Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Love, Laughter and Friendship Welcome Here

WOW folks its not even 9 o'clock and I'm here..Before I get started on the story I want to tell you, I GOOFED yesterday and forgot to put the freebie folder in the zip file..SENILE, I tell you I'm getting SENILE..so here is the corrected link to get the QP from Monday...http://www.4shared.com/file/57836073/846dd283/LR_Aug_Freebie.html

Do any of you have teenage sons or GS and do they eat you out of house and home..Josh and Chase came over the other night and gave me the scare of a lifetime..I was in the back part of the house ,it was raining cats and dogs, I was just sitting here minding my own business and they said "Hi Nana Banana" I tell you folks I know I came off the chair it scared me so bad..I didn't hear them come in, they thought it was so funny..however I did NOT..!!

I think they only came to visit because they were starving..I asked them if they were hungry, "No Nana we're cool". Ok, listen to how "Cool" they were, Josh opened the fridge, (1st thing he always does ) got out some watermelon, which he proceeds to eat all of..after than he went to the cabinet and got Vienna Sausage and had a can of those..he must have really liked them because he ate another can. About that time Chase comes in the kitchen and goes to the cabinet.."nana can I have some Ravioli", sure Chase, you don't have to ask..of course he had to get the biggest glass I have and fill it with milk..and its a BIG glass too..ok now Josh has had watermelon, 2 cans of Vienna Sausage, and a candy bar so he must have needed something to top it all off with..so he says Nana can I make me some pancakes..sure Josh..5 pancakes and a 1/4 bottle of syrup later...he said that was good Nana, do you want some.. ? I wonder what "we're cool" means !Josh was cooking his pancakes and Chase comes back to the kitchen and said Nana can I have that other can of ravioli...now mind you, these are the family size cans of ravioli,sure Chase and I'm wondering where are they putting all this...he also fills his Big glass back up with milk..I'm washing dishes when Kendra, Josh's girlfriend comes in, and she says "Nana do you have any sliced cheese and bread"..this is what the girl survives on..and I say yes, so she makes 2 cheese sandwiches.

This is the topper...after eating all that, Chase comes to me and says Nana do you have any money, I said why Chase, we want to go to Taco Bell...!!! I said no Chase we aren't going to Taco Bell...so he goes back in the kitchen and makes a ham sandwich or it might have been 2..Josh and Kendra pop a bag of popcorn, thank goodness I had a new box they didn't find...and  they weren't hungry when they got here!!  Oh I almost forgot, after I went to bed they had cereal and milk, I know that because the dirty bowls were on the bar, and they finished off a bag of chips and a bag of corn curls..they were probably old too! I'm just wondering where are they putting all that food..LOL I guess they are finding out living on their own is not so cool..I think they are living off ramen noodles..LOL

Don't forget the Photo challenge I'm hosting this month..it should be a lot of fun..I have a much better preview of the posting gift..


and I have a little something for you today..


I hope you like it..I love the colors..I'm in an orchid mood I guess LOL here's the link for this one..


I doubled checked the file is in there LOL

I can still hear my laundry calling me...I just ignored it yesterday but I have to answer the call today..LOL no getting around it or the dirty clothes are going to take over the house..hehehe..so I leave you for today with this thought, keep smiling, keep looking up, and I'm sending you big much love..Jazzy