Friday, January 30, 2009

January 2009-almost gone

Good Morning Folks

Time is sure flying by fast isn't it??? Have you accomplised any of your resolutions you made, or are you still working on them?  Well, I usually don't make any of those things because I know I won't do them?? However I did tell you I would try to Blog more and I think I've gotten a bit better about that..

Have any of you been hit by the terrible winter storms that have been wrecking havoc across the country? Last we heard Bunny and her family were iced in with no power or phone. I'm asking that you all say a special prayer for her and her family and for the others that are in this same situation. 

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you today..


Look at this little doll..this was done by her Grandmother Melanie O2BNGdHope credits here she used my Girl Power Word Art..thanks for the beautiful page it..


Another beauty from Jenni at Chaos Lounge..she also used Girl Power word art. Other credits here Thanks Jenni this is awesome..

And another awesome layout from Jen


These are her babies..and she used word art from Little Love Notes see other credits here just beautiful..I think we should crown Jenni cluster queen..


Here's one I played around with using papers from KimBs Heart Felt Kit. I also used elements from her new CU sets. and word art from my girl power set.

This one I made is for your freebie today..I made the frame and word art..paper and elements from Heart Felt kit by Kim B..




The frame and word art are in their own png file.. so you can use what you want. You can grab it here

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..hope the weather gets better for our snowed in and iced in friends..remember to say a prayer for them...put that smile on your face..keep looking up  and big much love Jazzy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Surprise - CT CALL

Hi There Everyone.

This is not  regular Blog post but rather a CT Call post

I have the most wonderful CT out all know how talented they are by the eye candy I show you.  They do layouts that make my word art shine.  I AM NOT REPLACING ANY OF THEM..we discussed this together and have decided to add a few new CT members.

The requirements are at least 2 pages with each new word art set (more if possible) post the pages to the DSO Gallery for Words to Delite and post to at least 1 (Hopefully more) other gallery. If you are already posting to several galleries that would be great.

When you complete your pages send to me via email along with the galleries you posted to.  In return you get all my  word art sets for free.

If you are interested  please email me and send me the links to the gallery (Galleries) you post to now.

Thanks for  reading..have a great day, wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesdays News

Good Morning Folks..

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday..

Mine is going pretty good so far..just finished a new set of word I have to make a preview and send it in to Quality Control..I will get that done after I blog...

My friend Omajo sent me this lovely Lemonade Award

Thanks for the award

I appreciate you thinking of me for this award and I will pass it along to 10 more..

I also made a few layouts this morning using my newest set of Word Art Girl Power


Kendra in one of her graduation pictures.

angel wings

Of course my little sweetheart Kaylen(she was loooking at her Nana)..I used Chic Shack by Chaos Lounge and  Bronwen van Esch I just love this beautiful new kit the sisters have out.

I have more eye candy from my awesome CT


This one is by Maggie Mae..its the other twin from yesterday, Christina  and she used Funky Love Lines


Another beautiful page and picture from Marion..she also used Funky Love Lines. Love the colors in this one..


Sue made this beauty..I love the mystical feeling it has..she used word art from my Dreams Bundle


Look at this beautiful page Sue made using Crops kit Rose Fest I just adore this the extraction is great and Sue used Girl Power Also..


Another awesome page by Sue..using Girl Power..


Jenni at Chaos Lounge made this beautiful page..she used KimBs new CU kits.. she also used Funky Love Lines

Thats all for today my friends..if you liked these beautiful pages please pop in and leave my team some love..and me some love to..just because...

For your freebie today I have these for you


You can get them here

Gotta go for have a great day, wear a big ole smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Again

Good Morning Everyone..

Well here we are Monday Morning and starting a new week.  Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was nice Angie and Gage came down yesteray, Dave wasn't feeling good and Zane doesn't like the long drive so he stayed home with his Dad.  Mother cooked lunch for us and it was soooo good, I ate till I was almost sick..she had meat loaf, green beans, home made cheese and macaroni, corn and iced tea and lemon pie for dessert.

