Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pulling My Hair Out

Good Morning Everyone..

This is going to be a short post today.  I've been having computer programs all weekend.  you know those annoying things that popup all the time telling you your computer has spyware and their program has done a scan of your computer and you should click on the download button to get rid of them...well-someone named grandson#1 or grandson#2 clicked the button...it was called Antivirus 2009 there is also one called Antivirus 2008...apparently my installed software didn't recognize that one!!!

I had to do a complete restore and  lost a lot of things that I didn't have backed up. To get to the important thing....

I goofed on my Heritage Cards and let 2 mistakes slip by before they got to the store.. I have them corrected and they should be back in the store this week..I am getting a list of everyone that purchased the set and will send you a link to get the corrected ones..or you can email me at wordstodelite@gmail.com and send me your order number and receipt number and I will email you the link that way.

I am just so so sorry about this and assure you it wont happen again..I appreciate all of you that buy my word art and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I must go now and work on my computer and try to get it back in useable shape..you know how that goes...don't forget to wear that smile (even on days like today lol) keep looking up and big much love.  Jazzy

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainy Day-Sad Day

Good Thursday Morning everyone...its raining here this am..rained off and on all day on Wednesday..and a sad day..My grandsons's are going home today...their Mom, (Angie) got here last night to spend the night and take them home today..Gage cried and cried last night because he doesn't want to go home..guess Nana spoiled him to much and now it makes me feel bad..he was telling her all the things he got to do here he doesn't get to do at home..I had been trying to tell him all week those things were "special going to Nanas house things" and the were special because he only got to do them at Nanas..didn't work..I told him if he lived with me all the time he would have to do things just like he did at home..that didn't work either..he still wants to stay with me..he went to bed crying and it broke my heart..I just hope he doesn't cry when he leaves and get his mom (and me)  all upset..I think Zane is glad to go home..I didn't baby him and give him his way all the time like his dad does..but all in all it was a great trip.. The first time they ever got to stay with me alone..I am so thrilled they moved to Alabama!! I'm just not used to little boys anymore and I think I've gotten to used to living alone..LOL

Boy I have lots of things to show you today..I have a new kit in the store called Heritage Cards..something a bit different but I really like the way they turned out...they are made to coordinate with KimB's Designs By Gone Gents kit but they also work well with other kits and papers.

Heritage Cards Bundle copy

Here's a few layouts done with them


Paula did this one..I think it is just beautiful she used Kim's kit for hers

 John wagnon and others

Here is one I made using ByGone Gents and my WA Card and a beautiful frame from NA that's all that I have to offer as credit..this is a picture of my great grandfather John Wagnon.

treasured memories copy

I also made this one to show you how well the cards go with other kits..this beautiful kit is called Ambient Moments and its by Boo Silva (BooLandDesigns) I changed the color of the ribbon.

john wagnon copy

This is another I made..Heritage Pages are my very favorite to scrap..I used Kims kit BirthdayBash Blue..it was a part of a  kit made by the designers at DSO as a birthday gift to our friends and another card from the Heritage Card Bundle

You can find this set of 20 word arts on their own transparent png file 300 dpi..and on sale now..you can find them Here

I have more beautiful pages to show you..


My friend Kim sent me this awesome layout..its her Kitty Roxy, she used a new kit by Bonnie Van Esch's called Bird on a Wire and word art from my Here Kitty word art set..


Marion sent me this precious layout of their miracle baby James..she used Kims kit Precious Angel Memories-Blue  and my  Sweet Baby word art set

My friend Jenni at Chaos Lounge has a beautiful new kit out in her store called Rainy Day Blues and its a beauty..here's a little preview


It just so happened that it rained yesterday and I got some cute shots of the boys playing in the drizzle..

Singing in the rain

This kit and picture made me think of that old Gene Kelly movie where he sang Singing in the Rain..I had to put some of the lyrics here..seemed just perfect..I know some of you are too young to remember this old black and white move lol but maybe you have heard the song..

Jen has this beautiful freebie for you on her blog

I made you a little freebie also using this beautiful layered edge..

Rainy Day Blues freebie

If you would like to have this QP just click here and be sure to check out Jens kit at her store

Don't forget to drop by the DSO Blog and pick up your treat for today

If you like my New Heritage Cards drop by today and pick them up while they are on sale.

Ummm lets see, did I forget any more reminders LOL..oh yes just one..

The DSO Challenges for this month..mine is the photo op challenge be sure and visit and have some fun and also get some awesome posting gifts from the designers.

Thanks for looking today friends...hope you all a great day..wear a big ole smile today and remember to keep looking up..pray for your friends..we don't know who may need a special one today..and big much love Jazzy

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grandchildren---What A Treat

Hello.. Hope everyone is having a great day...and that you had a great weekend...I have had the time of my life since Friday...Angie brought Gage and Zane down to spend part of the week with me..its their fall break..and Josh got to get our precious Kaylen..I've got kids hanging on pegs...LOL..Josh, Chase, Gage, Zane and Kaylen..all my grandchildren and great granddaughter..what fun I have had...but I sure am tired..LOL..I've also got miss Kaylen spoiled..no kidding I have, didn't take me long to do that..she doesn't like to be laid down anymore..unless she is asleep...she thinks you should be holding her I'm sitting here now listening to her fuss...she sure wants out of that crib...lol oh what have I done!!!...

