Thursday, November 4, 2010


Good Morning Everyone

It’s raining here this morning and chilly…about time for some fall weather..

Our little Macy is not feeling good, she has fluid in her ears and a terrible head cold, she can’t sleep laying down so Angie has been sitting up with her to sleep. The doctor said it could be the beginning of the RSV virus. I hope and pray not.. Oh, how I remember those days when Angie was a baby and plagued with bad ear infections. I didn’t have a rocker but my kitchen chairs bounced so I sat up in the chair and we slept.  When my granddaddy found that out, he and my mom brought me one of my Granny’s antique rockers and gave it to me..I was so proud of that chair. We had to have tubes put in her ears when she was just a baby.  Gage inherited them also, he had tubes when he was a year old.

Kaylen spent the night with me a week or so ago..oh is she a talker and she LOVES and I mean LOVES the Sprout Network, that is a channel that shows only children’s programs like Sesame Street, The Wiggles, Barney, Thomas the Train and so stays on 24-7 and she wants to watch it ALL the time..she is so cute watching it, she claps, and dances, points, jumps, but once you have it on the channel, she will say “give me da remote” lol she wants to have it so you can’t change the channel, and if you start to she says “NO NANA NO NANA” if you change it she cries like her heart will break..They are not letting her watch it so much and making her play and do other things. 

Jaxon is such a beautiful little boy, he has a head full of curly hair, it’s just in ringlets..he is all boy for sure and into EVERYTHING..I told Josh he was going to pay for his raising with His favorite thing to do is mess with my oxygen concentrator, he knows he is going to get in trouble, but he just looks at you and dares you to get on to him…then he goes to the bookcase and takes the tops off of some old vases, looking at you as he does it, knowing he’s going to get in trouble for that too…he will say no, no, no…he can say Nana when he wants to and bye..he loves to patty cake.

I sure miss Gage and Zane too..while I was there, they would come up out of the blue with hugs and telling me they love me…ok ok, I could talk about my GK forever but I have important things to show you and tell you…

October 31st was the last day our stores were at was sad seeing them go away.  My new store at Digitals opened on November 1st and seems to be doing well…I have some new products I want to show you.


These cute little goblins want to decorate your Halloween layouts.


These word art clusters will give your Thanksgiving layouts that wow factor we all want on our pages..


Thinking about how blessed I am was the inspiration for these word art clusters..God is so Good..



I got so carried away and having so much fun making these, I ended up with 2 full sets. I just love word art clusters, can you tell???

here is a layout I made using My Baby Boy set 2.


My GGS thus the title..great grand children are grand! The stitching, flowers, rope and hearts are from Kim’Bs Designs Sweet Ruthie kit..the frame is from Mandels and I made the papers…

I have some more layouts to show you from Lainey and pkDoll but I am having technical difficulties with the Digitals site, I can’t get past the home page right now…it may just be I also don’t have the links to my store and the new products to give you. They won’t be hard to find though…just click my my name in the designer list and you will go right to the store.

All of my older Fall and Thanksgiving sets and all of my Christmas sets are also in my store…working on new Christmas sets now.

Ok gang, better say bye for now…would you believe I did not realize yesterday was the mind is really I have to get out in the rain today and pay some bills and do some grocery shopping.YUCK!