Thursday, February 11, 2010


Good morning’s a cloudy cold day here…I know some of you are buried under snow and ice..the winter has really come in with a bang this year…even Alabama is expecting some snow on Friday…of course only predictions of 1-3 inches and most of it is to the south and will miss me…but they did change the forecast a little this morning saying cities more to the north might see an inch..or a dusting..probably the latter because I love it so!

All of  you please stay safe..and I hope you are not without power and heat..

I have new word art in the store..its the last of my Love series..FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY


For The Love Of Family is the final set in my love series.
It's all about the joy and sweetness of families and the special love they share.
There are 15 word art phrases each on its own png file.
They are done in traditional Valentine colors but can be re-colored,re-sized,and are done at 300 ppi.
These could also be used for cards and other crafts.
They are sure to give your layouts that wow factor,and show your love.
For the Love of Family is a must have for your word art collection. You can find it HERE

I made a couple of layouts using it..


I have to tell you about this was Easter Sunday around dad had not been out of the hospital long from having his leg amputated..I thought I was hot stuff in my Easter looked like a big beehive and it was BRIGHT ORANGE SILK FLOWERS! in different shades..big chunky beads, also orange, gloves..yep orange dress was off white as were my shoes..Cathy looked so cute in her dress with all the crinolines and lacy socks..and of course her hat was more  I remember that day so well..


Angie and her family, they got to go to a Dodgers game when they played the Braves in Atlanta..they all had a wonderful time. I tinted the picture as the Dodger blues did not match my layout..!!

Here are some layouts my CT did… Credits for the following pages can be found HERE

By Lainey


Grandparents Love

From Junebugmom68


A Sunshine Day

Chaos Lounge


Funky Love Lines

Here’s a couple of pics of my “Youngest Valentines”




Kaylen Kaylen..

I made these frames to do some layouts of them and thought you might like to have them..There are 5 pink frames and 5 blue…


There here if you want to grab them

I’m off to take a nap..ya’ll take care of yourselves…stay indoors and stay safe…Have a great day..Hugs Jazzy