Monday, March 30, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Hello Everyone;

It's a bright cheery day here in Alabama.  We had rain and thunderstorms and tornado warnings on Friday and over the weekend.  There was so much going on weather wise I didn't make it to blog on Friday.

I'm going to be slow typing today, or slower than usual lets say beloved keyboard died on me...very suddenly and for what reason I do not know..It was a split key type and this one is the long,flat standard kind..I keep hitting the cap lock key every other stroke and it makes me soo mad I could spit!!!!

My poor mom had an accident last night and she ended up with 12 stitches in her hand.  My sister is still here (goodie goodie) and her dog loves my mother to death.  Josh went over to see her yesterday and Sophie jumped up to get in Josh's lap and hit mothers hand.  She has skin like paper and takes plavix... it cut to the tendons and only bled a tiny bit.  Bless her heart she felt so free because she had her last day of therapy on Friday.  Please say a little prayer for her that it doesn't get infected and heals properly.

Our baby got home yesterday too...We were all so glad to see her..looks like she has grown a foot.  She has 2 teeth now...bottom front..she just get more beautiful every day. Angies half sister gave us a playpen for her and I am so more blankets in the floor all the time LOL

I have some new word art in the store

Prom Night

$5.00 $3.75
Save: 25% off

Do you have Prom pictures to scrap? My new Word Art Set, PROM NIGHT, is just what you need. There are 20 individual word art phrases, 
some are plain, some have more glittler and glam. Each one can easily be recolored and resized. All 300dpi for better printing. Any one will add that special touch to your pages. All have been Quality Checked.


KimBs new GB Mish Mash is on sale now  for only $6

A Mixed bag of different elements, paper and overlays. 
22 different elements, not in sets but all individually different and unique.
No duplicate recolored items.
6 different bead spills 
6 Textured overlays and 3 gold paper stock. 
All elements come in original form, plus some in desaturated versions with separated psd files. All PNG @ 300 ppi. 

Heres a page I made with it


Kendra made this pic last night of Kaylen taking a bath..she LOVES a bath..she already loves those bubbles!!

Heres another couple of pictures that Angie made last week.

Kaylen1 March 2009

Kaylen2 March 2009

  Can you tell how much she has grown.?

I have some eye candy for you today also..


  This was made by Melanie and I LOVE it..just look at that amazing vintage photo..3 of her aunts..she used word art from Prom Night and it fits perfectly..thanks Melanie for this beauty.

Heres another beautiful page by Melanie..the precious little faries are her granddaughter..just look at that extraction work..its excellent and especially the ones where her GD is holding the faries hands.  She used Dancing Stars


Pure Pixels made this beauty..I love the colors and the that beautiful cluster with the key..she used word art from Prom Night also..Don't they made a handsome couple.

I made a little something for you today..since Easter is just around the corner I thought you might could use these.

easter ereetings

Okies folks I hear my baby waking up and I want to get her..she's really doing some tall talking in there LOL Hope you have a great, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy























Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disappointing Tuesday

Hi All. Hope you had a great day yesterday.

Tuesday night I rushed and got everything done and at 7:00 sharp I was parked in front of the TV with my Chex Mix Cheddar and my Diet Coke to watch American was I shocked when President Obama came walking out...I forgot AI got changed to Wednesday night. 

For the most part I have really enjoyed this season...even though there have been a lot of changes. Several that I liked have been voted seems like the ones that have made it to the final 10 are all really good and as of now I can't seem to pick a favorite. I believe that all these going on tour will end up with some kind of deal from somewhere, at least I hope so.

I loved Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis singing..I thought that song was soooo pretty..but I HATED what Adam did to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire..what about you? Maybe it's because I'm of the older generation..LOL

I haven't been keeping up with Dancing with the Stars this season..I lost interest in that one last year.

AS for the Presidents speech...I always like hearing him talk..his voice has a calming effect I think..however all I know is..the economy is in horrible shape, hurry as fast as you can and fix it..agree on something..I'm hanging on by my boot strap and I'm afraid it's going to break..I need help now..

Keylen is still gone and I'm really starting to miss that little lady..I think it's going to be really bad when they move into their own home..good for them but I dread it in a lot of ways..

