Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and New Goodies

Good Wednesday morning to you all..

I'm taking the weekend off so this will be my last post until Monday.  I imagine a lot of you here in the states are already starting to prepare for Thanksgiving..I think my friend Carol (Crops2dawn) is knee high in potatoes since she is fixing 25 lbs of twice cooked potatoes for her family dinner tomorrow..oh and she won the war...they are having the traditional dinner instead of Clams..LOL

It will be a quiet day here tomorrow..The boys are going to their dads for lunch and my cousin is taking my mom and I out to eat.  Angie and her family are coming down Friday for the weekend.  We will be at my Moms Saturday for Thanksgiving and we are having finger foods.. all kinds of goodies.. and we are all watching the big game..Auburn vs Alabama..the BIGGEST GAME of the year for most people in Alabama and a lot of other places too!

It should be a loud fun day and a sad one for some, joyous for others..Auburn has a 6 year winning streak going but our season has not been a good one...Alabama is undefeated..sooooo---I'm not doing any braggin..just a lot of prayin..but you never know with that game..victory goes to the one who wants the win the most..we have 6 Auburn fans and 3 Bama fans watching..guess who will be the loudest..LOL..can't wait its going to be so much fun..Hoping it will help take our minds off missing Lori so much..this is going to be our first holiday without her,if you think of it, say a little prayer for us, and all those others out there like us.

Here's a preview of the new word art I have in the store today.."All About Kids"


Save: 25% off

Made by request..All About Kids has 20 individual pieces of word art. Some are humorous some are more serious All are on their own png file at 300DPI and can easily be re-sized without losing clarity, or re-colored. All About kids can be the inspiration for many pages,and other craft projects and even those cards which are so popular today

You can find them here

KimB also has a new kit today  From Santa with Love

A fun,whimsy and Funky cheerful Christmas kit. A little eclectic, with tons of realistic, handrawn doodles and wrapping paper styled patterned papers. 
Create endless pages with this large fun kit.  You just have to see this to know how cute and how BIG it is..

I have a page I made with it..and its not Christmas so you can use it for lots of other theme layouts.double troubleRS

I used Kims new kit and my new word art All About Kids on this one..and boy are they double trouble when they want to be LOL..


Since I won't be here tomorrow I want to remind you of my Black Friday Sale..great Black Friday shopping without the hassle-and-no waiting in lines..just scroll, click add to cart, and check out..simple and fun too!  There are more DSO designers having Black Friday Sales so check them out also..

I have a few pages from my CT to show you today


This cutie was done by crops2dawn and she used Kims new kit From Santa with Love and my Christmas Words set. That's is one of crops daughters when she was young..


This beauty is also from Crops she used my Smiles Word Art Bundle for this one


PK Doll send this Christmas the picture of her grandson..she used my Christmas Glam word art and things from Kims CU Christmas Bag.Paula also has a QP of this layout on her Blog  so hope on over and grab it and leave her some love.

I have a little freebie for you today..I know its Thanksgiving but this is Christmas word art..LOL


If you would like to have it grab it here

I must close for now..have a Dr's appointment  in a few..wish me luck..I hope each and everyone of you have a Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving, be thankful for family and friends and those less fortunate that sure and eat too much or else it won't really be Thanksgiving..LOL

For those friends who don't celebrate the day..I hope you have a wonderful day and are blessed with something good.

Remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Monday, November 24, 2008


Good Monday morning gang...hope all of you had a great weekend..I sure did..we had the baby for the weekend and Angie and the boys came down on Sunday and spent the day so I had all my grandkids and my great granddaughter and my daughter with was such fun..The boys have grown since I saw them last and the baby grows and gets prettier everytime I see her.

I got so tickled at Josh this weekend I have to share this..Now I know we all remember when we were young parents and especially with our first, there were times when we got scared and frustrated and just didn't know what to with a crying screaming baby that wouldn't hush!

Kaylen had a cold this weekend and didn't feel good..seemed like every time we put her down she cried..especially when it was time for a diaper change..except she was really BAD with her dad. I watched him struggle with those one piece outfits, you know the ones with all the snaps, and her SCREAMING her head off..he would finally get it on her and pick her up and she still screamed..he walked with her and talked to her and she's till screaming..finally he would say take her Nana..and when I did she immediately got quiet..and start smiling at me..Josh got so upset and I explained to him that babies are so smart they sense when the one holding them is scared or nervous and they get that way too..and they cry.

I wasn't sure he believed me until Angie shared a similar story with him about when Gage was a baby...and then he seemed to see the light..oh new parents gotta love em..

I have some new word art in the store today..they are called Christmas words..


Christmas Words is just that! Each individual piece is a variety of words associated with a different Christmas theme..Each word has a different font. All are in png format and can easily be re-sized and re-colored. At 300 dpi they can be printed with clarity. These will really make you Christmas pages pop and they will be something different for a card sentiment. Package contains 15 word sets.  They are ON SALE NOW AT 25 % OFF.. you can find them here

waiting for christmasRS

I used things from KimBs new Christmas CU kit, greenery from her Glam Tidings kit, I made the frame with things from the Christmas CU Bag..word art is from the new set Christmas Words..


Sue sent me this the old picture and the blue frame..She used Christmas Glam word art.

Nov Grab Bag

Renee from By Dezign made this adorable page..she also used Kims CU bag goodies..and the word art is from Christmas Glam..

RB Xmas QP Prev

Renee also did this QP using more of Kims Christmas CU Bag and my Christmas Glam word art.

Now for some BIG NEWS..Thursday is Thanksgiving as you all know..and do you know what the Friday after is?  Black Friday and do you know what Black Friday is?   Well briefly Black Friday is  a day you have to LOVE shopping and MASSIVE CROWDS and PUSHING AND SHOVING and go shopping that day! For some families shopping on this day is as much a tradition as Thanksgiving Dinner.

Although Black Friday, as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macys Thanksgiving Parade  in 1924, the term "Black Friday" has been traced back only to the 1960s.

The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in reference to the heavy traffic on that day."Black Friday" is the name which the Philadelphia Police Department has given to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is not a term of endearment to them. "Black Friday" officially opens the Christmas shopping season in center city, and it usually brings massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks as the downtown stores are mobbed from opening to closing.

This year some of the designers at DSO are having Black Friday SALES the entire day after Thanksgiving.  EVERYTHING in MY store will be on sale for 40% off. Its a one day only sale that ends Midnight Friday November 28th. You get all the benefits of a Black Friday Sale with none of the hassle. So mark your calendar and get ready for some great savings and lots of fun..

For your freebie today I have the frame from the layout I did

LR_Waiting For Christmas_Blog

I hope you like this little gift and can find some use for it.. you can grab it here if you want..

Gotta go gang...keep smiling, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday ALREADY!!!

Good Morning Everyone..

Are you freezing this feet are!! I think it got down in the teens here last night. We have Kaylen and I kept waking up to make sure she was covered up..she hates covers.. the minute the blanket touches her she starts kicking it off..Thank goodness for sleepers!!  Do you have big plans for the weekend..I don't have any except to spend all the time I have playing with case some of you don't know, she is my first great grandchild..she will be 5 months old the 25th gosh it doesn't seem like she should be that old...

Guess what...I have more new word art in my store today.


This set is the first of several more to come. Ten Christmas titles done in traditional Christmas Colors and Ten Christmas word art phrases. These can be used for your scrapbook pages or your Christmas cards. All done in png format and can easily be re-sized or re-colored. This set will definitely be one you want to add to your collection.

You can find it here

Kim has that wonderful Christmas Grab Bag at her has some awesome goodies..


Kim also has all of her Christmas products on what a sale..

My friend Renee has an awesome Quick Page and a Beautiful Rose kit on her blog pop on over and grab these and leave her some love..she is working on a Memorial Service for her fallen biker friends and shes been really go cheer her up..

My CT has been sending me some beautiful pages and you know I have to show them off...


This adorable page was made by Crops2dawn..isn't that little guy precious..its her nephew..she used part of Kims grab bag and my Christmas Glam word art.


Isn't this page awesome...Marion made looks like the background was painted on a piece o denim to me, this is great Marion..her grandsons are having a fun time looking thru Marions scrapbooks! She used WA from my new kit Scrapbooking Delites


Pkdoll did this great page..she used Kims kit Loryn and my new family joy overlays sac_Country-Hessian_2-000-Page-1

Sue did this lovely the colors and how she tinted the picture to match..she used my Teenagers set.



Sue also made this the old picture..she used Family Joy word art

I have a little freebie for you today..another Christmas QP made with Kims Glam Tidings kit and word art from Christmas Glam. Hope you like it..

Believe 1982 copy

Hope you can use and can grab it here, oh and I doubled checked today and it's in there !!! LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend..stay safe.  Remember to wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Morning Folks

Hope all of you are doing well today..I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so this is going to be a very short post..more tomorrow and a lot of eye candy!

I goofed on yesterdays freebie..I forgot to put the file in the zip folder..I really can't believe I did that as that is ALWAYS the first thing I do then rename it..buttttt..thanks to some of my faithful readers I found I re-uped to 4 share and here is the new url..Thanks muchly for telling me.

