Monday, June 8, 2009

Here I Am Again

Hi Everyone...

Gee it's been a long time since I was here...I guess you could say I took a Blog Vacation, but believe me that was the only vacation I

First of all, Friday night I got to keep Kaylen during Kendra's graduation..we had so much fun..she's  just growing and learning so many new things, and facial expressions, she cracks me up....and keeps me running!

Sunday Gage and Angie got here..she stayed the day and left Gage..he kept me on the road last week..but he must have had a good time because he wanted to stay again this week...he told his mother he wanted to stay 4 weeks and she could come and visit!!!!!

I told him we had to spend more time at home this week..he said ok nana, but I wonder how long it will last..I'm giving it until this afternoon before I hear "Nana I'm bored" LOL

Gosh while I was away my new Friendship word art was out in my store..



You can never have too many friends, nor too many word art phrases to describe them. There are 20 word arts here all about friends, made to make your layouts pop.Each done on its own png file that can be re colored or resized. They are 300 ppi for better print quality. You can find it here

Here are some pages my CT made with it, they were working hard while I played hookie..

O2BNGdHope's Tayler-and-Rheanna-web-layo

O2BNGdHope did this one...its beautiful as always..these are some cute little girls..


kimscrapin did this beauty..I love the clustering down the side with the pics..

Jack and Slade May 09

Moonlightpearl send me this the colors in this one and the checks..


purepixels sent me this one have you ever seen such a cute it..she said the two talk on the


Jen sent me this one..beautiful isn't it..I just love the colors...

I've got more eyecandy but I'm saving them for next time..

I also have another Ct member Nancy or Junebugmom68 had a layout published in The Daily Scrapper..yea congrats Nancy I'm happy for you..great job! Check it out here



I got Kendra's scrapbook finished and I carried everyone out to eat at the Chinese buffet (Our favorite) to give her her gift and to celebrate her graduation from me..

Kaylen had a ball eating out too...she had puddin and jello and mashed up potatoes , eggs from egg drop soup and still wanted more..she was so sleepy by this time..

 Grad party 001


Grad party 002


Grad party 003

this spoon is almost bigger than her mouth LOL

Grad party 004

Grad party 005

my babies...

Grad party 007

Kendra opening her card..I cut off the top of her head in almost all of the pictures..

Grad party 009

Looking at her scrapbook

Grad party 010

Grad party 013a

this is a horrible picture don't know what the man that was making the picture for us did LOL at least I have one of us all together.

I know you are all tired of looking by now but I just had to show you my family pictures..I just laugh and laugh when I look at Kaylen's pictures and it was even funnier when she did

I'm sorry I haven't had time to make you anything but I will.. Hope you all have a wonderful day...see ya soon.