Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hi Everyone

The flu bug grabbed me...YUCK..and I have my great granddaughter here with us..we have had her since Sunday and she is such a joy..its also been a sad time thinking about much her Meme was looking forward to being a grandmother..but I' going to spoil her enough for the both of us...Cant be in the room with her and that is horrible..I'm not going to write much today and I'm sorry I don't have a freebie for you today..I will be back with something really good..I have one layout I made of the baby and I have to show it off...so until I see you again, smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy


Friday, September 26, 2008

Feels Like Fall

Morning everyone..feels like a fall day in Alabama this morning. Of course I'm sure by afternoon it will be hot again. Right now it feels really crisp and cool..love it!!! I found out Gemma doesn't like the cool weather...she wants out to do her business but she wants to go right back inside..LOL don't know what she will do when it gets cold.

Well-I'm wondering what all of you are up too..not many of you are leaving me a message..sure would like to hear from you..the only way I know that people are actually coming in is the page counter and the amount of downloads on the freebie..LOL come on leave me a comment and make my day today..

I have some great things to show you today so get comfortable!

One of my new Halloween Sets is in the store now..the other has passed quality check and will be added sometime today for sure..here's a little preview..


This one is in the store now..Its 22 titles I really like these..sometimes its hard to think of that perfect title for a page..these will help you out! Its on sale right now at 25% off..


There are 20 word arts in this set..some are glittery some are plain, some have graphics and some don't..there's something for everyone here..PLUS these can be used for other craft projects. I know its a bit early for Halloween but it will be here before you know it...it will be in the store sometime today on sale also. Here's a page I made using the word art and title

all HALLOWS copy

This is one of my favorite pictures of my oldest GS Josh when he was barely 2 years old and yes..I have the year wrong on this page..just noticed it...(just chalk it up to feeble mindlessness) I used paper from Kim's new grab bag and a frame from Jenni at Chaos Lounge..elements are from brushes and ding bats..

Now for some really beautiful pages from my awesome CT


This is Cameron and the layout was done by O2BNGdHope she said "Cameron, is 90% angel. The other 10% is questionable" LOL..used wa from my Little Boys Set..and it seems perfect for Cameron...great page love it..


This precious little one is PK Dolls granddaughter, and she made a beautiful page to compliment her picture..She used wa from an older set Called Dreams..thanks Paula..love it..


I bet you can already tell who did this beautiful page..if you said Maggie Mae you are right..no one can make nature pictures like she can..she used wa from my new Autumn Splendor..

I am so lucky to have these great ladies as my CT..please leave them some love and comments on their beautiful work..they deserve it..

I thought you might like a quick page for a Halloween picture you may have or will have so I made this one you..

LR_Halloween Freebie

If you want to grab it just click here and it's yours.

Time to go friends..hope all of you have a wonderful and safe weekend...wear that smile today, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Good Morning Everyone...don't faint because I'm actually here today!! Let me tell you its been one thing after the other these past few days, power went out for awhile, cable also went out, Arthur and Bertie really acted up for a couple of days, I think its the rain and cooler days we have been having..I'm going to see if my Doctor..(I sometimes have my doubts if he really is one LOL) will refer me to a rhrumatoligist. Rheumatoid arthritis runs in both sides of my family so I've been thinking this may be something I am going to have to live with. Now don't laugh but I also have gout in my big toe...I had it before in my foot..but just my toe...but let me tell you one toe hurts as much as 5 of the buggers..I shed a few tears because of that pain...My baby Gemma just didn't understand her mommy crying..she was so sweet...and stuck to me like glue..even me hobbling around made her just walk a little slower and not dance around like she usually does..isn't it funny that pets seem to have a 6th sense when you are not yourself..OK I promise no more gripping and complaining!!!

First let me tell you I have 2 new Word Art sets coming out I hope before the week is over..they are Halloween Haunts, and Halloween Titles...I know its a bit early but Halloween will be here before we know it...I love them and I hope you will also..I well let you know when they are in the store.