I'm so sorry...its in there this time!!

So keep that smile on your face today, keep looking up..and big much love Jazzy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cable Down

Hi Gang..

Wow I'm late this morning..I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep so thought I would blog early...but that idea was quickly shot down when I had no Internet connection!!! Called the provider and it was down in my area for some reason..accident I think...

Boy yesterday was quiet around here..I was ALONE that has almost got to be a thing of the past. I got some work done around the house and also on some new word art.

Speaking of new things..Kim has a new Christmas CU Bag in her store this morning..kb-christmasgrabbag

These are the cutest Christmas goodies you can get it here and the price is awesome for all that is there.

My Autumn Splendor Kit and Thanksgiving Stamps will be on sale thru November 30 for 25% off..drop by my store and browse..have lots of new things in.

You know I'm on Kims CT and one of our newer members has a new blog..she also has a freebie for you...Christmas Glitz. So hop on over and grab this great kit and be sure and leave her some love and a welcome to the blogging world.


Have some awesome layouts to show you from my CT..


Marion did this one and used my new Teenagers set.


Sue sent me this one and I love how she did it..She used my About Fairies


Crops sent this cutie in..Just love it she used my Halloween Titles That's got to be the cutest dinosaur I ever saw!

I came across something that gave me a big laugh and thought I would show it to you..


This was the very first digital scrapbook page I ever made..It was for my sisters birthday scrapbook..I used a scrapbook program. I had no idea how to size the picture to fit the circle frame..LOL I have never done paper scraping and I was lost..this is my mother and daddy about the time they were married.


This a page I did the other day using Kims Glam Tidings kit and my Christmas Glam word art.  I also made the frames from paper in the kit.  I feel like I've learned a bit..LOL

I made you a little something from this layout..


You seemed to have liked the last Christmas QP so thought I would share this one also..its here if you would like to have it..

Ok gang better get out of here and get some work done today..I am going to have to find socks too, my feet are

Keep a smile on your face, pray for a friend today, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Monday, November 17, 2008


Good Monday Morning Everyone, sure hope you all had a great weekend.  I spent mine being extremely lazy LOL.. I had company over the weekend.Josh and Chase and my adopted grandson Michael..(I feel like he belongs to me he has been with us so much for the last 10 years..LOL) Kendra and Kayla her friend..we watched football games almost all day on Sat and on Sat night..My team lost their game..I was hoping they would win but they've had such a bad season I really wasn't surprised..our biggest rival team won theirs though..they are undefeated this year so I have a feeling our game on the 29th is NOT going to make me happy..we have won the game for the past six years so I guess maybe it's time they had a win..but it's not over till the last whistle blows so I'm going to be optimistic!!

I know Domino's had a good weekend, a big chuck of change they picked up here LOL..I think the kids ordered a total of 7 large pizzas and 4 of the new sandwiches and some cheese sticks.. (Glad they have jobs) that was just what they ordered out..LOL I lost count of the 2 liter drinks that they went thru plus lunch meat and bread!!! We had a good time and they get on my nerves sometimes but I really enjoy having them here (For awhile LOL)

I have lots to show you today..first some pages I made, I don't make many pages lately and I miss it..but I've lost my mojo or whatever because nothing looks good to me.. I guess it will eventually come back to me..

Believe 1982

I used KimB's Glam Tidings and my word art from the set I  made to go with her kit..Christmas Glam. This is one of my favorite Christmas pictures of the girls because it brings back so many memories of that special Christmas..a story I will have to tell you sometime...

Christmas in your heart

I made this one from Jens new kit Whimsical Winter at Chaos Lounge.  This is another of my favorite pictures of that Christmas, Me, Lori and Angie decorating our tree.. oh- and Jen has a big sale going on now..some of her full kits are on sale for $1.00 till December 1st.

Here are some pages my awesome CT Team sent me..


O2BNGdHope made this one..I just love it..she used my new Thanksgiving Stamps for this how she put them all over her paper..The papers, frame, bow swirlie and charm are from Her KIT that she did for Kimb's Nov Color Challenge. The fall foliage is from Studio Lorie's Flitting Fall Faeries.


Sue made this one using the Christmas Glam set..and a lot of things she made herself..


I love then and now pages and Sue made this one of her niece she used my Family Joy WA..wonderful layout. I just love how you have the now Kari propped on the then frame..great extraction.


Isn't this little guy adorable..PKDoll made this one and the WA from Thanksgiving Stamps suits him to a it Paula..


