Thursday, September 10, 2009

I LOST A DAY!!!! Where is Wednesday ???

Good Morning Everyone..

well, somehow I lost Wednesday..I got ready to Blog today and to my surprise its Thursday!!! How did I lose Wednesday??? LOL..must be because Chase has been here since last Friday...I've enjoyed him being here but he hasn't changed a bit since he moved out...still as MESSEY as ever..One thing has changed though, his eating habits..he only wants ham sandwiches...just get him about 10 lbs of sliced ham and several loafs of bread and some Bama mayonnaise and he is happy..he has new habits too..well not exactly new but different..he plays his xbox 360 on line and he has a mic to talk to the people he plays with, oh man, so much talking and yelling and a few curse words now and then, that goes on in here..he has a router so we can both be on line at the same time..he gets on my nerves so bad sometimes I just have to get up and go to the

My sister cooked him a Birthday dinner on Sunday.. she asked him what he wanted and he said a bowl of cheese and macaroni that he can eat on for days, and a broccoli that's what he got, plus green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, tea, and chocolate ham sandwiches that day LOL..Josh and Kendra came over with Kaylen and Jaxon..we had a good, just wish Angie and her family could have been with us..Chase and I went over on Monday and ate leftovers...

Oh I have to tell you this story...Mother and Cathy have a family of little mice that have moved in..(Mother calls them RATS) They have put out little boxes of poison and they walk around them, they bought that sticky tape stuff thats supposed to catch them but they get around it also..well the other morning Cathy was going to wash some clothes, she always turns the water on before she opens the top, she bent down to get the clothes and when she turned around a little mouse was treading water in the washer.

Being kind hearted she couldn't let him she got a couple of plastic grocery bags and put her hand it them and picked him up, she then held her arm out in front of her,as far as it would go, and took him 3 houses down the street and turned him loose...I'm sure the neighbors appreciated that!!

I have a story to tell on myself too...I was getting up from the computer yesterday and the chair rolled out from under me, and WHOP I hit the floor flat on my back and cracked my head.  I couldn't raise up so I was screaming for Chase to help me..however, Chase had stayed up till about 5 am playing games and was dead to the world asleep..I finally got him in here and he said, Nana why are you laying in the floor, what's the matter with you...I said, Chase just please come and pull me up and go get me tylenol ...LOL..later he said Nana I had to watch myself to keep from from laughing out loud when I found out you were ok..but you did look funny in the floor...KIDS, even grown ones...LOL

I thought I would reveal what's in my PUBag so you can see if you would like to have it while they are still on sale..






All this for only $3.00 if you want to purchase it today before the sale is over..then they will each go to regular price.

Folks I use a roller ball mouse...and something is wrong with my index finger on my right hand...its jerking to the left and messing me up when I type or work..I had planned to show you some eye candy but I think I'm going to wait until Tomorrow to do that because ot seems to be getting worse..anyone know what that is called...???

I have you a little freebie I made the other day..I discovered a designer the other day when she had a $1 sale..and I used one of her kits to make this frame..(with her permission)

Border Cluster Frame Preview

You can find this border cluster frame  and Word Art here

You can also visit her blog

well, there goes my finger sliding across the page..LOL we will talk tomorrow and see eye candy..have a great day..