For all you kitty lovers Kim B has a wonderful mini kit (FREEBIE TOO) on her Blog today...Its a birthday present for Sylvia a CT member and good friend..stop by her Blog today and wish her Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Sylvia...a true cat lover!

Remember KimB's Huge Grab Bag is still on sale for one more day for $19 then all items go to regular price so if you haven't gotten it yet pop over to Kims Store and grab it up!!


I may have been playing hooky but my wonderful CT keeps on sending me such beautiful layouts..I have to show some of them today.


This is from Maggie Mae..she and her husband make the most beautiful pictures..and she makes the most awesome pages to show them off...she used my Autumn Splendor word art set..


Marion and her husband made a trip to Alaska a few months ago..this is one of the pictures she made..its so beautiful..and Marion has made a beautiful layout to show it off..she used Nature Word Art..thanks Marion..


My friend Jenni from over at Chaos Lounge sent me this great layout..its her husband who hates fishing but had to go with some business associates and ending up catching this beauty..wow! she used my fishing tales word art..Thanks for sending Jen


PK Doll send this beauty in..this is her sisters dog..she used a freebie frame by Jenni and things from Kims new grab bag..its so precious..love it..

I have more but I am saving them for tomorrow...

I have one more thing to show you

A new CU kit from Jenni at Chaos Lounge..isn't this the cutest thing...she does such wonderful things I LOVE everything she designs..

I have a little freebie for you today...its not word art but Journal Cards you can use them to journal on or to put your word art on..here's an example of one of them..there are 5 cards.


I wish I could take credit for the beautiful flowers but I can't that goes to my wonderful friend Kim B..and this is from one of her sets called Rusty Garden papers..(used with permission)..hope you like them. http://www.4shared.com/file/64290837/9858fb43/LR_FancyJournalCard_Freebie.htm

Well friends, its time to say goodbye again..till we meet again..smile, keep looking up and big much love..Jazzy

Friday, September 19, 2008

WOO HOO Fridays Here..Football Saturday

Hi Everyone..

Guess everyone is glad its Friday..I sure am..that means Auburn has a game on TV tomorrow..Auburn is Auburn University in Auburn Alabama, there's another university here University of Alabama..now if you live in Alabama you know that's a rivalry that has been on going since I don't even know when, longer than I have been alive..and you are for one or the other..can't be for both...some nice folk in the state are for both teams, until they place each other and then everyone has their favorite..my brother-in-law is for Bama, he graduated from there, I found out the first year he was in the family we could NEVER discuss football..he told my sister I was the most obnoxious Auburn fan he had ever met..wonder if that's because I sent him a cross stitched little saying about Auburn and Alabama which of course put Auburn in the good light..lol..

Auburn used to never win a game until Pat Dye came to town..that changed the whole football program, we started winning and we haven't stopped..I think we have a 5 or 6 year winning streak going on..but I've learned not to run my mouth and brag because its anyones guess who will win that game..Auburn football team is called the Tigers, but their team Mascot is a beautiful Eagle..so the chant is go War Eagles..whose name by the way is Tiger..LOL but thats a story for another day...we play LSU tomorrow and it could go either way..but I'm rooting for my war eagles..

My new Word Art Bundle is in the store now..Here's a page I  made using it. Remember I sell exclusively at



forever friends copy

I made this page and its a combination of my word art and some goodies from Kims new grab bag I'm going to show you today.. Josh bought this rat whose name was Tiny, when she was a tiny little white mouse..the Lady at the pet store told him you could train them...and he did..he knew his name, would come when Josh called him, and he followed him around everywhere when he was out of his cage...we had a Cat named Floyd at the time. Josh was scared to death one day when Floyd was in the house and he couldn't find Tiny...everyone thought Floyd had made a meal out of Tiny, Josh had a flashlight and he looked under the bed and this is what he found...we all were floored but they remained friends until Tiny caught a cold and passed away...there's another story there I will tell you later.

I have a few pictures to show you from my CT


Isn't this beautiful..would love to be there now to see this..O2BNGdHope made this page and she used WA from my Fall Splendor kit..