Oh and another good thing happened....Josh and Kendra got busy cleaning up the they knew Angie would let them have it if it was messed up..they swept and mopped, washed dishes, put things away...they were like little bees buzzing around. 

To start off the week..I have more new word art in the store today.  Its called Girl Power here's a little preview


Girl Power is all about Girls..young and old. These fun funky grungy phrases will add pop to any of your layouts about those special girls. There are 20 individual png files each with the Word Girl or Girls as the Main word. All can be re-colored and re-sized and are done in 300 dpi for better print quality.

Funky Love Lines preview

I have gotten a lot of good feed back from this set..Funky Love Lines is a little different from most word art.

My sale is still on until Tuesday at 12 midnight..30 % off on my entire store, including the new word art sets..hope you have gotten in on the great bargins.

Oh and KimB has some great new CU things on sale too..take a look at them..


Don't you just love these feathers and the colors..Made with Love 3 is awesome. On sale now.


I love the colors in this one too..the detail on that lace is so real. Made with love 4 is also on sale.


Look Look Kim also gave us some Weed!! The beautiful kind that won't get you into trouble unless you scrap too much LOL..On sale also.

I tell you my CT went nuts over the weekend..I have so many beautiful pages I can't show them all today. But just look at some of them..


My friend from SBM scrappyaggie made this lovely page and sent it to me..she used some of the freebie word art from last week..Thanks gf this is awesome..keep sending them to to see what you do.

 classic-002-Bob-and-Dean-kisssing   O2BNGdHope made this beautiful page..oh I just LOVE it..this is her mom and dad and the picture was taken in 1943..She used Funky Love Lines.


Marion sent me this lovely page..she used a kit by Deana Smith (Moonbeam at SBM) and WA from funky love lines..They are such a handsome couple and always look so happy. Thanks Marion

funky love for web

PK Doll made this one..I love it and I love those the layers of paper..she used Funky Love Lines also..thanks Paula awesome page.


Maggie Mae did this one of her GD Sarah..she has a twin sister and I will show you her page the colors in this one and the word art is from Funky Love Lines..thanks Julie wonderful page..

Our WeddingRS

Just look at this beauty..this is none other than our own were a beautiful bride and a very handsome couple..I love the page and I love the way you changed the color of the word art..also from Funky Love Lines.  thanks crops this is awesome..I heard something about a new QP from Crops so check her blog later on.


Sue sent me this one...I love the simplicity of this page and the colors turned out beautiful..I like the word art she chose to go with it..more from Funky Love Lines.

I have more of these beautiful pages but will save them for next time.

Since its getting closer to Valentines Day I made you a little something different in word art today..

Little Tags Preview

Hope you like these 10 little valentine tags for your pages.  I included a staple and a stitch for attaching them if you would like to use.  Thanks KimB for letting me "Lift" those  lol. If you would like to have these here is the link. 

Thanks everyone for dropping in today..leave some love if you like the little tags and give the girls some love for their beautiful pages

Remember to smile today, Keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello all..well this week has passed's already Friday and I have lots of new stuff to show you today but first I wanted to thank you for the comments on my blog about President Obama.  They meant a lot to me and I am so happy you share my feelings.

Don't forget my big sale..will be going on thru Jan. 27th..


EVERYTHING is my store is on sale, including my new word art sets so drop by and browse

I have another new kit in the store this week..its called Funky Love Lines 

Funky Love Lines preview

Funky Love Lines are grungy, staggerd, lines of love words. Great for those Valentine Layouts coming up, or for any layout where you need a bit of love. There are 20 individual png files that can easily be resized and recolored. All are done in 300 dpi for better  30% off now.

I also have Humor Fest new in the store

Every wanted just a funny off the wall saying for a layout? Well, thats exactly what these 20 word art phrases are.All on individual png files.They can easily be recolored and resized to fit your needs. They can be used for cards or other craft projects.They are also done in 300 dpi for better print quality. Also on sale for 30% off.

