Thursday, August 12, 2010


Good Wednesday morning everyone..hope your day is going well so far.

So far my week has gone pretty well..Josh came over with the kids and spent the day on Monday..I tell you all that Josh is going to pay for his raising with Jaxon!! That child is into can’t take your eyes off of him…he just looks at you with that grin of his and does exactly what you just got him out of AGAIN. Kaylen is into her baby dolls now and she carries one around with her all the time….she hands it to me and says wrap her up, or she’s sleepy..when you move it a certain way it cries, sounds just like a real baby, and she hands her to me!! I have to put it up on my shoulder and pat her back so she stops. LOL

Kaylen is biting her fingernails…I did that when I was little and eventually grew out of it…the other day she wanted her shoes and socks off because she was sleepy..I caught her trying to bite her toenails…oh any ideas that work on how to stop the nail biting????

Today I am going to tell you a funny story about Lori…Cathy had a little dog and it had puppies..she gave one to Lori..he was the cutest little puppy, very little and very feisty and we thought she was perfect for Lori. I got a big cardboard toilet tissue box and made her bed in it and put it in the kitchen floor.

Now Lori was about 3 then and she was bad to wake up in the middle of the night and get into things…unless she  made a lot of noise I didn’t wake up..the first night we had the puppy  I woke up and the kitchen light was on so I got up to see what Lori was into, as I went by my dresser I noticed the drawer was open

…she was standing in the middle of the kitchen floor looking very guilty…she had make up all over her hands and pj’s…I looked around and saw that my NEW container of makeup and also my cleansing cream were in the floor…I looked over in the puppy’s box and there was no puppy there…

I asked Lori over and over where the puppy was and she just stood there…and one time she glanced toward the refrigerator…I thought oh no, she didn’t…well, folks, she did. She had gotten up and got my makeup and put it on the puppy..why I will Never know, and then she tried to get it off with cleansing cream and it just made her a greasy mess…so then she tries to wash it off..and she put her in the fridge to dry her…poor little puppy was so traumatized. I had to give her a bath and try to get all that mess off of her and get her dry and warm.  I wrapped her up in a blanket and put her back in her box. 

The next morning she will still wrapped up..I took her back to my sister and knew then Lori was to young to have a puppy..That poor little dog never got over that…she was never feisty again..

I finally have some new word art in the store..I’ve got several sets in Quality Control I’m hoping will be out soon,

This set is called Pot Luck


Pot Luck is a hodgepodge of subjects. Humor, love, inspiration, friendship to name a few. There are 15 individual png files all in 300 dpi. They can be re-colored and re-sized. 
Anyone of them will add a pop to your layouts. They can also be used for other craft projects. Its on sale for a few days for $ can find it here


Picnic Promenade in only $1.50, its part of the DSO Pick ur bits can find it Here

I made you a little freebie today. Since most of the children are back in school  I thought you might find a use for this.

lr-Back-to-School How do you like my new preview page?

You can find the word art HERE

Time to say goodbye for now..will see you again soon..take care.