Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mischievous Furbaby

Good Tuesday morning everyone..hope you slept good last night..I got a little bit more sleep last night but I knocked myself out LOL..it doesn't take much medicine to do that to me..my daddy told me one time I would be a cheap drunk..lol I had surgery on my hand and took this strong pain medicine and it made me loopy for 3 days!!! I was staying with my parents for the first few days, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, went to the closet and guess I would have used it there but the door wouldn't close and it woke me up enough to find the bathroom, my mom was sure glad hehehe...I had to call the Dr and get some different pain pills..

I received a very special award from my friend Renee yesterday...


She received it from Mojo visit her blog to find out what the award is for...but I would like to pay it forward to some very dear friends


Michelle McCoy is a wonderful person, she inspires me, she faces many difficulties with her health but never lets them get her down..stop by and visit her blog she has some awesome freebies and some great products in her store

PkDoll This lady is a great scrapbook artist..and a wonderful friend..she's so dedicated to scrapbooking and learning new things..don't be surprised if you see her name pop up a store one day!!

Nett she is a fellow CT member and so funny..she makes me laugh and feel good..she does some amazing layouts and some of them are so funny...but they all all beautiful..

These next people don't have blogs but they are very special to me and I know they are ones that Mojo would approve of  for her award...

Crops2dawn..she has been my friend for over 2 years now..she was the very 1st person who commented on one of my layouts and her words were so encouraging she made me want to keep on scrapbooking and keep trying to do better..she can say some of the funniest things and sometimes I laugh so hard my sides hurt..she makes me feel good too..and she is an awesome scrapbook artist..she gets better everyday..and she's very good at designing her own things too...

Granny is a designer at SBM.. she is one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, and talented people I know of..she's the heart and soul of the forum at SBM..I got to meet her last month and it was so awesome..love ya Granny. 

There are so many many more people who are kind and sweet who have big hearts and care so much I award you the Sweety Award also..wish I could list everyone on here...


Speaking of pills...I only take about 15 different ones a day, I have this set of long boxes with morn noon bedtime on them and there is one for all the days of the week..I fix them on Monday for a full week...today I had taken my morning meds and left the box on my stool that I use for a coffee table..I was in my new computer room and I noticed that Gemma wasn't in here..went to check on her and lo and behold she had gotten my long blue box, had it opened and pills all over the floor, she had been having a good time chewing on the box, It scarred me so bad, I didn't know if she had eaten any or not..I finally found them all but 1/2 of one..don't know if she ate it or what but it didn't hurt her, I think maybe it made her more hyper..I tell you she has add...I wonder if I could get her some meds for that and calm her down HEHEHHE...

When Gemma wants to go outside and potty she turns in circles in front of the door..and gets faster and faster..I was lying on the couch watching TV this afternoon, and it was raining, but she wanted to go out, I kept telling her no it was raining..so not getting the answer she wanted, she jumps up on top of me and starts going around and around..I thought she was going to push my insides out my back before I got her to stop...she's like a child, you never know what she is going to do next...

If Arthur and Bertie will let me, I'm planning on having some new sets of Word Art done later this week..I will let you know when they go in the store..but today I want to show you a few pages my CT sent me yesterday..they are all awesome..


Crops made this awesome page, she used word art from my fish tales wordart set..he is sure proud of his catch..look at that smile on his sweet face..thanks girl..


Maggie Mae sent me this one..its her Furbaby named Maggie Mae..and she used WA from Doggie Treats..this doggie is beautiful..and so is the layout..I love the simplicity of it..sometimes less is just more..Thanks MM..love it

My dear friend Kim has a new kit in her store this week..its called Spring Passion..


This page just doesn't do it justice, its beautiful as always...since me, crops, and PK doll are on her creative team I have some more layouts to show you..


PkDoll made this beautiful page..she used Kims kit and one of my Nature word arts..thanks Paula


This is another beauty by Crops..she also used Kims new kit and WA from my Sweet Baby set..this is awesome..I love how you have that element done in a heart shape..very original Crops..love it..thanks so much..


I made this one...its also made with Kims new kit but I made the Frame and word art to go with the kit..and guess what


You can get it here


Ok friends I think I will sign off for now..keep smiling and keep looking up and big much love Jazzy