Kim has 2 new CU kits out..they are so pretty and perfect for all you Valentine Layouts..


Made with Love CU 1


Made with Love CU 2 

My friend Jenni at Chaos Lounge and her sister Bronwyn Van Esch have a beautiful new collab kit out called Chick Shack


This kit is HUGE and just beautiful..Here's a page I made with it and using my new word art Funky Love Lines

Perfect LoveRS

This is my daughter Angie and her husband Dave a few years ago.  They are still that happy today.

Here is another layout I made using Kims Hearty Tarty kit

Precious LoveRS

Guess you know who this me and my sweetie Kaylen..I used word art from Funky Love can see it works just as well on a layout like this as it did on the layout of Angie and Dave..thats why I like them so much.

My CT have been on the ball too..they have sent me some beautiful eye candy for you..

Brooke 01-10-09RS

Crops sent me this beauty she used word art from All About Kids, she also used Kims Hearty Tarty Kit She has this as a QP  Freebie on her Blog sac_Big-Sisters-000-Page-1

Sue sent me this one..I just love it..she used word art from Humor Fest.

you can't scare me copy

PK Doll made this cutie page those pictures are so adorable..Paula has been sick for awhile but is feeling better now..great to have you back my friend..She also used Humor Fest.. and Kims Hearty Tarty.


Marion made this beauty and she also used All About Kids the colors in this one..thanks Marion..

Now let me think what else do I have to show you today...guess your getting tired of sitting here by now!!!

I only have one more ..

Special Love Preview

Its a QP of my layout of Angie and can get it here if you like and I hope you will enjoy it.

I guess that's all for today..Hope everyone has a safe and good weekend..remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy


EVERYTHING is my store is on sale, including my new word art sets so drop by and browse

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Good Morning Everyone.

Did you watch the Inauguration Ceremonies of President Obama?  I sat glued to the TV all day and into the night..I didn't want to miss a minute of all that history. I am a patriotic person. My dad instilled in us to love our country and our Flag. I get tears in my eyes when I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag or hear God Bless America.

As I watched I thought about growing up in a segregated United States. I can remember white only signs on senior class was the first integrated one in our cities history.  I remember well the freedom marches, and the horrors endured by a race of people who just wanted to be free.

I thought about all the lives that have been lost fighting for  freedom and equality for everyone.  It made me very proud  to know that I am a citizen of a country that gives you the freedom to dream and to know that if you want something bad enough you can make your dream a reality.

That's what we saw yesterday as the first African American was sworn in as President of the United States of America.  I know there are some who are still prejudiced and can't accept a black man as our President, to them I would say look past the color and only see the MAN, who I believe, can bring about the changes we so need in our country.  

I hope we will all join together in our prayers for our President and for our Country, for our congressmen and women and our senators and law makers...May they all work together for one common good for all Americans, and that God will truly Bless America.


Just a page I made to celebrate new beginnings.

Don't forget my Inauguration Week Sale


My new word art set Humor Fest is on sale for 30 % off.

KimB's new kit Hearty Tarty is on sale also and its a beautiful kit you all need for your Valentine Layouts.

Kim also has two new CU kits in the store today


CU kit 1 Made with love and

CU kit 2 Made with love2 both of these are on sale for 25% off the first week.

Have to show you this beautiful page made by Renee


Renee this is truly awesome..she used my Tiny Love Notes word art. On sale now for 30% off.

And yes, I did get you a freebie made for today..since I was in such a patriotic mood yesterday I made these for you.


I hope you like and can find a use for them on your pages.

I better go now I hear my sweet Kaylen talking to herself..I love to watch her when she is waking up and when she finally sees me ,that big beautiful smile I get from her.  Hope you all have a great day, don't forget to smile at someone today, you don't know how it may change their life..keep looking up and big much love Jazzy