Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Propping My Eyes Open

Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

I just love "Cold Case", do you night owls know lots of nights TNT has past shows on till 5 AM?  Well last night was one of them..I went to bed early but woke up with pains in my arms, my knees, my hands, you name, and it was hurting hehehe (old age) I can't just lay in the bed when that happens so I get up.  Last night Josh was spending the night and he was watching it, so I sat down for a minute and got interested and well-at 5am I was still interested..I thought when I laid down I would go back to sleep but no- not this time. I went back to bed at 5 but wasn't sleepy so I got up again and I've been here since then. Now I am getting sleepy.Go figure LOL.

Its quiet here this morning. Josh left early..He cooked pancakes again sometime last night before I woke do I know..well of course  he left the skillet on the stove and the plate on the cabinet, the batter he had left was sitting in the bowl getting thick and hard, the syrup and box of  mix were on the bar. I have fussed so much about them being so messy and leaving the dishes for me...looks like they would learn doesn't it..but no-they are too lazy...speaking of lazy..I think I'm getting worse at it..I did get the laundry caught up yesterday, but today I hear the vacuum calling me..hehehe  I think I'm going to ignore it for awhile and take a nap..but I will do it later..

I have lots to show you today.

I just love making Heritage layouts, I just have tons of old old pictures. I made some layouts last week with a  Beautiful new Heritage Kit from Justblinc

forgetme nots RS 

This is my Granny's sister and her husband made in 1927. 


This is my uncle (in the picture above) with his niece..I just noticed I got the names wrong on this one..will have to change that. The word art is mine as is the heart and flowers.The name of this collection is Family Ties.  If you like to do Heritage layouts then you must have this one..oh and its on sale until August 8th, that's Friday.  Drop in Justblinc to will be glad you did!

I made some more pages using KimB'S Designs Just Because kit and my wordart.


This is my niece Sarah Grace made a few weeks ago..She was in the emergency room but look what she is doing...LOL text messaging..OHH Teenagers..can't live with them can't live without them..I made the frame and the word art..The vine is from Jenni's  cu collection



I "twiked " this a little bit LOL..I used a pink layer over Kims paper layer then changed the opacity then did a blending on it..I added the leaves and bow also from the kit..The  little girl is Kelsey Kaylin's big sister..she is only 22 months old..she's a doll and so sweet and minds so good..we were in the waiting room waiting for miss Kaylin. This is also from Kims Just Because kit

I have a little something for you..the frame in the above picture was one I was experimenting with.  I made the word art separate so you can place it wherever you want. My mom just called and I have to go to the bank with her so I better comb my hair and put on my shoes..she will be blowing and blowing again if I don't get out the door on the first  Smile and keep looking up, until I see you again Big Much Love Jazzy.

OOPS almost forgot this..!!