I have some new word art out today..

Welcome Spring


Spring is here at last. Time for layouts of beutiful flowers, trees in all their wonder, beautiful lawns and lakes and children playing in the sunshine. Welcome Spring contains 20 individual word art phrases describing Spring in all her wonder. Each in ping format and made so they can easily be recolored and resized. All are done in 300 dpi for better printing. These will give you the perfect accent for your pages. All have been Quality Checked.

Here's a page I made using it.


This is my only niece Sarah Grace made a few years ago on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee.


Crops sent me this lovely page..its another for her wedding album she is making..wasn't she a pretty bride..she used my I Thee Wed set.


Purepixels made this one..I love the clustering and the vintage colors..she used my Family Joy overlays..

I have a little something for you today that I hope you will like..


I made you a quick page from my layout of Sarah Grace.

Hope you like can find it here

Hope you all have a great day..I will be back on Friday, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise...until then, wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Already

Hi Gang..

Hope you all had a great weekend..I did..Wow there is the most peculiar sound in my house this morning....SILENCE!! Josh started back to work today, the boys are gone, Kaylen  went home with her Aunt Angie for the week..I am ALONE except for Gemma and she's asleep on her pillow in here with me..I think she's enjoying the silence too..!!!!

Angie and the boys came back down on Saturday..Dave had to work out of town..the boys came here of course and Angie went to my mom's, she and Cathy cooked a Mexican Cornbread Casserole that was out of this world..we all went over for supper and Chase came..Chase, Josh, Gage, and Zane went back to my house, and the girls were going to have a movie marathon... We started out with the Changeling with Angelina was a great movie but so sad..but well worth watching if you haven't seen it..BUT as mother and I slept thru a LOT of it.. we decided not to have the marathon LOL

I came home to a house full of rowdy boys and Caylen trying to keep up with it all and fighting sleep all the way...she was so funny, she has started to rub her eyes when she gets sleepy and she was about to rub them out of the socket..I rocked the both of us to sleep..I think I went before she did...

Josh was playing XBox, Chase was playing games on the computer, Gage and Zane were on their pallet in the living room fixing to watch their movies and I layed down on the couch to be with them..but you know how 8 yr old boys had a toe on the the other ones side, the other had a hand, and so on and so on..I got tired of it so I put one on the couch and I laid down in the floor, the pallet was made out of memory foam and actually very I went to sleep..Let me tell you it wasn't as easy getting up and it was getting down LOL

Oh and in between all this, all of them were going to the kitchen feeding their bottomless pits..Ice cream bars, fruit roll ups, soda, strawberries, and so on...needless to say by the time Sunday afternoon got here its was ALL GONE..

Can you understand why the silence is golden LOL I am so thankful that they are all close now and I can see them a lot..but after days of 8 yr olds and grown boys I am ready for a break LOL..

Remember that all my new word art is still on sale for a few days more..I hope you will go and look at might just find some you have to have..

I have some beautiful eye candy to show you also..


My friend Omajo sent me this one..I love how she did this one ..the extraction is awesome and  the colors are so bright and cheerful..She used my new Dancing Star word art Thanks my friend for sending it

Sue made this one and I love how the altered photo looks like rain falling..she also used Dancing star..


Marion send me this one..Isn't it wonderful..I love how she extracted the picture and put it into this beautiful tranquil background...thanks Marion..she used my Doggie Treats word art

Who can look at this one and not get a big smile...


Pure Pixels send me this one...that face and that hair are so adorable..makes my heart smile..she used All About Kids wordart..

I have a few more but those are for another day.

I made you a little something for today to go along with the spring theme word art from last week..hope you enjoy it..

Spring Frame

You can get it there if you like.

Would you believe I started this blog at 6:45 and its taken me this long to finish...LOL Ive been up and down a LOT..hope you all have a great day, wear that big ole smile, keep looking up and big much love...Jazzy

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Morning everyone...Yep I'm blogging on Thursday today..I can't seem to get on any type of schedule!! On Wednesday Angie didn't pick the boys up until after 11:00. I was baby sitting Kaylen and Josh didn't get home until almost 2:00, and Kaylen was so bound and determined not to take a nap, finally she did zonk out about 1:30 but the phone rang at 1:35 and she was wide awake.. soooo..I never made it to the computer room until late afternoon..

I have something very very exciting to share with you today...I think I will just show you..

precious baby boy_05

I'm going to be great grandma again...Josh and Kendra found out yesterday...we are all so excited because we wanted a little boy..he will be here in August. 

Don't forget my new word art in the store now..

All are on sale for a limited time..

Now I have some eye candy to show you..


This beauty is Crops on her wedding the cluster ..she used word art from I Thee Wed

Fairy Princess Rheanna

This is from Melanie..its so beautiful, soft and whimsical..she used  Dancing Star


Pure Pixels send me this lovely one..its her little girl swing dancing..I love the word art she chose for it..also from Dancing Star.

This beauty is from Sue..I love the background paper..she used I Thee Wed.


Another beautiful page by the blending..she also used I Thee Wed word art set.

Well I think that about wraps it up for today...I do have a little something for you to greet spring in your layouts..


Have a great day everyone, remember to smile, keep looking up and big much love..Jazzy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Naughty Leprechauns

On Tuesdays blog those naughty little Leprechauns were up to their pranks and guess what they did...they took the freebie out of the zip file I left for you..I found out about it and wanted to leave you another link so you can get it. I'm so so sorry about this, I think they messed with my mind also..hehehehe hugs and love Jazzy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Hello you have green on today?  The Irish say it gives you good luck...I am going to wear it from head to toe and see if it works..LOL

Sorry I have missed a few days...Gage and Zane have been here since Friday and I think their Mom fed them energy pills before she left..LOL They are out of school for Spring Break and they want to spend all of it here..but Angie is coming to pick them up this afternoon..(hush Crops).

I have so much to tell you today I better get on with it..

First I'm having a big sale today for one day only!

st paddy sale

Dont faint but have 3 yes 3 new word art sets in the store today...I really like all of these...hope you will too!!

I thee wed preview

If you have wedding pictures to scrap then this is a must can see it here its also on sale for 50% off.

Dancing Star Preview

I've had lots of request for dancing word art so here is it..some of it has some bling some are just plain.. you can see this one here also on sale for 50% off today only.

A bit of the blarney preview

What better thing to have today than Irish word art to dress up those St Patrick's Day layouts..they are here also 50% OFF just for today.

I have a bit of eye candy for you also..

Here is one I made using Chaos Lounge Summers End Kit.

thank you for joiningus

I used I Thee Wed..

Keri and Dana's wedding LO

This is one of the prettiest layout I've seen ..kit looks like the Beautiful bride is walking into the frame..that extraction is excellent..O2BNGdHope made it... She used I Thee Wed also.

This beauty was made by SA Cannon (sue) I just love the colors and the way the picture is in the heart..great job Sue..she also used I Thee Wed Word Art.


purepixels made this one..Its so the soft colors and the blending..clustering is beautiful also..She also Used I The Wed.


Crops made this lovely the altered photo........even if she cant remember what all she did to it crops and the word art is I Thee Wed.

I have lots more to show you but will wait for another day. I have a little St Patrick's Day gift for you..

Happy St.Patricks Day

I hope you like it and can use can change the color and the word art is not attached so you dont have to use it.. that's the link to get it..

Good bye everyone, hope you have a great day and much good luck! Remember to smile and keep looking up, Big Much Love Jazzy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone...hope your day has been a good's going to be a wet one here today..Can't Wait..NOT!! I had plans to take Kaylen outside today for a walk..the weather has been so warm and pretty and spring like for the past few days.  Gosh and speaking of Spring, its just around the corner..

Well, I mentioned Kaylen so this great grandma has to do some bragging..Of course she is the most beautiful, smartest, and wonderful little girl in the world!! I can't believe she will be 8 months old this month..where did the time go..seems like when we got her in December she was just little baby and now she is crawling and sitting along, saying a few words..her favorite being DA DA..that little girl sure loves her daddy..when he walks in the room her face breaks out in the biggest prettiest smile you have ever seen and she starts squealing Da Da so she for sure knows who he is..

She says Heyeeeeee  and sometimes she will throw up her hand at you..she knows who I am but she will not say Nana unless she is mad at her daddy, is hungry, wants out of the bed, or off the floor, when she is upset or distressed then she calls nana nana nana non stop LOL..( hummm wonder if that could mean I have her spoiled) She loves to rock and for me to read to her so we spend a lot of time doing that.

She us just such a happy content baby who always has a big smile for everyone..never meets a stranger...very seldom cries and LOVES to sleep LOL..she went back to sleep yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock and she did not wake up until 4 am this morn...she put her passy back in her mouth and  went right back to sleep and is still in her bed...

Ok I will force myself to stop talking about her as I could do it all day and I'm sure you don't want to listen all day..LOL

You know what a new month means at DSO..yep the Challenges..what a great way to have fun and be rewarded for it..I host the photo op challenge all you have to do is alter the photo or photos you use in your layout in some way, tell us what you did to achieve your look and you will receive a posting bonus from me..this is what it is this month..

Please hop on over to the forum and get in on the fun..and be sure you do my challenge and make me look good to the boss!!

There is some big news at DSO, we have a new designer, she is none other that KimB's little sister the digital design world is really going to be set on its feet by the two of them Gaye has her first kit up in the store and its called Easter Garden. Everything in the kit she made her self, they are drawn and hand painted and just beautiful..

Here's a preview..

Isn't this just beautiful..You can find it here and its on sale too.

Kims new kit Camping Out is still on sale for a few days gotta have this one folks..

Got some eye candy for you too..


This is another awesome page by my friend Omajo at the colors and how she has her grandson taking a nap on the flower petal..thanks for sending it to me..


Sue made this lovely heritage layout..I love the mat the picture is on and the beautiful cluster..she used my Family Joy word art.

purepixels send me this new one of her beautiful little girl..


This is just awesome with the lace doily frame and the beautiful cluster work..and what a precious picture of her little girl..she used my Inspiration word art

It will soon be St Patricks day and I made you a little something Irish today..

St Pattys Day Rose copy

I made you a quick page from this layout I did..I used a kit by Chaos Lounge called Summers End.

Wild Irish Rosejpg

The word art a separate png file so you don't have to use it on the page unless you want...Hope you like it and enjoy..

You can find it at

I think thats about all for today, I hear Kaylen gooing and talking in her bed..guess she wants food  you all have a wonderful day, wear that smile and keep looking up..big much love Jazzy

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sneaking In

Quietly closing the door hoping no one missed me...

Good morning all. Hope you had a great weekend..mine was good as my mom got to go home on Saturday from rehab . It's been a long hard struggle for her..we nearly lost her and she won't ever be the same but she's a fighter.

Have any of you ever had gout?  Well I hope and pray you never do.  I think I had rather have my babies again as to have it..I have been in so much pain, living on painkillers and steroids, I could not even walk to the bathroom without Josh half caring me, then I gradated to a walker, and now I'm holding on to walls when I walk.  Sorry I couldn't make it to the computer room until a few days ago. 

I have so much to talk about today I had better get started.

KimB has a new kit out today and it's awesome as always.. here is a little preview of it..its called Camping Out.



This awesome kit has some beautiful hand painted elements and its on sale this week for 30% off

Here's a brag book page I made with it..I have lots of camping pictures of Angie and the kids to I thought I would make her  a brag book of them for her birthday in July.

Calling all campers

I have more beautiful eye candy from my very talented CT members..but first I want to show you this awesome page sent to me by my friend Omajo at Scrapbook Max


I just love these colors and the lace doily..this is her precious granddaughter. I have more from Omajo to show you tomorrow..

sunnydaze3 purepixels made this one of her darling daughter..

Word art from Words to Delight's All About Kids at here DSO:


This beautiful page is from Sue I love her heritage pages..she used my heritage wordart



My friend Jenny at chaos lounge sent me this one..she used Kimb Camping Out my Fish Tales wordart

Another lovely layout by Sue..she used my Girls Power word art.

I have some more but will same them for another day.

I have a little something for you today...sorry its not more but I hope you can find a use for it..

nature preview

I will have new word art in the store this week..check back for more information...have a great day, wear that smile, keep looking up and big much love Jazzy