I just have to show you a couple of layouts I did of the kids..

grandmothers heart

This is a picture Angie made when Kaylen was staying with her for the weekend..I think its so precious..and I love that smile on their faces..the boys just love her to death..Gage loves to feed her and burp her..have to watch him though..he thinks he is grown and likes to carry her around..it drives him nuts for her to whimper..he wants me to get her immediately and if I don't he grabs her up.. I used a freebie from Chaos Lounge for this one.

always and forever copy

Some of my favorite pictures of Kaylen...I used vines and flowers, glitter border from Chaos Lounge not sure where the paper came from..the white crochet blanket she is laying on is what I made for Gage when he was born..never thought about my great grandchildren using it...

Ok guess I have bragged enough for one day...on to some more goodies..

Have you gone Trick or Treating at the DSO Blog.. a new treat everyday for the month of October and a special treat on Halloween..be sure you check it out..don't know how long each one will stay for download.  These treats are non fatting so you can grab them all...they made add a bit to your hard drive..LOL

October Challenges are up again at DSO..don't forget to visit my Photo Op Challenge..while you are there be sure and check out all the other challenges..lots of interesting going on's and some beautiful posting gifts from the host designer.. here's the one for my Photo Op Challenge


I have some great new pages from my CT..


This beautiful layout was done by  O2BNGdHope love the photo effect she used on her eyes..she used word art from the Sweet Baby set.


This spooky Halloween page was also done by O2BNGdHope..this is the house she grew up in and she sure made it look spooky didn't she..she used word art from my new Halloween Haunts set..great job..


This beauty was done by Crops2Dawn who has a new blog..be sure you check it out..she has a beautiful new freebie for you..she used KimB's Designs Precious Angel kit (Pink) and word art from my Sweet Baby set...wonderful job Croppie..

Michigan-2008-000-Autumn-Leaves I


I just love the colors in the picture and the word art Maggie Mae chose is perfect for this beautiful layout..it is from the Autumn Splendor set.

I have more but will save them for another day..

Since I have been having such a great time being a "Nana" these past few days, thought I would give you some word art to go along with the theme of todays blog..hope you enjoy them


you can get them here

So until another day, put a big smile on your face, keep looking up..and big much love Jazzy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time to go Trick or Treating

Hello All...Hope all is well with everyone today..I'm feeling much better . I have a lot to tell you about today and some beautiful layouts from my ct to show you.

It is finally OCTOBER! For those of us who LOVE Halloween, this is a holiday to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG!!!! Well here at DSO we LOVE Halloween, so we are celebrating all month… and you get the goodies!!!!! We are going to do a little trick or treating for all you scrappers!! The designers at DSO have each taken days this month to give you a little treat here on the DSO blog! Yep… that is right… a freebie EVERY DAY until Halloween! YEEHAW!!! It is like trick or treating for scraping addicts!  And the big surprise will come ON HALLOWEEN, so make sure to be here that day!!

This will be such a fun month! Goodies EVERYDAY!! It’s more like Christmas than Halloween!   Everybody say TRICK OR TREAT… then grab up your first DL for the month HERE. There are already 2 free treats so hurry on over to pick them up.

October also means new challenges at DSO..I'm doing my photo op challenge again..just make you layout and alter the photo or photo(s) you use is some way.  You will receive this as your posting bonus..


To me October is full of football games and I know lots of you have children or grandchildren that play..hope these will come in handy for you when you are doing special layouts.

Don't forget the 2 new Word Art Sets that in the store now..



These are still on sale .

I have some more great layouts to show you now..


Marion and her hubby on deck of the ship they took to Alaska..beautiful picture she used for her background..she used Wordart from my Vacation Set.


Another beauty by Marion..love the colors in this one..she used wordart from Fall Splendor.


Maggie Mae did this one and she used word art from the New Halloween Set. This is so cute..love it.


Maggie Mae also made this one..and she used several of the wordarts and titles from the new sets. Love that smiling Jack O Lantern.

pjk-Hauntingly fun copy

PKDoll did this spooky layout..I love it..she used word art from the Halloween set and also the title is from the Title set.


I made this one..its Gage and a friend... spooky little goblins...I used word art from the Halloween Set and also the Title is from the Title Set.

That's about it for today..remember DSO Trick or Treating, Please check out my Photo Op Challenge this month...make a layout and make me look good..LOL and and and check out my store for the new goodies and old ones too!!

Ok I've got a something a bit different for you today..I hope you will like it..


OddsN Ends

These are all little things I have made and hope you can use them..my first grab bag LOL

You can get it here

Until I see you again, remember to smile that big ole smile, keep looking up, and big much love Jazzy