This cutie is Jon Paul, Maggie Maes grandson..he is so funny but adorable..she used my little boys wa  set.

My friend Kim B celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary this month..and man did she go all out on a SUPER DUPER grab bag..5 bags with 19 items in each bag...and an an awesome price only $19 for the entire bag..I have some previews to show you of them all..


Get this one here


Doodly Bag



Overlay Bag


Realistic Bag



Stringy Bag



Element Bag

I have seen the contents of each one of the bags and $19 is a steal of a deal for all that you get..and you all know the beauty of Kims work so you know they will be just terrific....you better fly on over to the store and grab this while its on sale..

Here's a beautiful page that Jenni at Chaos Lounge did using Items from these bags of Kims and also some of my Vacations are Fun word art..thanks Jenn for sending this..


And here's another one I did using parts from the kit..


You know how I love heritage layouts and I really liked how this one turned out so I thought I would give it to you..

Hope all of you have a great weekend, hope all your TEAMS win this. Smile and keep looking up and until I see you again..big much love..Jazzy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Already!!

I lost Tuesday and tried all day to find him but to no avail..finally got me down so bad I said forget today...LOL..guess you know I'm talking about Arthur and Bertie...sorry I never made it yesterday...and thought I wasn't going today..

Well guess what, they finally came yesterday and did my inspection, bed wasn't made..I was it in when she came to the door..and she barely looked at the rest of the rooms..just look closely at the stove and fridge and cabinets..checking to see if I was attracting bugs LOL..next time I will know what to expect..she was here all of 5 minutes!!

My new set of word art Here Kitty is in the store today...I really think you are going to like it, here's little preview.LR_HereKitty_Wordart_Bundle

I thi nk all of you cat lovers will like it..you can check it out here at the store

I have some pretty layouts to show you today..

mailo welcome mouse (600 x 600)

My friend Sylvia sent me this pretty page..isn't her kitty pretty..she used one of wa  from my freebie Cat Lovers..thanks Phyllis ..love it..

Spring Passion 2

Renee my friend and co CT member sent me this beauty..these are statues that are in someone's yard . She used my Nature Set..thanks Renee for sending this

oq-VUq8cIArrCfivZed2Cz70RBYRRG- 0300

Crops sent me this one..its so pretty..makes me feel peaceful..she used my Nature word art also..


Maggie Mae did this fun layout...this is her grandson John Paul..isn't he a doll, we have been watching him grown up in pictures from Maggie Mae..love it...this is so cute..she used word art from my Little Boys set..

pjk-Babies stay babies

This precious little one is from PKDoll she used my SweetBaby word art set..pay her a visit at her blog to get this lovely

Quick Page Freebie and out where you can get this great new kit...

I am making a scrapbook for Josh and Chase of their mother and I had this picture of her first day of school..I needed a frame for it so this is the one I made..


I thought you might like to have it so I made you one in psd format so you can arrange it anyway you like...It here if you would like it...If you get it please me a little note and tell me if you like it...a little luv never hurt anyone LOL..

Ok my friends I'm off to take a nap..you have a great day and smile...keep looking up and big much love Jazzy

Monday, September 15, 2008


Good Morning Everyone..I'm going to show you something to bring you a good laugh..ready...LOL

jemma2 copy

Remember I told you Gemma looked so funny with her Mohawk HAHAHA  What do you think.?

A little birdie named Kim told me it was Ms Miles birthday...and I have to tell you a bit about this lady..I have know Ms Miles from reading Kim's blog and grew to think very highly of her from what I read and what Kim told me..when my Andrew died she wrote me the most wonderful email..she's funny, she's gives some of the bestest recipes on her blog..and she is just an around great lady..Happy Birthday Ms. Miles..I hope you have a great day and a year filled with awesome things..You sure deserve them..

oh and wow just look what I found in my email..


Thanks Susie for sending me this wonderful layout..she used one of the Cat freebies...and by the way more kitty word art is on the way..hope to have it in the store sometime this week..

and my CT has been on a scrapping jag this weekend..lol going to show you just some of what they have made..


From O2BNGdHope this is lovely she used one wa from my Fall Splendor kit now is the store

oq-VUq8cIArrCfivZed2Cz70RBYRRG- 0300

Crops did this one..its just gorgeous  she used  the Nature set in the PU Bag for this WA


And this one is from Maggie Mae..this is her husband Ron..and she used wa from the Dreams set..

I have more but I'm saving them for tomorrow..

Now form some birthday presents for Ms Miles..

Kim made this awesome Kit for her


Visit Kim at her blog ..she wants you all to have this kit and to please Visit Ms.Miles and wish her a Happy Birthday..

Happ BirthdayMsMiles

Here is my part of the present..you can find it here please go and leave Ms Miles some Birthday Wishes

Gotta go now..please everyone have a great day, keep smiling and keep looking up, much big love Jazzy

Friday, September 12, 2008


The kids spent the night last night and I conked out on them...and I also overslept..They woke me up at 10:00 when their Dad came to get them...they are going to their other grandmothers out of town today...Chase was 19 on Friday and Josh will be 21 in October.  I'm thinking it's to give them their birthday money. I still I haven't had my big inspection.  I told Chase this morn. if they didn't come today, we had to mop and wax again over the weekend..Did you know I couldn't find any Floor Wax..they have mop and glow and Pledge floor finish,and other such things, but I could not find any plain ole fashioned floor wax.  I looked at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Big Lots, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Grocery Stores, only places I haven't looked is Lowe's .  I am going to look their tomorrow..Floors just don't hold a shine with those other floor mop and wax products.

They must have been hungry too..LOL..Chase hasn't hasn't been working this week..they have a new job starting next week.. so I imagine they ate all of their groceries.  I had some canned ravioli and beefaroni, ramen noodles, and tuna fish I got for them to eat when they pop in hungry...and man did they eat LOL..cleaned out my stash. They also brought a huge basket of clothes to wash but they got disappointed about that..I am out of washing detergent..LOL Got to get me some tomorrow..so they left them in the laundry room..guess they will come back tomorrow and wash them..

Hey, I need for you all to pop over to DSO and check out my photo op challenge... You just have to alter your picture in some way and tell us how you did it and you will receive a posting bonus..this is it..

Jazzy-preview 2 blank1

I designed these with all those DIVAS in mind..I thought they turned out pretty cute..So far the techniques have been great and we call all learn something new!  Tell all your friends about it too...I need ya'll to make me look good this month..HEHEHE

I have a new kit coming out this week called Fall Splendor...here's a preview of it



house in autumnRS

I made this layout using KimB's Heart Felt Kit and one of the new Word Art phrases from Fall Splendor..Its going to on Sale when it goes in the store...Keep checking my store and I will be sure and let you know when its there..the sets from my PU Grab Bag will also be in the store individually.  Be sure to check out the other designers sales while you are at DSO.

Now for some beautiful pages done my awesome CT


Isn't this beautiful..Crops did this one..she used Kimb's/Bunny Cates I Believe Kit and word art from my Fairies set.


This little cutie is Cameron O2BNGdHopes grandson..she says he can sure get into mischief and I think I believe here..LOL  I love this page and the OOB is wonderful.. she used word art from my Little Boys set..


This precious layout is from our beautiful and talented Marion with one of her grandsons..she looks much to young to have so many grandchildren..she also used word art from my Little Boys set.


Maggie Mae made this beauty of her grandchildren's cat Rascal Flatts..lol.. this is so pretty..its plain and simple but I love it and the frame shape she used..its one of what I call a "less is more" layouts..she used word art from my Cat Freebie..by the way all of you CAT LOVERS a new word art set coming next week all about kittys...I think you are really going to like it..

LR_Heart Felt_Wordart_Freebie

I made this Quick page for you..hope you enjoy it..

Gotta go gotta go, gotta work gotta work...HEHE..you all have a wonderful day, remember to Smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy..