Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Already

Hello everyone..gosh it’s Friday already..where has this week gone?

My mind is not functioning well this am..(I know it never does LOL) the Home Health nurse is coming at 8 am to draw blood, I had to fast last night and I am so hungry right now and want my Diet coke to get me going…I woke up at 4:30 and old Arthur (Arthritis) was giving me a fit and I had to get up…

Chase spent the night with me me on Tuesday and Wednesday…he was off on Wednesday…we watched movies and talked and I sure enjoyed his visit.  He got his first paycheck on Thursday and he was thrilled to death.. He fixed our supper on Wednesday, frozen Lasagna and Garlic bread…bless his heart he cooked it for over and hour in the oven, could have cooked in 18 minutes in the microwave…he said it got soggy when you did that..I really think he didn’t see it on the bag LOL..we were late eating but it was good and it was sweet of him to fix it.

We watched Men Who Stare at Goats…man what a goofy Alice in Wonderland The Hurt Locker..I watched Dear John…not for Chase he watched something else on the computer LOL..

I was fooling around making some layouts last night so I thought I would show you a few of them..


My mom and dad when he was home of leave




The tags are a little preview of my July posting bonus..

I made something for you also…


This kit is wonderful if you have WWII pictures to scrap

If you would like to have this you can find it here

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.