Friday, December 19, 2008

Trees Up!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone..hope you weekend is off to a good start.  Its raining here AGAIN today..its rained almost everyday this week and the temperatures have been mild not December weather at all.  I am going with mother today to finish her shopping..I thought she was through but she has found a few more gifts she needs to mother won't spend one penny more on one than she does on the others..when my kids were little they counted the presents.. heck they didn't care what they cost they thought if one of the other kids had more gifts in their pile they got left out on something...LOL

This will be the first Christmas that Angie has been home since 1999..and the very 1st Gage, Zane and Dave have been here.  I am so thankful Angie is here.. our 1st without Lori and Andrew so please say a prayer for us thru the Holidays and for all the others who have loved ones missing this Christmas.

Josh put the tree up yesterday..I told you we borrowed a tree from mother, a 6ft fiber optic tree..skinny and not too pretty but its got some lights to it LOL...Josh called me and had me come in the LR and he had it put together..I made him put on some Christmas music and we put the ornaments on it..he made some pictures of the poor little thing..I'm almost embarrassed to show them after all the beautiful ones I have seen from you...but here goes

Misc pics 049

Misc pics 044

Misc pics 048

They are not good pictures at all..don't know what was wrong  but there it is..our little tree! Kaylen will be here this weekend and I know she will love watching the colors change.  Can't wait to see the little stinker...I miss her more every time  she leaves oh and on the camera I found some pictures I forgot we had made of her...I have to share a few of them..

Misc pics 009

Talkin to her Nana!

Misc pics 011

Misc pics 029

Carma, our pit bull is guarding her but she got cut out of the picture..

Misc pics 030

I was on the couch and she was talking to me again...ohh I just wanna squeeze her she's so precious LOL

Misc pics 042

Misc pics 040  Misc pics 006

I have a bunch more on here and all of her expressions are different..think I'm going to do a brag book of all of them..they make me wonder just what the heck she is thinking LOL

I have some pretty eye candy to show you today...


Marion sent me this every thing about it..she used my new word art Follow the Lines-Grandpa I really like the look of this new can make it tiny or you can enlarge it..recolor it..and it looks great the way Marion has used it..Had to toot my horn a little I guess..LOL


Look at this Christmas Beauty and I am thinking that is Marion and Baby James, their miracle baby..she used Follow the Lines-Grandma

and here's one I made using KimBs Time Anew Kit


Another of Kendras graduation pictures..I used a Bleach filter on it and word art from Celebrate 2009 that will be in my store soon..

After comments I got on Wednesdays freebie and more endearments for Grandmother..I made some more..just like the others just using Granny, MaMaw, Meme, and Mema

NEW PREVIEW Hope you like!

Well everyone..I guess you are tired by now and I've got to get on with things so I can go with my mom this morning.

Hope you all have great weekends..this is the last one before what a mess the stores are going to be..YUCK!

Wear that big smile today and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy