Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running Around In Circles

Good Morning Gang...

Hope you are having a great I'm running around in circles this a letter yesterday afternoon, the Inspectors are out in full force...9th-19th..I didn't have much to do just a few odd and end things, empty garbage cans in the house, sweep the floors, dust again...I just wish they would come today and get it over with. You know what happens when I have to move my poor arms to much....yep A&B were fighting last night and this morning over who was going to hurt the worst..and today of all days, Gemma got up being a little brat..she torn all the stuffing out of one of her poor can just imagine what my LR floor looked like with batting all over it and the couch!!

Gemma has some long white hair on the top of her head.. when she throws her toys up in the air, she looks like she has a mohawk..reminds me of those gremlins from the movie..HEHEHEHE I've got to make her picture like that and show you..well it was like that when I caught her ,and the expression on her face when I yelled her name, just cracked me up..I sure got a good laugh...then I couldn't get on to her too bad...

Have you been to KimB's Designs and checked out her new kit, Spring Passion..its just beautiful


Its on sale for a few days more at 25% Off..that's a great price for all you get in this beautiful kit.. check out her blog today for a sack full of freebies from some awesome designers..

My CT sent me some special layouts I want to show you today..


This beauty is from O2BNGdHope these are her grandchildren playing in the little guy fell face first in the dirt..isn't he adorable and this layout is sooo it Melanie..She used word art from my Special Ones Set..


And what about this just can't help smiling at this one...Its by Marion and she used WA from my Smile Set..Marion I just love this one, love that background..and the tree..the blending is awesome too..

A special note to my South African friends ...Congratulations on all the Gold Metals in the Para Olympics...that's wonderful!!

I have a little something for you today...hope you like it..


you can download it here

Now I had better go check my LR again and wait for the inspectors..don't you just hate sitting and waiting on someone to come to your house...until we meet again, smile and keep looking up...big much love Jazzy