Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Good Morning Everyone..I seem to be late intentions are to get my blog posted first thing and darn I'm always behind for some reason or another. I was reading some blogs earlier and one was about traditions.

That got me to thinking about Thanksgiving traditions and realized my family doesn't have one..We used to but down thru the years it changed..

When my Grandmother was alive she cooked Thanksgiving Dinner every year.  She cooked so much would have thought she was going to feed an army instead of 6!!! She always had Turkey and Dressing and one other kind of meat..fried chicken, or roast usually. Then she cooked at least 2 of each of our favorites..mine was fried okra and creamed corn.We always had some kind of congealed salad, green salad, cranberry sauce, and giblet gravy to go with everything else.

Granny always cooked deserts..pies and cakes but by that time we were all so full we had to force down a dessert LOL..I loved to spend the night before Thanksgiving with them.  We went to Thanksgiving Services at Church.  When we got home Granny would change her dress and get out her apron and one for me and we would start cooking...cornbread for the dressing the next day, making the congealed salad..and some of the desserts. My granddad would go to bed by 9 and we stayed up late..The next morning we got up early and my granddaddy and I would watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.I so remember those days and wish I could have just one Thanksgiving back.

After Granny passed away my mother started cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for everyone..eventually it got down to me, Lori Mother and Daddy for dinner..Cathy had moved away, the boys always went to their other grandmothers.

After my dad died mother cooked a few years and then the 3 of us started going out to eat.  I cooked several years but never established any kind of tradition.

This year Angie and her family are here and she is coming down the day after Thanksgiving and is going to cook lunch for us at my moms house..sounds like a fun day and I'm looking forward to it.

It sure would be nice of some of you would share your thanksgiving traditions with us.

Just a few reminders then some eye candy...

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So until we meet again..wear that big smile, keep looking up and big much love..Jazz