Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello everyone, didn’t expect to find me here did ya…Angie had a WONDERFUL baby shower on Sunday the 22nd, Miss Macy will outgrow clothes before she even gets to wear them..I have never seen so many presents..I swear she opened gifts for 3 hours LOL..was so happy I got to be there.

They went on Wednesday the 25th for the sonogram…Macy is fine, she has a big  if Angie doesn’t have her before, they are going to induce labor on the 7th…which happens to be Chases birthday…Kaylen was born on Angie’s BD..  Angie hasn’t been having anymore contractions on  I decided to come home for a few days to take care of some unfinished business, I left all my things there so if I have to I can jump in the car and take off..The boys were disappointed that I left..that made me feel good..

Well you know what the day is…September 1st and good things happen on the 1st at DSO…just wanted to tell you about a couple..

First its a new challenge..mine is the Altered Photo Challenge. It’s a very easy challenge and if you take it I have this posting bonus for you.


I got into the Halloween spirit early. I thought you could add these to your Halloween layouts.. Go HERE to take my challenge

There is also I new Pick ur bits kit out today…its called Nautical’s a preview of some of the parts..


All of the parts can be found HERE

Better say so long for now..Angie has a doctors appointment this morning so I may be leaving sooner than planned…