Friday, November 20, 2009


Good Friday Morning one and all..have you got a big one planned?

The new Twilight Move started this morning at 12:00 am to sold out theaters and people standing in LONG LONG lines to see the movie..Andrea, (DSO Designer) got her tickets over a month ago and waited in line for 6 hrs in order to get a good seat…WOW those books must be something else, I am going to read them when I go to my daughters..

Friends, please say a prayer for my mom…she is not doing well, she had lab work done and it showed kidney failure in her blood work..she goes to her regular doctor this afternoon and I’m hoping he puts her in the hospital to find out what is going on..she stays in bed most of the time now.

Also say a prayer for my GS Josh, he got layed off on Wednesday and so needs to find a job Now..they just got moved into their house and things were starting to look up for them..and for my GS Chase he has been out of work for a long time and is also trying to find a job.  I know there are thousands out there in the same situation we need to say a prayer for…and we should all be Thankful for what we have, we are blessed.

Today I want to show you my new word art in the store now..


It's A Boy was inspired by my new GGS. I wanted word art to express my feelings for him in my own pages. I'm sharing these with you..there are 20 black expression and 5 done in white shadowed vellum. There are lullabies, love poems, phrases that come from the heart..and show your love for the baby boy in your life. These can be re-colored and resized and are done in 300 dpi. As always, each done in individual ping format. Can be used for cards and other craft projects. IT'S A BOY is a must have for your word art collection. you can find it HERE

Here’s a page I made with it..

Dear Baby Boy2

I used a kit by Chaos Lounge called Forever Young, paper is one of KimB’s texture overlays.


Christmas First is still on sale here

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you this morn..

From Renee







Thanks ladies, these are all Gorgeous..they all used Christmas First Word Art and Christmas First Kit by KimB’s

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend…stay safe..