Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Surprise - CT CALL

Hi There Everyone.

This is not  regular Blog post but rather a CT Call post

I have the most wonderful CT out all know how talented they are by the eye candy I show you.  They do layouts that make my word art shine.  I AM NOT REPLACING ANY OF THEM..we discussed this together and have decided to add a few new CT members.

The requirements are at least 2 pages with each new word art set (more if possible) post the pages to the DSO Gallery for Words to Delite and post to at least 1 (Hopefully more) other gallery. If you are already posting to several galleries that would be great.

When you complete your pages send to me via email along with the galleries you posted to.  In return you get all my  word art sets for free.

If you are interested  please email me and send me the links to the gallery (Galleries) you post to now.

Thanks for  reading..have a great day, wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.