Another awesome layout by the cluster and she used Christmas Glam WA. If you notice she also used some of the word arts on the ornaments hanging down..what a great idea!


Marion sent this one to me..I love how she put the word art on the plaque...this is her family when her boys were younger and she used Family Joy.

I'm saving the rest for another day!!

I'm so excited I finally have lots of new word art in the store.  2 were just added this morning..


These are Family Joy Overlays, something new I tried..they are on sale now at 15% off..


Birthday Card Sentiments for you card makers out there..they are also great for your Scrapbook Pages.


Scrapbooking Delites are for all your scrap booking pages about yourself..perfect for challenge pages


Family Joy for all you family layouts..


Teenagers a must have for those with teens in their family!


Thanksgiving Stamps for your Thanksgiving pages or for your cards.


Christmas Glam Word Art set made to co ordinate with KimB's Glam Tidings Kit

AND Autumn Splendor not new but


Along with Thanksgiving Stamps will be on sale until December 1 at 25% off.

There are tons of new items in the store at DSO and lots of great sales going if like shopping hop over on and have a look..

Don't forget the Monthly Challenges at DSO

I made you a little something for today...

Christmas in your heart

The QP from my Whimsical Winter layout..if you would like to have it pop on over and grab it..

Do you have numb behinds and burning eyes by now..sorry this was so long but just had lots of goodies to share today.  Thanks for being here and give me a quick hello And SEND ME your pages you make with my word art to I would love to see them.

Have a great day, wear that big smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Already

The week has passed really fast and I feel like I've accomplished a good bit.  This morning it's rainy here in Alabama.  I have the blinds open and it's very overcast and cloudy but  there is a big tree in the school yard  across the street and it still has the most beautiful leaves shades of orange, yellow and gold..I have enjoyed it so much and sure hate to see it lose all its leaves..then it will be bare and depressing.  One very nice thing about this complex are all the beautiful trees and I have had a spectacular color palette to watch.

Go get you some coffee or coke or whatever because I have lots to share with you today.

First is a wonderful award I received from Dinphy I am so honored and want to say a big thanks to her for thinking of me for this.  Dinphy has a wonderful Blog and some beautiful free things.

The name of the award is Kreativ Blogger Award.  I have to tell 7 things I love and then pass it on to 7 people.  So here goes.

1..My family

2..Being a Great Grandmother

3..Home made Red Velvet Cake

4..America my country

5..Old movies and Old Time Radio Broadcast

6..MY friends

7..Digital scrap booking and making word art

The 7 people I am passing this on too all are wonderful people and friends, they all have great talent to share and always do, and I love them.  They are Crops2dawn, (my very first friend I made when I joined the scrap booking community), PK Doll, Jenni, Renee, Michelle, Doodle and Kim

The DSO Challenges are up so please stop by and participate in them and check out the awesome posting bonus you will get. Mine is The Photo Op Challenge

DSO has so many new items in the store I wanted to show you so you can check them out..

Shannon - Hope Is Paper

 shannon hope is


jazz family joy

Jazzy -LR_TEENAGERS_Wordart jazz teenagers

Jazzy - ChristmasGlam_Titlesjazzchristnasglam



Darlene - Taste of Winter

darlene taste of winter

 Darlene - Friendship Brew darlene friendship

Darlene - One Winter Night Paper Pack

darone winter papers

Darlene - One Winter Night- kit

darlene one winter night kit

 Darlene - One Winter Night Elements Pack

dar onewinternight elementa

Andrea- Mimzy Add on andrea mimzy

Andrea- What's Up?

andrea whats up

 Andrea - Golden Days andrea golden days

Andrea - Warm Blessings

andrea warmblessings kit

Andrea- Oddball mini kit andrea oddball

Livia- emotibuttons

livia emotibuttons

Kims bag stuff...too much to list.. so linking directly to her store!

kimb dragon


mindi holeycowopset2

Mindi - Attached


Mindi- PAPER STRIPS set1


Mindi- Holiday Ribbons

mindi holidayribbons

Most of these are on sale for a few days.

Jenni at Chaos Lounge has a beautiful new kit preview on her Blog


and here's a beautiful freebie she has for you.


I have some beautiful eye candy from my CT but since this has been such a long post I will save them for Monday.

I know some of you are into making cards so I made you a little something you can use for them..hope you enjoy it..

LR_Card Sentiments

There are some for the front of you card and sentiments for the inside. You can get them here

Thank you for sticking with me thru this rather long post..but I hope you saw some things you would like to have and will check out the store.  Have a wonderful weekend and wear that big ole smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy