:10 and he walked out finished at 11:15..I however, had to wait longer for my prescriptions..his diagnosis was arthritis and maybe a touch of bursitis or a pulled muscle..gave me some muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory

pill..well they relaxed me into never never land for about 2 days and nights..but my shoulder may be a bit better so I guess I will keep taking them and sleeping LOL..

WOW, folks maybe I should just stay away...I got TWO awards while I was gone! 

The first was The I Love Your Blog Award (CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR AWARD)


Nexa (Jessica)Scrapoholic Designs gave me this..thanks so much Jessica..

There are some rules for this award, to keep it going, I need to nominate some other blogs, and this time, the magic number is 7. So here are my 7 blogs that I love. Thanks Jessica..

1.Michelle at Crafty Scraps Michele is a wonderful person, she is very sweet, is a very good designer and an inspiration to all of us who know her..she also loves giving goodies away!!!

2. Doodle is a fellow designer at DSO..she is also a fellow CT Member for KimB's Designs..she's a sweet friend and a wonderful designer..she has some great freebies also.

3. Beth is a fellow CT member on Kim's team also and an exclusive designer at DSO..Beth is the Brag Book Queen, she makes some beautiful Brag Book Pages and is known to have a few she gives away

4.Andrea Dickinson is a fellow Designer at DSO...she is a wonderful designer and has some beautiful things in her she's a sweet lady.

5.Andrea is another fellow CT member and has some great things in her store and she does have a freebie at times.

6.Paula at PKS Brag Book is a wonderful person and someone I love dearly..she is on my CT and makes some beautiful layouts. She just started her Blog and she says "to show off the work of the Designers she scraps for"..her blog is fun to read...stop by and visit her and leave her some love.

7.Sherrie at RCMamas Designs Sherrie is a sweetie, she is on the Design Team at DSO...she turns out some awesome goodies.

You can get your award from the link above the award..and work on your 7 favorite blogs..

My friend Sylvia gave me this award..thanks so much my friend..Its the Wylde Women Award..


The Purpose of the Award is to send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy. The rules are you can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it’s up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post. Link back to this blogsite so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women we’ve given it to.

Jen at Chaos Lounge..Jen is a wonderful friend and an awesome designer..she makes beautiful kits and her flowers and vines are out of this world..she inspires me with my scrapping and in my designing..thanks Jennie..

Mrs. Miles she is one of the sweetest women I've had the pleasure of meeting on line..she is always encouraging and full of fun..she makes up some little rhymes and sayings that will crack you up at the same time she's and inspiration to me..she also designs some beautiful kits and goodies..thank you Mrs. Miles.

Kim B's Designs Well, what can I say about Kimmy that hasn't been said already..she is more than a friend..she's my inspiration, my encouragement,  my shoulder to cry on, to vent to, and answers my endless questions about the designing world with so much patience..and above all she is my friend in the true sense of the word. she has one of the biggest hearts I know of..and she makes me feel young..thanks my friend..

Bunny Cates I met Bunny thru Kim and she has become a true friend..Bunny has a wonderful personality and is so smart, I'm in awe at the things she can do, and does them all well..she's the Owner of DSO and a super "Boss lady" she has also been a great help and encouragement to me in my designing endeavor..and I know sometimes I drive her nuts..but she's always there for me.


I could sit here all day and give out this award..there are so many many friends I have made on line and all of them have a special place in my heart..just too many to list on the name of the award (Above ) to get yours..

Wow, I'm tired of typing LOL..guess you are tired of reading too..I'm going to take the weekend away from the computer I think and sleep and see if the pills will get rid of Arthur and Bertie for good..I will not miss them at all!!!

Before I go here's a preview of a little goodie I made for you..Hope you find some use for it..LR_Freebie_Wordart copy

They are  Here if you would like to have them..

Until next time, remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy

Have a great weekend!!!