Friday, December 11, 2009


Good Friday Morning Everyone…

The first thing I want to talk about is my last set of Word Art, A Christmas Song. One of my CT discovered a spelling mistake on one of the phrases, #1, divine was spelled devine..that got thru about 3 people and none of us caught it..If you have purchased that set, please send me an email at and include the date of purchase and your invoice number…I will immediately send you a link to get the corrected set..I do apologize for matter how hard we try to have everything perfect when it goes in the store, we are all only human and sometime those little things get past us.

I opened the door early this morning to let Gemma out and Wow was it cold out there..needless to say my little “loves to roam” fur baby didn’t tarry I thought I heard the word “SNOW” on the 10:00 news last night but I didn’t catch all of it..Probably not for here, we never get snow anymore..and I love friend Betty loved it too and if we ever got a prediction for the white stuff she and I would sit up all night waiting for it..we would talk back and forth on the phone asking each other what we thought it was going to do..just like silly kids hoping to get a day out of school..LOL

I have had Kaylen since Wednesday, it’s the first time in awhile she has been here to stay for any length of time..I have really enjoyed her…but she is growing up to fast and is losing her baby looks..and she is into more now than last time, she has learned how to crawl up on the couch and chairs and how to get out of bed…I was in the computer room yesterday morning and I heard this little voice from the doorway, Hey Nana..she was all sleepy eyed and her hair was all over her head and she had the biggest smile on her little face.. I wish I could have gotten her picture..

I’ve been so out of pocket lately that I don’t really know what is going on in the digi world..If you haven’t heard already, DSO will be going thru some major changes starting Jan.1st..If you keep up with the monthly challenges, you have noticed we have already implicated one of those changes..we won’t be having a forum but will have a DSO Challenge Blog..its the same basically, you just post you information to the blog rather than the post your layout in the gallery as always..

If you haven’t tried it yet, just go to the forum and read  the information in the challenge you chose and you will be on your’s very easy, even I managed to get it..LOL

Here is a preview of my latest word art..A Christmas Song,


A Christmas Song is a collection the best loved carols, plus traditional songs. The names are the standout words, with words of the song being in smaller letters. In the Christmas colors of Red, White, Wine, Green, and Gold these can be used with almost any elements you choose. Each phrase is on it's own png file. The songs are also done in white shadowed velum so you will be getting a total of 40!! The colors can be changed and they can be resized. They are done in 300ppi for better print quality. 
These can also be used for your Christmas cards and other craft projects. A Christmas Song is a must have for you Christmas word art collection.

You can find it here

Well, Miss Kim has done it her new kit is in the store today and it’s truly awesome as always, here’s a little peek..


Kit Contains.
13 JPG 12x12 papers
55 Elements, and 1 full Alpha- upper,lower,numerals and common punctuation's.

It was designed for your New Years layouts, but it can be used for’s really beautiful..I am doing coordinating word art which will be in the store the first of the week..I am so behind I wasn’t finished in time to get it in the store at the same time..I think you are going to like it..

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you today from my talented CT using A Christmas Song…but first a layout that my friend Sharon (Scrapcat4914) made using Kim’s Christmas First Kit and my Christmas First Word Art..

Scrapcat4914Derrick Christmas First KimB

I think this is just beautiful..I love all the snow and how she fixed the elements to look like a train..thanks Sharon for purchasing my word art and for showing the layout on your blog..I love seeing what everyone does with my designs and hope you will all send them to me or post them in my gallery at DSO.

Here’s a layout made by O2BNGdHope


Folks, look at that awesome photo, it looks like a Christmas Card …those are 3 of her GC..this layout is just beautiful Melanie..thank you.

From Lainey


I love this’s the story of Christmas and so Child like and after all, children make Christmas…Lainey’s own crèche  is on the shelf behind her has a lot of special meaning for her.

This one is from crlin

Oh Holy Night 600x600 copy

Another of those special children’s Christmas story layouts..I just love it..and the word art goes so good with the theme..

and here’s one that I made

A Lot Like ChristmasRS

Kaylen got into a box that had old pictures in it and I found  these that I always loved I had to scrap this’s Angie and Josh made in 1989..

These next two are from Chaos Lounge


She used I Thee Wed for this beauty..and a kit by her sister Days gone by: Bonnie van Esch Designs


She used Funky Love Lines on this one..

I’m sorry I haven’t got anything for you today, things have just been hectic but I will have you something next week..

It’s time to say goodbye for today, Kaylen will be awake anytime now and I still have lots to do..hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe…