Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well gang, believe it or not, I’m back again!

I have a good reason for being MIA, I was in the hospital and since I’ve been home I haven’t been spending much time on the computer.  I feel really good, am breathing so much better that I have just been taking it easy.  I have breath now to wash dishes, fix my food, wash and dry clothes and fold them up.  Although, if you could see my laundry room, you would know I haven’t been doing much of that LOL.

The home health nurse has been coming out 3 times a week and my oxygen level is staying up great now.  I was on the bipap machine for a long time, only off long enough to eat and my level dropped so fast I had to eat in a hurry…I never seem to lose my appetite anytime! 

I finally went to see the kids on Sunday night, Kaylen was in the yard playing when I pulled in the driveway, she got this great big smile on her face and started running to the car saying “it’s Nana, it’s Nana, you know how that made me feel.  Jaxon is walking all over everywhere now…he came to me and I got him in my lap and Kaylen came running back to me saying “no Jaxy, no Jaxy, LOL, I had to get both of them in my lap..I started rocking and she got down again but Jaxon went to sleep LOL…I had not seen them since the week before I went to the hospital.

Angie and Kaylen both had birthdays on July 25th. Can’t believe Kaylen is 2, wow time has passed so fast.  I can’t say how old Angie was, as she might read this and kill me LOL.  Jaxon will be 1 on August 5 so they having a party for them both on Sunday.  They both love Sponge Bob so that will be the theme of the’s the cake they are having..


Gage will have a birthday August 25th.  He will be 10 and Zane was 10 in June.  Both of them played baseball and I made these layouts the other night.  I think I left my mojo at the hospital!



I used my Boys of Summer word art

I have new word art coming soon, but for now, I want to show you some beautiful products from a few of the talented designers at DSO.

These are just as few of the awesome goodies from these designers.  You can find them all HERE

I guess I have rambled long enough for this blog…will see you again real soon. I promise you a little gift next time.